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  1. Hi R4D3, thanks for the report.

    Please attach ntlite.log (found in temp folder set in File-Settings) right after that error happens and maybe a preset used but please remove any private info from unattended section (future version Export preset will do that automatically).
    Also is that Windows unmodified previously by anything else?

  2. MAVERICKS CHOICE, :) well, just because I see all kinds of issues that I would not release by choice, does not mean you won't find more. Beta will be as any other, full of issues and unfinished features.


    sixcentgeorge, it will probably be disappointing to you, but with time, and your input, it will grow into something many of you would like. But don't expect much at first.

    I'm not a fan of screenshots, then we would be discussing from those pictures 'why this', 'what is that', 'will you add'... while I just need to finish something first, consider it just as a foundation for the future.

    Key: what I release is not a final product, if you knew how long it took me years ago to go from nLite v0.9 to v1.0, you would understand :).


    jaclaz, :)

  3. Ultimist, thx for the nice words and the enthusiasm, appreciated.


    jaclaz, :thumbup , oh man, time flies. I like your new release date, 100% achievable. You may work on your calculations, not crazy enough :yes:


    OK, last week I spent some extra time writing down primary tasks with time estimates, as now that the milestone is approaching it makes sense to start to do so.

    The result is that the public beta 1 tasks should be completed by 17.09. Kinda missed that mark by 2 weeks.


    Again take that date with a grain of salt, experience so far showed there is always something that comes up delaying it, and since I am the only investor, there is no fire and quality is my only concern.

    Also it is the most precise date so far, not just waving weeks or months, it's sort of calculated :).

    Luckily all the questionable blockades which delayed me are currently solved, it's down to boring/delayed stuff now.

    I am as eager as some of you are, if not more.

  4. Just to update you guys on the progress.


    Whenever I find out about an issue that would make me feel bad and had to fix it immediately if it was public, I must fix it before the release.

    Currently fixing an important issue with cleaning hotfixes from sxs.

    This paused the final todo list execution, but I'll be back on track soon.


    24th of August was last announced deadline, of course that won't be met, buy as I said in this topic before, maybe for a week. I don't see as many delays as you guys speak of, but it may be the general feeling as I was away before this.

    Good thing I was keeping it relatively quiet over the year(s), or you would freak out waiting :)

    Gonna release unattended and tweak page with less content than planned, so we can continue developing it together (those are free anyway).

    I can live with less content, but not with buggy content.
    So after existing functionality passes my tests, beta will be released, just a guess would be ~2 weeks.

  5. LeakHunter, in one of my previous posts in this topic I said 2-3 weeks (that was said on 3rd of August).

    I am sorry if I leaded you on to wait, it wasn't my intention, but the completion of the first public version is near, of course.

    I may have been off in my calculations for a week, we'll see.


    petrus, I am aware that the development shouldn't be stretched for too long. Imagine how I felt more than a year ago when it started, and on each bigger obstacle question the entire idea. But of course, I love this, and it will show in the tool.

    Good about Update 2, indeed.


    If you guys knew what details are delaying it, you would slap me. But, I feel that the summary of those details are the key.

    And since I see a little bit more hype than I would like, it bears repeating; don't expect too much from the first version, nLite was developed for years.


    These days starting to work on a website,that means the critical todo list has finally shrinked.

  6. ricktendo, nTool looks nice, but it is (probably) widely used. And unprecise, the "tool" part. But it sure looks nice and clean. While nLiteX looks a little messy.


    MrJinje, dencorsosixcentgeorge, :)


    gendouhydeist, ooo...we have a winner, and it was so obvious. NTLite... that's it, we're done, thank you for participating. Second favorite is nLiteX.

    Why do I like NTLite. First it's similar to nLite, then it's not (too obviously) taken, and NT is self-explanatory, which covers any today's Windows version, as X would do.

  7. ricktendo, those are some valid arguments. To me wLite sounds bad when spoken outloud and the domain is not available.

    xLite is taken to the bone.


    jaclaz, lol on the icon (Monsters Inc?).


    petrus, kinda too literal. I would not lock name to a version, when possible.

    Update 2? I do not know more about the rumors than you guys do.


    Bornung, esd conversion can be done with DISM, so for now you can simply run a script after. I would like to automate that, currently it's not.

    By ready you mean final version? It depends on the beta feedback, beta should be out in 2-3 weeks tops.


    MrJinje, not sure if coaster thing was intended to be an insult, or just a bold joke. Either way, be sure to report if anything gets broken.


    Tripredacus, lol.


    GF6, UI is different. Now after the fact I could describe it as a combination of vLite and Windows Explorer.



  8. Ponch, nLite NG is ok, not sold on it just yet.


    jaclaz, lol, keep them coming.

    nLite 2, yeah almost there, as commented above it indicates XP support as v2 should represent extra features on top of v1.

    Also imagine a changelog: nLite 2 v1.0.1 changes. Looks cluttered to me.

    Unless I tie version number to the name. For example nLite 2 for v2+, then nLite 3... hm, need to think about that, because of the first notion. People then would wonder if v2 didn't have what v1 had, does v3 have what v2 had.


    ricktendo, :)

    nLite NES(T), NEXT, not bad, little on the long side.


    GrofLuigi, Tripredacus, :)


    hessam, very interesting idea. Regardless of the name you just increased my future todo list, pointing to the old nLite website after selecting XP source.

    Regarding the name, you can't really change tool's name just because a license was changed. There needs to be a unique identifiable tool's name.

    Imagine someone searches for nLite Pro, and all he finds is nLite Free. Then he needs to research further to learn that it can be upgraded and it switches the name. While having one tool, which has both licenses transparently, is much cleaner, at least from my perspective.

    Then another option could be to rename the old nLite to nLite XP or something like that, and make the new one just nLite.

    Hm... but as a user who did not see that news, I would be confused, and never saw something like it before.

    wLite, yeah it is ok, like continuation from nLite - vLite - wLite. But still nLiteX is better to me, why... because name nLite is known and it sounds so nice Enlight X(put windows version here) :)


    petrus, name nLite is known amongst many administrators, and they are those who advise their bosses on what productivity tools to buy for the company.

    And basically it is (gonna be) very similar to nLite, just for newer Windows with different internals, so why not name it similarly, regardless what it was.

    (Windows) Lite is used to describe trimmed Windows from 98Lite days as far as I know, and I hear/read the general notion "this software is lighter" on a weekly basis, indicating smaller size or less functionality, among other things.

    Even if I do not focus on the lite aspect of it, we still have the en-light word. It illuminates various Windows options, making the whole process lite as a feather. ;)


    Ultimist, were you just protecting your nLiteX idea? Thanks for the support, two of us seem to be the only ones to like it, hehe.

  9. Kelsenellenelvian, yes, that's the reason why I didn't already go with it. Then on the other side it "Enlights Operating System", if it describes activity nLite -> OS then it makes sense.

    For example if someone says WinLite or wLite, that doesn't mean it itself is Windows Lite, it makes Windows Lite.
    Kinda tricky.


    Ponch, :). Weirdly it looks familiar, I mean as a joke suggestion. But after searching, can't confirm it, maybe it was on some IM. Aaanyway...


    ricktendo, thx. I wasn't too clear but let's not bind the name to any specific name, be it Windows version (which was mentioned before, and you did not break), or format (WIM).

    Because names and support might change, for example there is that ESX instead of WIM and so on.
    And it's too technical. Goal is not about editing WIM, it's about editing Windows.

    Ok, I hope I convinced myself. Ideas are all good, just saying my piece.

    "w" still remains for Windows, so it goes into the cloud of ideas.


    aviv00, "super" would be kinda egotistical from my side. Maybe uber-nLite...not.




    So my thinking so far is:

    best would be to have nLite in the name, and not have any specific version or technology in the name.

    So that leaves us with just few letters to not be too long.

    I still like nLiteX the most, mainly because it indicates 7-8-9-10(X) and X may mean any version.

    Second is nLiteOS, due to the website name, so that people can just type name.com and it's there.

    But... I am reluctant on that one due to the reasons already mentioned.

    Keep them coming, I'll also reread in a few days and may change my mind.

  10. hessam, Kelsenellenelvian, not bad. Only thing is it doesn't have "nLite" in it. I may give up on that idea, so we'll see.
    One of mine was nLiteOS, like the website. Only problem with it is that for example ReactOS is the real OS, not just something that edits the OS.


    So if many of you thinks nLiteOS would be ok, I'm up for it.

    dencorso, jaclaz, lol.

    I promise that name picking is not taking any of my time, maybe few brain cycles per day, but nothing serious.

    Icons on the other hand... :)

  11. Ultimist, yes, I agree about the general nLite notion.

    I also had an idea of 'nLite SE' (second edition, or seven-eight), maybe even someone told it to me.

    But the problem is that 9 will eventually be out and probably supported, so SE gimmick of having dual meaning would be out and all we would be left is Second Edition, which is kinda too literal and may indicate XP support, which it won't have.
    Then nLite Pro... but what about Free license, maybe nLite 2... that gets confusing as XP is not supported.

    X is not bad, just it reminds me of the word Ex - like past something. Didn't bother me in DirectX.

    Also it indicates X - like all versions, again people might expect XP, but I can live with that.

    X is winning so far - also would be ready for Windows X.

    Maybe we should go MS route and name it nLite One :)


    aviv00, I would like to avoid tying it to the Windows number because that may change and I don't want to change the name of the tool each year.

  12. ricktendo, maybe later when such split has more meaning.




    Ok, once a wise person said lock this topic :)

    For the most part we are going in circles, and I should be working on the tool itself.
    You'll see it soon enough, feel free to open a new topic in vLite forum if you need to discuss something about the upcoming tool, vLite is kinda closer to it.


    Reason to close this topic is to keep nLite forum mainly about ... nLite, and to not have one big topic about licensing, anticipation, philosophy and so on.

    It was fun and informative, let's continue elsewhere and split the topics.


  13. b9810959, I won't be supporting Windows Embedded in any of my tools, I don't see the point as they are already split.


    R4D3, I'm sorry that you are sad, but it seems to me your emotions are misplaced.

    nLite is free, that is my gift to you (and Kels). If I am to give the next tool, which is completely written from scratch and basically has nothing to do with nLite except me, if I am to give it to all the fans for free, I would be left with 0 coins of compensation, and bye nuhi again.

    Now you will have a free version of the new tool, and those of you that really do help I will gladly give free license, updates and what-not. And people that are good with the community I will include in as well.

    But it is my subjective opinion as to what that valuable help will be.


    So you think that I should not charge to poor people? Hm, that is a difficult subject and I won't be commenting on it.


    Kickstarter could be a good idea, but not to sell code. People mainly use Kickstarter to kick-start a startup, not to do a one-time job and sell their livelihood (code in this case), thus killing that startup. And I would not be able to collect 0.5mil anyway, so it would again be sponsored by my savings.


    Ultimist, I agree with your expectations, there will be more and more warnings to scare away those who do not understand what this tool is doing. One can't expect 100% Windows functionality with parts of it removed.

    But up to some point of basic functionality on which we can agree, and make compatibility options, by all means, if you find a bug let me know and I fix it.

    Pro feature... soon :)


    Basic/Advanced mode... yes it might become necessary to hide tempting components. For now, there are compatibility options which are checked by default and they make protected components unclickable.

    I also can't wait your feedback so that we can get to that dream tool one day.

    sixcentgeorge, "instead of visiting the forum", lol, indeed. But without the connection I find this job boring.


    MagicAndre1981, everything in Windows is files and registry entries, so in a sense I am not sure how to answer this. Let me just say I aim to not have any leftovers.
    I saw people are using vLite with Windows 7, I cannot refer to what it is breaking or not.


    I can add to that, if a package has, lets say 40 components in it, and I allow to remove them individually, you can't expect the tool to edit that package file and resign it to not know about the missing component(s).

    That only Microsoft can/should do, I won't be bypassing any protections.

    This brings issues with big hotfixes which essentially expect full Windows.
    I have some ideas how to tackle that in the future, which I cannot discuss now, and until then I recommend to reinstall in that case.

    Lets say you edited Windows 8.1 and Update 1 was out, of course Update 1 will error out and you would need to make a new ISO with it integrated and trimmed.

    Us tweakers should all know this from using nLite, vLite and similar tools, so if you are in any way surprised, I am surprised at your surprise.

    That said I went through a few patch Tuesdays on my lite OS, and hotfix failure rate is very very low, I am satisfied for now.

    The tool was built from the beginning to treat WinSxS integrity as a must.

    Of course I would like 0% failed hotfixes, but I am aware that is not possible post-install with every configuration, especially with big Update packs.

    There will be a warning about this, to scare away anyone that is not really into it.


    edit: there will basically be a beta version soon (in a month probably). And if you meant will there be a free open Pro beta test, then no, due to the nature of the tool (you might need it only once), the Pro version will be a beta pre-purchase for those who want to have some fun and show support in advance while basic bugs are being ironed out.

  14. jaclaz, yeah, I should take the Blizzard route and say "when it's done".


    petrus, among credit card and paypal, depending which country you are in, it supports extra payment methods like Check/Money Order, bank transfer, Giropay and so on. I picked a more expensive option at the seller, so it covers more ground.


    sixcentgeorge, all software gets cracked, people who do not want to support the developer will steal it regardless of the licensing options.

    I really do not see how a single license option is complicated. Feel free to contact me over PM so we can discuss it in more detail as to how you would simplify it.
    And second point, just because Windows (or any other subject) is free, doesn't mean that a tool modifying that subject at your will, automated by my work, gets to be free as well.

    You can use the same logic on a free picture, should Photoshop be free as well (of course there are free alternatives, not talking about that, but that Adobe is still alive and charging for Photoshop).

  15. jaclaz, ha!

    Kelsenellenelvian, ok. I'm glad too.


    markstrelecki, first thanks for those kind words and suggestions.
    Indeed after some thinking between those 3 licensing models, I agree that major version upgrade is the way to go. That way people get unlimited fixes, and any smaller features added, with a one-time fee.

    While big features, like new Windows support, will have an upgrade price.


    Everyone is mentioning subscription software like I insist on it, but actually no, to me it was a bad idea due to the fact I would need to store many versions so that people can get the one where their license ran out of upgrade rights. I was just wondering what people want.

    Btw only subscription model I was considering was that you get upgrades, including all new features, within a year of renewal. No one forbids, or disables all the older versions that you got before it expired.

    That could have been better for the customer for a first few growing years, but later as the features slow down, the current major-version model is better.


    Interesting idea of a rising upgrade price depending how much older the initial purchase was. Not sure if I am up for that complication, but it would be more fair to those that purchased let's say 3 months ago. Either way I have in plan to give upgrades for free to those who purchased pro 1-2 months before an upgrade was out. I may need to change that number, but the idea is sound.


    Definition-based? Well, if you see hotfixes and big rollup updates as interrupting the balance, one could see it as such.


    The beta free and a pro pre-purchase (basically a full version beta for the advantures people) could be out in a month I guess. Kinda collected a bigger todo while considering earlier release, still not ready.


    So the plan is next: release as one version (32 and 64-bit tool), free + pro upgrade. It supports Win7-Win8.1. And if I collect enough bigger features in the future, or the next Windows support, it will have an upgrade price to keep me going.


    In that way, if you can live without bigger new features sometimes in the future, and you stay on 7-8.1, you will keep on getting more and more removals, tweaks and stability without paying for anything except that initial pro license. And of course you get all the new free features.

  16. Ponch, while you are right if we would take the title as solely nLite-related, because it is on its forum. This topic was also about me being back - as title describes, which includes the next tool discussion. It did pull into that direction more than necessary.

    Now that cat is out of the bag, indeed I should close this topic and open elsewhere, vLite forum seems like a better location than this one.
    However, I have nothing else to discuss about it really, until it's out and then it will have a dedicated location.


    I'll unstick the topic so it slowly goes away, and if anyone wants to discuss more about the next tool, feel free to open a question at the vLite's forum.

  17. yro, why would you think that whatever vLite removes was a package. As I said above only 10-20% of components will be free, those are made out of (smaller) packages. Big system packages, which usually contain majority of interesting Windows components, are not split and given for free.
    Meaning, to reach moderate to small sizes of the ISO, you would need pro.

    8.1.1 will be cleaner, but for the start menu we will have to wait for MS to make it, I also would like that.


    Win7 Ultimate SP1 RTM x64, all removed but core things like aero work, current ISO size is 780MB, it might go to 800 with more drivers kept - you can choose individual drivers.
    But you have to understand I still have a lot to add for removals, not done - there was no time due to other tasks.
    32-bit however is already way below CD size.

  18. ricktendo, just in case let me explain a little more - as I detected more enthusiasm than expected :).
    Package removal removes packages only, for example Microsoft-Windows-InternetExplorer-Package, Microsoft-Windows-IIS-WebServer-Package... and so on.
    I group them seamlessly with other components (component is usually a part of a package).

    So when you see components page and 10-20% of them are removable for free, those are usually packages-only, or belonged to it so I split it and gave all for free. This does not include big system packages which contain all components.
    Good thing is that the free version will remove it deep, using the same engine as the rest of the program.


     yro, with the notion about removals, yes. Free version is nothing less than a pro without:
    - majority of removals
    - advanced driver operations, like removing undetected drivers for machine's hardware from the integration list
    - winsxs cleanup (without picky DISM)

    - auto-fill Unattended entries using host machine data
    - and a special new thing :)

    edit: So it supports Win7, 8, 8.1. 8.1.1. No server for now, and I don't know why would anyone touch a server which has a nice feature/role setup on its own, and it needs to be more reliable for remote management. Also there is Server Core for basic tiniest foundation.
    Will see over time, depending on the reasons for that kind of support.

    No ads on the free version.

  19. ricktendo, I understand. Please make sure to try the free version from time to time and let me know what you miss, to at least use the free version for integrating drivers and hotfixes, package removal or mounting the image . Those all are free of course.

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