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  1. There you go, not much to say about it, we all know what it is :)

    Except for sfc thingy for some...based on RaveRod's method with sp1

    Copy the modified file into the I386 directory and open HIVESFT.INF. Under the [AddReg]section, add the following:

    HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon","SFCSetting",0x00010001,0xffffff9d

    Save the file and that's it. System File Protection is now completely disabled before setup even starts.


    UXTheme Mirror

    SFC by Raverod

  2. Do you people know what it stands for, this "UseSignatures" variable in winnt.sif file ?

    I found it the other day while editing autogenerated winnt.sif.

    Now it's in my unattended setup but disabled until i get more info.

    I tested it today if it maybe can be used to disable file signature protection :) but it isn't that.

    Default was UseSignatures="yes" under [Data] segment.

  3. This is for english version, try it, maybe it will work for you too:


    Of course, you need to logoff or restart for it to work.

  4. tamarell, you can edit i386\hivesys.inf and find this line


    The last segment "0x0000000X" is start entry.

    Make it "0x00000002" like this:


    Change only last number.

  5. I don't know if somebody allready posted this one:

    ;Increase the USB Polling Interval



    ;Usb Error Checking



    It makes my usb mouse more responsive.

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