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  1. Hi,

    depending on the fact you've used nLite or not, up to 3 Gig of your data might have been overwritten (unrecoverable) at the beginning of the partition. Most if not all recovery programs are commercial and not free. What you will find plenty of is "demo versions" that will only tell you if the file is recoverable or not.

    The most important is that you immediately stop working from that partition (XP keeps writing files while working) and scan the drive from an other partition, an other drive or a floppy. Good luck. Double check next time you format a partition.

  2. I know I could try instead of posting but ain't it what the forum is all about ? :whistle:

    When using cabs to install Real and QTalternative, is there any way to ensure that only the latest version of MPC is installed ? Or do you just have to know which is newer and install it second ? ...Or (I know :} ) just download the 2 last version so MPC is the same :P .

  3. I know exactly what nLite is capable of thanx very much.. i test the alphas... :rolleyes:

    ouh, touchy ! :P I guess eveybody on this forum knows something if not a lot about nLite, it should not keep people from asking questions or giving replies. It would be a dead place soon.

    I meant you can have cd with or withous integrated service pack, but unlikely one with service pack AND with the removed files.

    +the question is how to remove SP with nLite if you can. So the answer is no and it's not made for that. Smile. :hello:

  4. Ye unless you have a log of everything that changed on the cd after the slipstream and a backup of the files which were overwriten your chasing a lost cause i`m afraid.

    nLites creates a new install cd starting from an install cd (or set of files). If you are looking for an install cd "with backup of removed files", I'm afraid you might search a long time :rolleyes:

  5. I found this design very intuitive

    I don't really agree with this, for instance

    -to make an audio cd after a data cd, you have to completely close the program then relaunch it.

    -if an ISO is too big for your cd, it won't tell you, just hope you burn a rw.

    But yes, it's free. :yes:

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