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  1. maybe maybe not, seems strange all the other screen savers work fine though, either way its part of vista and its broken
  2. Ribbons screen saver is broken, it broke soon after i installed Vista the first time, the second time i had to install it seemed to be CoD4 or steam that broke it, still no fix for this one and should you be inclined to do a google for this screen saver many more peeps have managed to bork it too.
  3. tried vista on my desktop, thought it was a resource pig and didn't like the drop in the machines performance. recently bought a laptop with vista home basic installed, was less than 24 hours before i put XP on it, now I like using the lappy, its so much faster and usable with XP over Vista, in fact i think for a £300 lappy i have a bargain, but felt a bit disappointed with it when it was running Vista
  4. did you put water in their? if you did then the water should be just right for a nice hot cup of tea, those sort of temps will probably damage your water pump as well as fry (or boil) your chips. did you bleed the air out of the water system properly? some pumps need priming and will not pump anything at all if they are full of air.
  5. In this case once he formats the hdd he is s**t out of luck! no he isn't, their is a floppy set available for download, don't have the addy handy, but you will need eight floppy disks to make the boot/instal set. used to be on microcraps web site, not sure if its still their though, even if it isnt im certain a few minutes on google will sort that out.
  6. why dont you try plugging your camear in to your pc and then have a look in my computer and then have a nose around the drive you didnt have before
  7. well i built this pc to play games, and play games it will. Vista is unlikely to become my main OS for the forseable future, possibly not until support ect is ended for XP. Since my firts post regarding its gaming performance i have have upgraded my cpu from a 4000+ @2600 mhz to a 4800+ @ 2568, no noticable performance gains in Vista although XP seems to be loving it. I also own a xbox360, yeh its good fun but i find it lacking in something, not 100% sure what exactly. i can play BF2 all day on the pc no problem but the Xbox just hasnt got enough to keep me interested for that amount of time on any game i have played on it so far. Maybe just missing the verbal abuse that goes on through teamspeak with my clan m8's.
  8. if they want to send out half a driver, thats fine, but even so, it has not impressed me one little bit, like many other pc users i have invested a small fortune in my gear and dont take kindly to it runing like some cheapo pc world heap of junk especialy from a company that has been in the game for many many years, i expect more from all involved parties, especialy as they have been more than willing to take my money in the past and no doubt will be more than happy to have some more in the future. i apreciate that its not a finished product can only hope for better in the future.
  9. well the first post looks like what i was having when i first tried to instal vista 64, did read on another site that you need to format the drive through xp BEFORE you attempt to instal Vista on that drive. It also siad it should be instaled on a primary partition. solved my instalation problems following those instructions.
  10. even if it is ONLY driver issues, then its still a poor show, especialy as the drivers are for critical system. nvidia and creative labs drivers for vista certainly seem to suck more than a $2 whore
  11. I agree 100%, just looked at some of my previous benchmarks from last year, at the moment my 7800GTX on Vista is scoring the same points as my 6900GT did last year on XP. Thats a couple hundred quids worth in my opinion It could just be driver issues, even so a drop like that wont encourage me to buy Vista any time soon.
  12. i dont realy care if it does go belly up, its not my main os, and it cant access xp either.
  13. I have my 4000+ overclocked too 2600mhz and vista isnt complaining about it one bit. i did run bf2 on rc1 5600, slide show for sure and no transparncy worked at all so tree's ect looked like card board cut outs. madonion 2001se took a massive dive in points, from 30k down to 21k on 5600 with a slight improvement to 22k on 5728. future mark 2003 and 2005 took a far smaller drop, but a significant drop all the same. Aquamark 3 refused to run at all certainly wont be using vista to play games with any time soon.
  14. I use Tag&Rename. very good at its job.
  15. vomit


    ello FthrJack. I wont report it to the police as it was PayPal that were defrauded and not me, their problem not mine. I have no intention at all of paying them anything and would like them to take me to court for it, but that will never happen. They can do nothing at all to damage my credit rating without court action so no worries their either.
  16. vomit


    It was the second sale i made through e-bay and was unlucky, when your luck does run out I hope its not a large sum of money. the debt colecting agency they have got chasing me is caled NCO after a short search on google it seems they send a letter than a few cards stating they will visit on tuesday (but never say what tuesday or even turn up). after six months or so they will offer to settle for a fraction of the amount in question. a card arived on monday and no visits on tuesday.
  17. vomit


    I think their attitude towards victims of fraud is very poor and I think its disgusting that they blatantly do their best to protect The criminal element from any repercussions. As it was their system that was and is still used to defraud people you would think they would do everything possible to pursue criminals to ensure PayPal has a good name and reputation.
  18. In January 2006 I sold some items on E-Bay and received payment for them via PayPal. After approximately 21 days I was contacted by PayPal notifying me that a payment for an item was reversed due to the buyer using “Unauthorized Funds”. To this day PayPal will not disclose what exactly the meant by Unauthorized, nor will they give me any personal details of the buyer. They will not report any act of fraud to the authorities or make any attempt to recover the money from the buyer. They have pursued me by E-Mail for the money to be repaid to them and they have now got a debt collecting agency to pursue me for the money on their behalf. I have recently spoken to PayPal by phone to discus my case with them and attempt to resolve this situation amicably. During the call a few things about PayPal you should ALL be aware off came to light. 1) no seller protection until you have 50 feed back points with 98% positive 2) if you have been paid by fraudulent means, then YOU are liable to repay PayPal the money involved unless you have seller protection. 3) PayPal will leave you to recover your losses with no help from them at all unless YOU report it to the police and then they will only discus it with the police. 4) Payments received through PayPal cannot be considered safe until 180 days after the transaction took place. 5) Certain risks you accept in their terms and conditions are not prominently displayed due to marketing reasons. (including unauthorised payments) Basically if you buy through PayPal you are fairly safe, if you receive payment by PayPal then you will be risking YOUR MONEY and ultimately trusting the buyer to be honest. PayPal is quick and easy but far from risk free, risks they don’t like to advertise. Personal checks, banker’s draughts and postal orders are a far safer option when selling on E-Bay.
  19. I have had some dodgy .exe files in the past, couldnt delete them for some reason, but i did get rid of them by renaming another .exe with the same name as the bad file and the pasting into the same folder the bad file was in, just replaced a bad file with a good one and then they were fine to delete.
  20. Vomit It was the first name i thought of when i used the net for the first time. Seems a long time ago now :/
  21. Just whaked a DangerDen kit in mine, very pleased with it too picy herePicy of it all instaled The case needs painting up and maybee another light shining in the reserve. Temps are good and a lot less noise, cost a small fortune though w00t
  22. I had a 24 speed plex go tits up on me, exchanged without question and i now have a 40X plex, very pleased with it, it is also bootable and that's handy for doing anything to XP,repair or instaling, 6 floppy boot up set without it and that sucks. I burn discs at 40 most of the time and have done so on discs rated at 24X and got away with it.

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