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  1. During installation, how to remove the "Upgrade" option

    Was that initiated from another windows (setup.exe)? If so, I recommend booting from a USB stick instead.


    You can also use setup.exe with the autounattend.xml generated by NTLite, search around how to do it, but I still recommend USB stick installation for clean boot and format/delete previous Windows first.

    Of course make sure all your files are backed up and so on, the basics.

  2. Hi bapt,


    1. DVD Maker not yet, but File Sharing and Sync Center are there. Please use Find box in the toolbar of Removals page. Both are in Network. Maybe confusing for Sync Center to be under Offline Files, but I found that to be a dependency.

    2. It's in Settings - Machine - Services

    3. It asks for a key, but it should not go online and spend another activation. To prevent any kind of popup copy settings.xml as well in the future. If you then get the prompt, then make sure it is the same hardware and all drivers installed. If that doesn't help contact me and I'll check what went wrong and restore your activations.

  3. bapt, confirmed, so it's win7 to win7 winPE.
    Will fix in build after 2079 today.


    Btw you can select second Boot.wim image (Setup), and use only that one, in Apply select Export to keep only that one. Also size goes down a little.

  4. Hi mara-, thx.
    NTLite switches to runonce when package refuses offline integration, for example KB2533552.

    But I now tried KB947821 and it looks fishy, did not deny integration and was too fast to be fully integrated judging by its size. I checked manually and there is no offline capable lock, so what are we supposed to hard-code this?


    Thx for the tip, will look into it, maybe the package does it itself or they forgot to lock offline integration for that one.

  5. bapt, I now tried to integrate my drivers to boot.wim setup and it worked fine - but that just means my particular combo worked.
    So to replicate your issue I need to know which host and target you used and which driver, download link would be great?

    And also there will be ntlite.log ntlite_dism.log in temp folder at the point of error happening, attach those here would help speed up the analysis in case I don't get the issue.





    Tripredacus, you are probably right, will see when I get the info to replicate the issue.

  6. sixcentgeorge, that happens when you select "Windows Technical Preview for Consumer", seems like Microsoft's public test cd-key works only for "Windows Technical Preview" image.

    At least that is what my testing showed, let me know if you find differently and I'll try.

  7. sdt, thx for the warm welcome, it's nice to be back.


    NTLite licensed version has update cleanup, which basically trims WinSxS to not contain dupes.

    WinSxS is just a mirror of your system plus some extra stuff, point is there is no size increase because of it, unless it contains dupes - update backups or not-installed features (cpanel).

    Also with component removals its size is going down.


    As aviv00 pointed out, you can try DISM cleanup option after Tuesday updating. NTLite cleanup works on more targets and is more forgiving on removed components.

  8. Hi R4D3, thanks for the feedback. I saved this for when I have time to answer in detail.

    So let's see.


    1. This Select WIM supports direct selecting WIM file which can exist on its own. You probably meant to replace "Add Image Folder". Select ISO is in my wishlist too, but other than extracting it for you and asking where to save it, I see no big gain there.


    2. Interesting, as I also was on this topic myself recently. What did you have in mind, do you have an exact recommended list for mounting? Let's say admin: full, system: full? - that wasn't enough btw, then I stopped and left it for some other time.


    3. Nice, will put in todo to check that.


    4. It would help to know exactly which component, and was it Live or Image removal?


    5. You can protect any path, it is parsed by file ending, including program files, you can put: Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\file.ext
    I'll modify the info to be more clear.


    6. Yes, in todo.


    7. Agreed, actually it is planned to do session saving and per-page loading from the preset.


    8. Hm path changing is dangerous and easy to make mistakes. Do you mean to add to the default entries, or to replace it completely?


    9. OK, will try and warn or expand if possible.


    10. Isn't it wrapped already? I did get another report that the description is actually cut-off. Maybe you meant the same thing.

    For Removals Notes, they will get word wrap.


    11. Yeah, that would be fun, I also wanted to add voting for certain presets, eventually maybe will.


    12. Please list at least one file so I can check. Otherwise when I get to it I'll check by removing all wallpapers and see what's left.



    Thanks, that was great!

  9. Hi bapt,


    yes, translation support is to be expected within a few weeks.


    Backup folder is already removable, component name is "Manifest Backup". I'll add some more into the name to make it more clear what it is.

    Let me know if it was not detected on your target.

  10. Ho-ly Asimov, that thing is like CEIP v2 :).

    Can't make any promises regarding that component until I check it in more detail, but for Win10 support, yes, NTLite will support it in matter of days, not gonna wait RTM.

    Boooggie and I tried it and it can be loaded and some things (maybe majority) already can be removed.

    What needs fixing is Dism support (it needs newer version) and some removals need polishing, we saw a BSOD for a certain setup.

  11. MrJinje, thanks. So checking if I understood you correctly, the only way to do this is to temporarily re-map existing maps per user and unmap on exit. Hm...

    I appreciate the solution and will let it cook for a while.


    First things that come to mind to check are:

    - are mapped drive letters duplicated in Explorer

    - can we mount WIM from a share

    If you already know the answers, even better.

  12. Oh, so the issue is that NTLite can't see mapped drives by explorer, only by elevated CMD.
    If I understood you correctly, then I have replicated the issue.

    At first it looked to me that you said that the tool is breaking your mapped drive, which made no sense to me.


    Ok, I'll check what can be done regarding the browsing of mapped drives.

  13. MrJinje, no reason to panic, I haven't even replied yet.


    So I opened NTLite on a machine which has a mapped network share as a drive, and went to Add button to browse around a little.

    The mapped drive is still there in Explorer. Haven't seen it in the tool's browse btw.


    Can you please elaborate in a little more detail how to see the effect of that issue?

  14. aviv00, yes it's planned to have that feature, good idea anyway.


    R4D3, btw next version will take ownership over the temp folder thx to you.

    I'm interested how do you force the program to modify another install by changing the temp folder? I mean the tool still goes to the mounted image and reads temp from it dynamically, it does not rely on settings if the image is already mounted.

  15. Ok, let's move forward then.

    If you run in elevated cmd "fsutil behavior query disablecompression" does it return 0 or 1?
    If it's 1, please check in regedit:

    If NtfsDisableCompression is set to 1, try deleting it, or set to 0.
    Reboot, retry loading the image.


  16. Weed, that shouldn't matter, I have ADK installed as well, and I had tried NTLite on clean Windows.

    We may have two different issues.

    I think one way to get this is to have mounted one image edition, then trying to mount another from the same WIM with the previous one still mounted, if this is confirmed I will fix it.

    Will try myself later.

  17. NikolaS92, what is your Temp drive in NTLite - File - Settings?
    I mean is it pointing to a RAM drive or FAT32 volume?

    If it does, please try normal drive NTFS to see if that helps.

  18. R4D3, so last thing that confuses me is that you mention WIM API file, that is news to me. Win7 does have it by default, NTLite was tested under fresh Win7 SP1 without anything installed on it.

    So let me summarize:

    NTLite currently allows Unatteded/Automation even when you just select WIM image which doesn't have a normal DVD folder structure and it crashes
    it is a known issue at this point (you mentioned it first but I got more reports), and will be fixed by creating the XML next to that image - it is a better solution than disabling the page.

    But in your original report I did not read any WIM API issue that you now mention, so please repeat it for me like I hear it for the first time please.

  19. jaclaz, it's no secret, wimgapi, comes with win7+. I just suspect his is broken somehow, saw that once during (too much) removal testing.

    But it could be something else as well, we'll see.

  20. Nikola, hi, are you sure your WIM engine is working properly, for example can you mount the same image with let's say DISM, just to see if your Windows are not the issue here?
    NTLite does not use DISM for mounting.

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