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    HFSLIP 1.7 BUG

    Hi! I just found a bug in HFSLIP 1.7. The option to show the IE icon on the desktop is missing from display properties-->desktop-->customize. I hope someone can confirm that. bye!
  2. That's what I did... I slipstreamed over the original CD, w/o any SP (Doing an admin installation, of course) And I didn't have that problem with SP2, installation and Uninstallation worked just fine. bye!
  3. I have the exact same problem. Installation stops while trying to copy the file FM20ENU.DLL. If I copy the entire CD to ANY folder in the HD, it installs perfectly. It also installs perfectly from the CD in a VM. My CD is labeled O2K3SP3, no spaces and it still doesn't work. There's an additional problem, though. If you uninstall office, the uninstaller does NOT delete any files. The software appears uninstalled, shortcuts are removed, msi databases are deleted, but the files are not deleted, this does not happen with SP2. I will try the MSINODISABLEMEDIA=1 Switch and see what happens. thanks for the tips! --- EDIT --- Well, it didn't work. I will try with a blank label now.I used O2K3SP3 and it didn't work. --- EDIT --- Ok, the blank-labeled-CD did the trick, it installed fine. But, the uninstallation still doesn't work correctly. what could this be? bye!
  4. Yep, working now! Thank you!
  5. Me neither, it seems hfslip.org is down/not working. I just get a blank(white) page when I try to visit http://hfslip.org or http://www.hfslip.org oh, BTW, I don't have the timezone problem with hfslip 1.5.0 & XP SP2 spanish...and i AM ss kb931836
  6. i was thinking about calling "shutdown -r -t 15" (for instance) right after all GUIRunOnce installations have finshed... How about inserting it into HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce at the bottom of the list? (for example) I still think you'll keep looking into this issue, right? You don't know how grateful I am. Hfslip is incredibly useful and saves me a LOT of time...plus it's fun to use
  7. Perfect! all HFs slipstreamed, no additional ones need to be installed afterwards, IE7 & WMP11 working perfectly too. thanks a lot, guys! Although, I'm still wondering why a reboot command cannot be inserted after installing IE7 on the first GUI boot... bye!
  8. yep, you're right. already re-added it. thanks for the list, I removed all unneeded HFs and i will re-build the iso now (3rd time today) & install it again. bye! and thanks!
  9. Which IE6 updates should be removed when slipstreaming IE7? edit: actually, which updates should be removed, IE6 or not, when slipstreaming IE7 and wmp11? bye!
  10. please post your hfslip.log so we can see which HFs you have in there & which to take out ... as for KB915865 [xmlLite for Windows XP (KB915865)], i don't think there is no need to slipstream this ... most of the updates we use are critical updates (+ some optional updates ) ... if you have the other XML HFs, then it should do just fine i think Ie7 tries to install kb915865, so i thought, why not include it in HF and save some time? BTW, i deleted my hfslip.log, but here's a list of the HF contents: IE7-WindowsXP-x86-esn.exe Windows-KB890830-V1.23.exe Windows-KB909520-v1.000-x86-ESN.exe WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86.exe WindowsMedia-KB911564-x86-ESN.exe WindowsMedia6-KB925398-x86-ESN.exe WindowsUpdateAgent20-x86.exe WindowsXP-KB873333-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB873339-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB885835-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB885836-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB886185-x86-esn.exe WindowsXP-KB887472-x86-esn.exe WindowsXP-KB887742-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB887797-x86-esn.exe WindowsXP-KB888302-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB890859-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB891781-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB893756-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB894391-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB896358-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB896422-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB896423-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB896424-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB896428-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB898461-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB898543-v3-x86-ENU.exe WindowsXP-KB899587-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB899591-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB900485-v2-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB900725-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB900930-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB901017-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB901190-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB901214-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB902400-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB903235-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB904706-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB905414-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB905749-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB908519-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB908531-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB910437-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB911280-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB911562-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB911927-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB912812-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB912919-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB913538-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB913580-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB914388-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB914389-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB916595-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB917344-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB917422-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB917953-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB918439-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB919007-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB920213-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB920670-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB920683-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB920685-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB920872-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB921398-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB922582-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB922616-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB922760-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB922819-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB923191-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB923414-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB923694-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB923980-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB924191-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB924270-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB924496-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB925486-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB926255-x86-ESN.exe WindowsXP-KB928388-x86-ESN.exe wmp11 bye again!
  11. Hi! Well, added the missing hotfixes, rebuilt the iso, re-installed and now it's working just fine.I'm writing this from my virtual windows installation (using vmware). BTW, is there a way to auto-reboot after installing IE7? what about calling "shutdown -r -t x" right after calling the IE7 installer? where "x" is the time in seconds before the system will reboot. Also, which IE6 hotfixes should I remove? (i mean, not put in HF). bye! edit: BTW, can I add kb915865 to the mix?
  12. Ok, everything went fine, except that after installing windows, automatic updates offered me: kb911564 (windows media). wtf??? this is a really old patch, shouldn't be needed with wmp11... and kb924191, don't know why, this update didn't show up in my "real world" windows...
  13. Thanks, testing right now...
  14. Thanks, but I still don't know what to do with wmp11... should I use wmp11-windowsxp-x86-???.exe or just wmp11.exe? compressed, uncompressed???? in HF or in HF\wmp11 ???? ie7 should go in HF, untouched, right? (i mean the file IE7-windowsxp-x86-???.exe) thanks for youe patience! bye! PD: OOOps, thanks Tomcat, it seems you were replying at the same time that i was!! i just read your instructions! thanks again! Thanks again, tomcat!!!!!
  15. Hi! Can someone tell me the correct steps needed to slipstream/integrate them? I read, at hfslip.org, that the "WMP11 Package" needs to be uncompressed in HF\WMP11. Is that the full package (wmp11-windowsxp-x86-ES-ES.exe in my case) or only the "WMP11.exe" file which is inside of it? is this obsolete now and I should just copy the installer in HF (like wmp10) ? I also need kb898543? will it work with non-english windows? (it doesn't matter if it says "please wait" in english and not in the correct language) Also, IE7 is now not slipstreamed, but integrated, it should go in HFSVCPACK, right? thanks in advance! Oh, and BTW, instructions should be suited for the latest release of HFSLIP (1.2.1)
  16. Hi everyone! I was wondering if HFSLIP can be used to slipstream windows XP x64 hotfixes.has anyone tried it? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. JVW.
  17. Hi! Don't Worry, it's not that big a deal. I'll just install them manually. I only wanted to save a little time when installing (I Do it A LOT). But, if it can't be done, it can't be done. No problem. I'll still use HFSLIP for hotfixes, it's A GREAT tool. Thanks! bye!
  18. Hi! I've using HFSLIP for a while and it's a great utility! However, i haven't been able to find out how to slipstream Windows Messenger 5.1 (messenger.msi) and the highmat cd wizard (HmtCDwizard.msi). I placed them in the HF folder, but they were totally ignored by hfslip. I did put the MSIcabextract files in the HFTOOLS folder. What do i have to do? do I need to rename the msi installers to 8.3 format? Place them where? in HFSVPK or HFSVPK_SW??? or..? Can they be slipstreamed??? Help! Please do not send me to http://www.vorck.com/2ksp5.html . I've already been there and there's nothing . there about slipstreaming non-hotfix msi installers (like the ones I'm trying to slipstream) I don't know if msi installers are considered Switchless or non-switchless or what. I just want to know if it's possible, where to put them and with what name convention. Thx in advance!

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