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  1. A computer doesn't send messages, an account does, so you must know who sends the messages.

    That person probably permanently deleted a big amount of old mails which were deleted without their status being changed to "read". If those mails were requesting "read receipts", all those read receiopts are sent at the same time stating that the emails were deleted without being read.

    Most probably triggered by "Empty deleted Items" action... FROM THE USER.

  2. 6. Then i run the command format c: /fs:ntfs /q /V:Windows  (Take care here to make sure that your OS installation was in C:\  ). In case you are wondering, i 1st ignored this step and at the end the applied image that

    :blushing: I should have remembered this. Imagex does NOT erase existing files, it only overwrite files that are also present in the image (most probably "sysprepped") that is applied so you probably ended up with files from two different (conflicting) Windows versions and it would not boot properly.



    I created a bootable Windows Installation USB 64Gb in size using Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool (you can use YUMI or any other similar application)


    when i used the specific imagex.exe i had an error that the subsystem wasn't present and after a little search i downloaded from microsoft the proper x64 version of it (weird though that the original one wouldn't work)

    Your USB was made with (and booted) a 64bit OS whether your original imagex was supposed to be ran under the Toshiba restore system which is probably a 32bit OS (RE).

  3. It depends on the old system it was installed on. Unless there are some sort of compatible generic drivers for your graphic card (and disc controller), you can't have it "boot and work like normal" without proper drivers. You can still try to boot in safe mode.

  4. For boot tracing:

    xbootmgr -trace boot -traceFlags BASE+CSWITCH+DRIVERS+POWER -resultPath C:\TEMP

    Attention: Some users reported that they get a bugcheck (BSOD) when using the DRIVERS flag in the boot trace command. If you get this, use system restore to go back to a working Windows and run the command without DRIVERS

    xbootmgr -trace boot -traceFlags BASE+CSWITCH+POWER -resultPath C:\TEMP


    Or boot in Safe Mode and type this in an elevated command prompt,

    xbootmgr -remove

    then reboot.    (this was not funny) :puke:

  5. I've yet to understand where all this negativity towards Vista comes from.

    From Vista itself! People hated it. Were they all wrong ? By the time they got used to it, 7 came out (which as you all say is just the same as Vista, just better), Seven had an other advantage; it came out on hardware that was twice as powerfull, and that's why people did not hate it. Saying that Vista is a viable choice for many today is like saying XP SP2 is a viable choice. I don't hate Vista, I don't hate SP2, it simply wouldn't come to my mind to use them unless it was already installed on a machine, but that would not be "a choice". Cheers.

  6. Vista doesn't deserve such an article today. Saying that if Vista was called "7" people would have hated 7, (which is basically what you say in a whole paragraph), well... of course.

    Because Vista came full of problem then solved them doesn't make it good, Peope expect a new OS to fix problems of the previous OS, not problems it has introduced itself.

    Today, Vista is not "bad" nor is it a "viable choice" (?) on any hardware. It is just irrelevant. Don't get emotional.


    I'm new to the forums, but I couldn't find the correct category for my topic

    That's not your only problem it seems.

    Look, ...it works like this;

    you post your question 1 time (not 4 times like you did) then check later if someone replies, you acknowledge the reply (like "thank you it works" or ask an other question) in the same thread. You do NOT post your same question a 5th time 10 hours later, ignoring the replies. Right ? See that "5 posts" under your name ? Well, someone is cleaning the forum after you, but they're all 5 the same. Still,  Welcome :hello:

    But please answer in the other thread.

  8. Your screenshot says "1919 x 1070", surely that should be 1900x1070. You seem to have a resolution problem. Is it an external screen or a laptop ? Is that 1919 given as a preset choice or is it in any way "manually" entered?

    It seems that a quarter of your taskbar is out of the screen. When you move the mouse down (out of) the screen, do you still see the top pixel of it or does it disapear completely ?

    ((edited fot typos))

  9. What i meant was, can i run this tool from dos, booting it from a pendrive. ? :huh:

    I just tried booting it from pendrive, but it doesn't run.

    No. :no:


    ImageX ONLY runs under a WIndows NT based system (either "installed" or PE), as well DISM.

    Jaclaz meant "no and yes" as it can't run "from dos" but it can surely be booted from a pen drive and that would about halve your boot time. The pendrive just needs to be prepared the good way (and there are different methods and they all are very simple).



    it still takes considerable time in my Dual core E5700 process, @3.00GhZ and 2 GB ram.

    How long is that ? For instance, I have an old Sempron@1.6 that boots WinPE 3 in less than a minute. Also an i5@2.5 that does exactly the same. From USB of course.

  10. I didn't expect you to answer a question asked 8 days ago. :D But well..

    It's also very subjective as to what "run well" means. If you take your XP example an say XP is running fine with 466MHz and 384MB RAM, your rule of thumb crumbles with the years. Even at the time (2001), those were weak specs for a processor but now... :w00t: . Anybody that's used the same XP machine with 512 then 1Gig of RAM knows the difference.

    So chance is that in 10 years from now, people will laugh at the idea of running Win7 with "only" 3GB.

    In the mean time, I think 2GB would be more than enough to browse the web under Win7 (64bit or not).

    As for 64bit, if any version is available (what's licensing today? :angel ) that could save him from reinstalling in a few years when (if) more RAM is needed. That is also only IF that machine (that was "having XP up to now") can even take more than those 2Gig.


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