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  1. Yeah... I'd trust E-bay for a 'new' OS. Right. I suggest you get it, as it's cheaper even with shipping than you can get it in Canada...
  2. Looks like the Bill and Linda foundation are not picky where their money comes from...
  3. So who online ships to AUS? Egghead? Nah. Tiger direct? Nah. Amazon? Yes, but not MS OS's... Games, books, I've got those from Amazon, but got the big 'sorry, we don't ship this item there' last night.
  4. 750 AUD (580 USD) for Ultimate retail... Why do Aussies have to pay a 200 USD premium? I guess that a 'free trade' agreement is not quite the same as a 'fair trade' agreement, eh. Fortunately my RC2 license will not expire until after I get back from holidays... In Hawaii.
  5. I have a pair of 6800 GPUs with 256 MB ram each. MB is a DFI lanparty UT nf4 sli DR expert, with an amd 3700..... In XP, I am configured for SLI. I get ~ 8700 in 3dmark05. In Vista RC2 I get ~4700 in 3dmark05. If I re-install my Vista Nvidia drivers, it disables one video card, claiming that it is incompatible with the VGA drivers.
  6. I think I was under the impression that my beta key would work with RTM... Was I mistaken?
  7. Well, I'm at least getting a 5.9 from ny piddly 6800 ultras ;-) but windows stills thinks my two ultras are gt's :-( I put in an error report to Nvidia, but don't really expect to get a response, based on previous experience. But at least x64 bit loaded with no issues, and so far is quite stable. Not one bsod so far... If it stays this way I'll be rapt!
  8. Downloading both versions now... I'll start with the x64 version tomorrow eve to see if it actually installs on my computer. I don't understand why the akaimai won't launch from within an rc1 build, but oh well.
  9. croc

    dx 8 and aero?

    yes, because aero glass uses PixelShaders 2.0 with was intruduced with dx9 Thank you. That's useful information. So most any graphics card that has pixelshader 2.0 will work for Aero. Explains some laptop issues I've seen.
  10. croc

    dx 8 and aero?

    Obviously, someone with an older system that likes what they have. I'm looking for information, not snobby snubs. You have no information.
  11. croc

    dx 8 and aero?

    Useful information, but can you provide a link? And the original post was about whether someone had tried vista on a dx 8 GPU...
  12. Remapping? Explain this. If you mean the memory at the 1 MB boundary, (which was needed for early versions of OS/2 and NT) then no. Otherwise, I have no clue.
  13. croc

    dx 8 and aero?

    Hmm... Works pretty good in DX 9, just wondered if anyone had tried with lower DX versions. And he/she asked because that's what they have.
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