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  1. No they didn't but best is to be careful. Why would we risk if you can backup those files on your own.

    Run vLite once with the WAIK installed and then backup the vLite folder, it will have all you need in the future, just install over it.

  2. WinSxS? Maybe you're mixing nLite and vLite :)

    Judging by your signature "Notebook PC: nLite 1.0RC8 reduced WinXP with SP2..." you might not need an update after all ;)

    There is no plan to remove anything, just bug fixes.

    There will be no open source and there is no need for updates, it has a lot of functionality as it is and XP won't be going anywhere.

  3. You gotta understand two things:

    - No one uses winnt.exe, it works fine on CD boot

    - Tried one of your presets which was failing and it worked with 1.4.6 with the winnt32.

    Anyway it is just a question of how much lines to remove from the wbemoc, they did something weird there, easy to break.

    So post your presets that didn't work, just saying it does not help.

    edit: tried it now again with just languages removed, meaning normal components are left, and there is no problem with winnt32 as stated in the changelog. If someones winnt32 fails and boot from the same ISO works then please post your preset.

  4. mdemel, I tried your first SP3 preset and it installed without errors.

    But I booted from the CD. You can freely consider nLite to not support winnt.exe method.

    Please try booting from it. If you cant please explain why. Thx.

    I could send you a trial version for that DOS method if you want.

  5. RamGuy, these benchmarks are all over the place, make no sense. Which implies different caching, drivers or machine current state (running services).

    Kernel is the same, there is no speed out of nothing so it must be different config and flawed benchmark.

    This guy explains it good, read the Update at the end:


    EDIT: even after using vlite and tweaking vista, my games and apps still does not run or load faster compare to server 2008

    What a nonsense. Who knows, maybe you mess something up in Vista Sp1 config. Be sure to keep Superfetch, it helps on apps startups.

  6. PabloW, gonna check that hotfix, in the meantime try redownloading it.

    Oh it is true, that component is not in, it is just used in the EventLog dependencies. Maybe I add it in the final version, corrected the changelog, thx.

    Jeronimo, hm never had that winmm issue, gonna skip over it until more reports of the same.

    Server service is File Sharing, detection is generic so it must be there (I checked).

    GetITHere, that installer checks for some reg entry, weird that you dont have it. Simply download self-extracting version and use that, or reinstall your .NET.

  7. iwod, unsigned or non-vista driver INFs will popup, delete them manually from the folder prior integration.

    Octopuss, since the licenses are invented. Free does not mean free to use however you want, it still has some implications. Price is $0 but you agree to the license agreement before usage or you can't use it.

  8. Octopuss, to be on the safe side, can't find any info that it is allowed.

    anonymous_user, double-clicking works fine for me, aim the name of the service.

    Tomorrow, it's both, whole Function Discovery support.

    Gonna update the description to be more clear.

  9. For your eyes only, don't tell anyone.

    Changes and download

    Some of you will be annoyed by the new WAIK download but I had to do it, or so they tell me.

    You can install this vLite version over the old one and it will work without the fatty download. So backup the v1.1.6 before I remove it from the site.

    Initiate hatred...mark.

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