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  1. I got that Packard Bell laptop from a friend, which was going to bin it because it was making an awfull noise (I solved that in 3minutes). Nice screen, 1440 x 900, annoying keyboard (or is it because it needs the screws back on?).

    Anyway... The thing, that is not listed on Packard Bell's site (Easynote SW51-204) has an nvidia chipset. It had 2x 512 Meg installed. I test a 2Gig stick and it was seeing it all right. So I grabbed a bargain on eBay to put 2x2Gig DDR2-6400 in it.

    Unfortunately, the Bios as well as Windows7 only report 3Gig (Windows really says 4Gig but 2.87 usable because the graphic card uses 128Meg). So I replaced one stick by 1Gig DDR2-6400. Well... it then says the RAM is slower! I tried to swap the sticks but it's the same result.

    HW-Info tells the same story for all scenarios (2+2, 1+2 or 2+1);

     [General information]  Total Memory Size:                      4 GBytes  Total Memory Size [MB]:                 4096 [Current Performance Settings]  Current Memory Clock:                   320.7 MHz  Current Timing (tCAS-tRCD-tRP-tRAS):    5.0-5-5-15  Memory Runs At:                         Dual-Channel  Command Rate:                           2T  Write to Read Delay (tWR_RD) Same Rank (tWTR): 3T  Write to Precharge Delay (tWTP):        16T  Write Recovery Time (tWR):              5T  Row Cycle Time (tRC):                   21T  Four Activate Window (tFAW):            13T
    [General information]  Total Memory Size:                      3 GBytes  Total Memory Size [MB]:                 3072[Current Performance Settings]  Current Memory Clock:                   320.7 MHz  Current Timing (tCAS-tRCD-tRP-tRAS):    5.0-5-5-15  Memory Runs At:                         Dual-Channel  Command Rate:                           2T  Write to Read Delay (tWR_RD) Same Rank (tWTR):    3T  Write to Precharge Delay (tWTP):        16T  Write Recovery Time (tWR):              5T  Row Cycle Time (tRC):                   21T  Four Activate Window (tFAW):            13T

    Still, the "Benchmark" says 1800MB/s for 4Gig and 1596MB/s for 3Gig! Windows Performance index also gives less for RAM speed with 3Gig.

    Can someone explain that to me? I'm quite frustrated to loose a whole Gigabyte for 13% more speed. Is this a 100% hardware problem?( there is no Bios info/update that I can find).

  2. This has been discussed many times in the past. Fact is that nLite ALWAYS assumes it is working on an original source. There is no setting for that. That's just the way nLite works.The time you loose by (manually) recreate your source folder, I guess you get (a bit of) it back as nLite works faster than if it had to recreate an entire new target folder.

    As well, running again using the (last session) ini file, it is is expecting the same original source, not the result from the last session.

    Use Kelselellelvian's advice and your issue is solved. However, if you are integrating a Service Pack, it is best to do that first, only, then use the result as source for nLite to modify it further. Because (long story short) there is small bug that mixes the "source" as being before or after integration of service pack.

  3. Or you can use the "subst" command to crete a temporary drive (letter) that includes the name of several levels of those subfolders.


    subst T: C:\data\any_long_name\any_other_long_name_that_makes_things_worse\


    Here, T:\ will show those files within that directory with 63 less characters in the path name.

    Depending on the OS you are using, doing the cleaning could be quite straightforward.

    Then you'll tell us why you asked this in the "Hardware" forum. :P

  4. So you got 3 different devices now ?

    1) a Belkin USB wireless router (that worked but crappy connection since a few days)

    2) a Gigaset SE567 modem/router that says the dsl line is not detected

    3) a Netgear 7750 modem/router that you can't see from your computer.


    Some thoughts.... Can you check the dsl line and all its connectors are OK (is a phone working OK passed the dsl filter?)

    Obviously, have you checked all cables were plugged in correctly?

    Has 2 worked before with your same config? (why did you purchase/install 3 if 2 was working?)

    I don't know why Netgear asks to connect the Ethernet cable to plugs 1, 2 or 3 but have you checked it's not on "4" if there is a "4"? (sorry to ask)

    Is that Netgear router new ? If not, you might want to reset it.

    Is your network card configured to receive an IP and not set on fixed IP?

  5. Has the "other logical drive" not been given an other drive letter by your new Win7 install? The ini files are readable and quite straightforward.You should be able to check what's missing.

    ...edited: multiple typos in one line

  6. I've isolated this problem to be related to NetMeeting/RemoteDeskop  and not graphics drivers, icon cache, Windows Metrics issues. I've also tried tweakUI repair and restarted to no avail.


    Closest advice I found to be to restart Remote Desktop service.

    Can you tell where you found that advice ? +Also, as it says...

    If you are having issues with Windows after removing components and have come to ask for help, please attach (not paste) your Last Session.ini file to your post to facilitate quicker assistance.  :hello:

  7. I discovered a huge amount of fresh emails that had already downloaded to my Inbox were gone....


    maybe in Inbox.dbx?

    Where do you see them missing if not from the inbox.dbx? (unless you moved them to an other folder).

    Check the dates and times of the dbx files. Latest handled mails should be in the latest dbx file.

  8. hope to see replies soon with answers that are working...

    So do we. :yes: Please answer the 1st questions in the 1st reply .

    Also from what you write, you get past the partitioning/formatting part of the install and things go wrong far later ("after done installing devices"), so what makes you think that the problem comes from the SATA driver?

  9. I edited the 1st line of my reply to confirm that nLite starts from an installation disc and produces an installation disc. This shows nLite is not always going to help you save time as you still need a runnning OS to use it at first. So nLite becomes interresting if you are going to REinstall a few times. 

    As well, as you discovered, UDC will help you download and integrate updates (via nLite) in the installation disc, not in your running system (though you can use those downloads and integrate them manually but this is not going to help you save any time compared to Windows Update).

  10. I think you got it wrong on what nLite really does. nLite transforms an original installation disc (Microsoft XP CD) in a customized installation disc that contains whatever you added or removed (in the limits of what nLite is able to add/remove). nLite does not modify a running Windows.

    1st step is to locate the folder where your XP install CD is copied ("locating the Windows Installation"), not where your updates are. You can't skip the 1st step. But I'm not even sure if you want to do this anymore.

  11. Windows Mail comes with Windows Vista, Windows Live Mail is part of Windows Live Essentials that can be installed on Windows 7. Both are free. So what did you pay for? Copying the Windows mail folder from Vista to Windows 7?

    Anyway, you might have agreed to migrate from Windows Mail top Windows Live Mail without noticing. Does Windows Live Mail not show those folders you're looking for?

    I think Windows Mail should still work though.

  12. Scanpst.exe is in the same folder as your Outlook.exe

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12\

    or something like that.

    But if there is no pst in that folder, there is nothing to scan. You need to configure Outlook for whatever messaging folder it should use (or was using before someone changed something).

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