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  1. You can't just move one installation to an other motherboard and expect it to run. Maybe a repair (booting from XP CD, same version, same service pack, same Internet Explorer version) could fix that. Not sure. Also you will have to reactivate XP as all the devices the activation is linked to have been replaced.

  2. IOW, are you *certain* that they're a matched set? May be the problem. :unsure:

    As certain as I am that you did not read the thread either. :angel


    -the original question is answered; HWinfo was mistakenly reporting 2+1 Gig as running Dual Channel, that was obvious to Tripredacus in the 1st answer (case closed).

    -the collateral assumption (hammering) by all the Witnesses of J. that patching the OS would bypass the bios limitation is at last dismissed by hard facts and, I hope, accepted after I had to post 5 more times (case closed).

    I can't believe I'll need a mod to close this.

  3. While he is half-joking, jaclaz is right, it can be done and does solve the problem (<link>), but it's frowned upon by MS.

    It solves "a" problem but not "the" (my) problem.


    I am of course happy :) that the case is closed.


    As a side note, it is really sad how I spent all these years in believing that the HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) was actually a hardware abstraction layer and that it was hardware related.

    Happy or sad, it seems that (your) sarcasm cannot bend (my) harsh reality.


    Ponch, no offense meant and I could be wrong, but I think that jaclaz is correct.  Regardless of what the BIOS says, I think that the Windows kernel is "artificially" limiting Windows to 3GB and by patching it you would be able to use the full 4GB.

    Yes indeed (you could be wrong). :yes:


    Ponch, with all due respect, both NT-family and unix-family OSes do fully supersede BIOS during the boot process. Hence, unless the machine's chipset does not contain a memory hoist, no matter what the BIOS thinks, those OSes can access all (or almost all) installed memory.

    Have you actually ever witnessed that? I haven't.


    Anyway... as much as you, I hate it when people blatantly ignore advices. So for all you folks, even in the knowledge that none of you would pay me a beer after I would lose this half hour of my life,...I did it.

    On this Motherboard which Bios only sees 3Gigs (before any OS kicks in) while 2x2Gigs are physically present, driven by this this PAE and NoExecute enabled AMD K8 processor I swapped HDD and loaded Win7 64 bits and oh, surprise, while Win7 sees 4 Gigs it still only gets 3 (2.87) Gig usable. This didn't come as a surprise as it is in fact written up this very web page I'm facing, as a thread's title. At he risk of repeating myself, this is not a 32bit OS problem. As we say in french, CQFD.


    I have an other example were a 512Meg stick is seen (limited) as 256Meg (even if used alone). Slightly different problem, same outcome. Bios has the 1st and the last word. This is what I see.


  4.  I get a window titled "Open an easy transfer file"  and click on the external HD and then select the folder titled    "Windows Easy Transfer-Items from old computer" which contains over 4mb of data.  I next get a small window which states "Window easy transfer couldn't open the file".  Next I expand the folder  "Windows Easy Transfer-Items from old computer" and see two folders, "x86" and "amd64", and each contain identical folders and files, and are the same size.

    It asks for a file (a .MIG file), not a folder. Do you have a .MIG file on your external drive?

    I did a quick test and there is no folder created, only the MIG file.

  5. I seem to remember that in nLite, (not sure it is XP or Vista), remove Windows Mail will render Outlook useless.

    If it was nLite, it was not Vista. But if it was XP, there was no Windows Mail. :no:

    That said, there is a warning in nLite that says Outlook Express is needed for Outlook. I don't know about Windos Mail. There might be a reason why Windows Mail is stll included in Windows 7 while not really as "working" feature.

  6. It's worse than that. With 2+2 it says

    -Hardware Reserved:  1153 (which I translate in ~1024 "lost"+128 VGA)

    -Total:  2943 (which translates in ~3x1024 "seen" -128VGA)

    -Installed:  4096MB (which decency forbids me to translate)

    It's just psychologically annoying. Such bios limitations would not "hurt" us if there were 3 memory slots, it just feels wrong on 2.

    +Actually the bios only allows me to set less than 128Meg of shared memory (128, 64 or 32, ...or "Auto" that comes to 128).

    As the laptop was sold with XP Mediacenter and 1024Meg, it made sense to have only 1/8 of the RAM shared. Case closed I guess.

  7. Well I don't think your benchmark is "testing" as single channel.

    I meant "the benchmark results looked like it was single channel". For the rest, you are right, CPU-Z says it's single channel, while the latest HWinfo32 reports dual channel. So I got my answer. Thanks.

    @Dencorso, I bet Windows 7-64bits would tell me exactly the same (if (?) you read the 1st post).

    Then some smart people would tell me "there is no gain on a sub 4GB system anyway". I know the songs here.

    There's a reason I posted this in the hardware forum. :P

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  8. And I guess you have not the guts :w00t::ph34r: to patch the Windows 7 (32 bit) to allow it seeing the whole 4Gb, right? :whistle:

    Is this a real question? Well if he Bios only "half sees" them (in fact I'll edit my 1st post, Windows does say "4GB, 2.87 usable"), there's very little chance that it could solve the problem. I'll send you my Bios as an ascii file and see if you got the guts to patch it. :rolleyes:

    For the video card, there is no menu in Bios to change those 128MB.

    Here are the SPD's:

    post-80608-0-30149700-1420143628_thumb.j  post-80608-0-65849700-1420143640_thumb.j


    both 2Gig are identical and are; Hynix 2GB 2Rx8   PC2-6400S - 666- 12         HYMP125S64- S6 AB

    the 1Gig reads                     Samsung 1GB 2Rx16 PC2-6400S - 666- 12 -A3   M470T2864QZ3-CF7   0931


    While I do understand that dual channel is better than single, I don't see why HWinfo32 reports the memory as running Dual Channel but then bechmarks as single channel. Maybe he report only checks the beginning of the memory (maybe it goes dual channel up to the 1st 2Gigs then single channel for the remaining Gig of the 2Gig stick???). Cheers.

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