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  1. Hi ertuzio,


    I did get your email, but here goes the reply:

    Download NTLite (not nLite), the free/personal only version, it can remove enough.

    Then read guides like this (includes all the options) and this (lists only free options).


    Let us know if you get stuck in the process.

  2. I didn't get such report so far, needed components for Office are in the Office compatibility, does not include Firewall.

    I will test by removing all of them and report these days.


    Which Windows version, and is it TW-CN language?



  3. Yeah, there were some hosting issues, and I waited too long to get another.

    Could not imagine any hosting would allow 6 days being offline.

    I'm guessing they ordered some parts, which could not arrive on time due to holidays.

  4. Hi Tseng,


    sorry for the delay, this got lost in my inbox.

    I never heard of such an issue, did you have any more insight as to how to replicate it?


    When you say 3 Firewall components, do you mean Internet Connection Sharing/ALG, Firewall Service and Firewall?

    Maybe ALG (application layer gateway) could be related, if you removed it that time - but that would also be news.


    Let me know, but that "sometime" you cannot open docx files itches me the wrong way.

  5. Hi Bashar,


    I should have been more precise, when start menu fails, so does everything metro, including OOBE (adding of users).

    So if you don't need start menu, any metro-ish settings screen, and you do unattendendly skip OOBE and auto-login the first user, then yeah you could remove the UAC.

    I'll add a manual unlock of those limitations in the settings.xml, so that only advanced users can do it and test the limits on their own.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  6. Hi Bashar,


    do you mean the free version of NTLite does not allow for all components removal (makes them blue and locked)?


    Windows 10 needs UAC during image install for Start menu to deploy.


    That Media feature update is for Windows 10 N (European, no Media in it) edition only. Do you try it on that one, which one exactly so I can try?


    Can you give me an example how to jumble the Post-Setup commands?
    But try starting fresh, as combination with older presets (pre-moving row feature) it might happen.



  7. Tseng, thanks for the info.


    Now I should have asked this at the beginning but I didn't as you said that Win8.1 doesn't have that problem:

    did you try the Components page [Toolbar] Find functionality?

    The thing is, not all components are in the root of their branches, sometimes they are under the needed component.

    For example "BitLock" is under:

    System - Trusted Platform Module - Bitlocker Drive Enryption


    Does that help, or still no luck?

    If you can't find it, then I'll try to get a trial of Chinese Win10.

  8.  Tseng, so I finally got to this task and no luck in replicating missing Bitlocker, Homegroup, or any messages on boot after removing Welcome Center.


    So this is what I did:

    - Win8.1 Pro x64 upgraded to 10

    - NTLite 3250 x64

    - Live/Online mode


    To replicate that LogonUI error, I would need your preset, you can also send it to the support at ntlite dot com.


    This was the last task for the next update, so I'll be releasing it today, feel free to retry with it.

    I'll be watching this topic for more info on how to replicate.

  9. testplayer, there is only removal option for Telemetry in NTLite. For tweaking/disabling there are plenty of tools out there, maybe later I add those tweaks too (I now add some after removal to make those tools see that it's "disabled").


    None of the above. It removes all traces of the components in charge of that functionality. Next version takes care of few more leftovers.

    I agree hosts blocking on top of that is recommended, but I won't be tackling that at the moment, and it makes more sense to do it in the router instead.


    That is very monopolistic if Microsoft is doing it for the reason we suspect they do. Sometimes tools are flagged as potential malware even if completely acceptable, due to other reasons like binary compression or not being digitally signed.

  11. I think you probably meant NTLite.

    Try the free version to see what it can do.
    Only telemetry from that list is in the licensed version only.

    But first test if you like the free version, if you plan on purchasing.

  12. Yes, did everything myself, it's just compressed, and I don't need more than text. I hear that the rest is compressed more complicated, I just delete it :).

    There is the free version for personal use and it can also reduce quite a bit.

  13. Hi Tseng,


    NTLite has its own engine written from scratch, not using nor looking at how DISM removes anything.

    It was the evolution from vLite experience.

    I am guessing they are working similarly by reading packages, of course, no other (stable) way.


    I did plan 2 years ago during development to use DISM for removals, but it turned out disastrous and inflexible.

  14. Thanks Tseng for more info.

    Just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten this, it's on the todo for the next version, it's just I'm busy and this requires a special Upgrade test so didn't want you to think that I ignored it.


    Will post when I know more.



  15. joshamo, the support for it will be added in the next update, out in a day or two if all ok.

    edit: AIO support released in the build 3250


    As kaljukass said you can also download individual ones and then you can create AIO with NTLite via the Export option.

    I believe the AIO is also having them in its subfolders x64/x86 so you don't have to redownload.

    Choose one, then you can append images from the other one, just careful when it asks you to overwrite or append the destination.

    And make sure the destination is not mounted/loaded.

  16. Hi Slimster,


    sorry for the delay. In case you still have this issue, please try mounting the same image with GImageX and tell me if it can mount properly.

    That kind of error is native to image itself, nothing I can do.


    If by some chance GImageX mounts correctly, please retry the latest NTLite and post the log of the error, if it differs.



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