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  1. Sounds like you're using some sort of "export/import" method.


    Again, I don't use OE, but use "default" OE6 as supplied with XP/2K3/IE6.


    BTW, you haven't stated *which* OE you're coming *from* or *which* OE you're going *to*.


    Here is the original MS article(s) that your link apparently uses for a reference.


    Submix, as you state yourself earlier, he's using Outlook, not OE. OE does not support pst files and is very different from Outlook, so your 5 points plan does not apply.

    He's following a Microsoft procedure,not "some sort export/import method". He has a pst, to begin with, that is not from OE either.  The article he links to is all about Outlook 2010, so I guess he's (now) using Outlook 2010.

  2. If you have the files, then what is the problem? Is it just that you haven't tried anything yet? Outlook Express has an Import function that lets you do exactly what you ask about. It's pretty simple. It all depends on the version of the OS and of the program you want to get on with (WinXP, Win7, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Thunderbird...). You need the .wab file as well (Windows AdressBook).

  3. There might be a problem with nLite's EULA as well. That one says nLite is "for personal use only". What you describe as a computer "coming in" looks commercial use to me. This forum has a consensus of respecting this part of the EULA and has always refused to give support to people using nLite in a professional environment. Feel free to say if I'm mistaken.

  4. I once had a notebook which network card would not work at cold boot. Warm boot F10 to Bios (HP) then Ctrl+Alt+Del would have it working. You can imagine how much reboots it tooke me to find this out... I "solved" the problem surely more than 10 times by reinstalling the driver, updating the bios, trying with/without docking station, trying from WinPE...I was getting mad, it was always working after reboot, of course but for hours it felt so random!

  5. the fact that once the PC is "warm" everything works may be connected with a power issue, like when "cold" booting some higher peaks of current are needed.

    This is not clear from the description. He could test and restart (once fixed) a few times more to see if it has to do with temperature or power laziness. What I mean is that it might happen again (one in 4 times?) when warm.

    What you could also try is to let the PC on Bios screen for a minute or two before starting XP to see if "warming up" really helps.

  6. You'll need to make a bootable USB drive that has tools that allow you to launch a repair of Windows7.

    Did it just happen out of the blue or is it following a "smart move"?

    You also need to know if the system was running a 32 or 64bit Win7 and have a DVD or an iso available. There might be easier solutions (a WinPE on USB could be enough) but I can't say with the info that we have for the moment.

  7. "POS Ready" is a flavor of Windows XP, like you have "XP Embedded" or "XP MCE".

    POS Ready continues to receive security updates while it is officially not the case for "Windows XP" (that Microsoft would like the world to ditch). It appears those updates are applicable to the XP most of us still use. You do not need POS Ready but you might want those security updates. The "trick that is included" probably allows you to get those updates as if they were meant for your system.

  8. few more adjustments

    If ... if  ... if any. That surely excludes major additions like the OP's suggestions.+ "marketing suggestions" ??? nlite is free and its market (and its forum) is pretty dead. :angel

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