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  1. yep, dead. that's too bad. It was good while it lasted...
  2. All poetry aside, I insist, this project seems as dead as a doornail...
  3. Ok, so it seems this is officially dead by now...
  4. BTW, for some reason M$ is pushing the rvkroots update from december instead of the latest, even if you have aleady installed the latest it will insist you install the older one...
  5. we need a table with the replacement info, links and everything...
  6. Sure those updates are also compatible with "regular" winXP?
  7. Hey -x-, any dl links for the update? can't seem to find any in the links you posted Edit: Nevermind, searched on download.microsoft.com and found it disguised as a win2k3 update.
  8. Wow, an update! Thx a lot, mimo. Although,we might need a new version, adobe flash was updated again today (14.0.145) & MRT 5.14. c ya!
  9. Well, is this project dead or what?
  10. ah, ok, thx for the clarification... @bphlpt: Ever heard of virtualization????
  11. and what do those have to do with hfslip and winxp?????
  12. Sorry, but the hell is WEPOS and pos2009?????
  13. URGENT: NEW update for IE (yes, I know support was discontinued, but it seems to be a special case). It's KB2964358. Mimo? you there?
  14. that only happens in some strange cases. The "official" update is the one for IE8. Using the IE6 update is optional in case you have the favorites problem. The replacement info if you slipstream IE8 is that 2936068 replaces the prev. cumm. update. that's it.
  15. I believe this is also the last round for o2k3.
  16. No, if you are slipstreaming IE8, then use ONLY IE8-WindowsXP-KB2936068-x86-Your Language.exe BTW, 2922229 replaces 2758857, NOT 960417.
  17. Spanish version anywhere? BTW, are there gonna be any updates for XP in April, or march was the last round? BTW, new MRT v5.11 & Flash player v13.0.0.182. bye!
  18. that page sucks, it says hfslip.tk is down not only for me, but if I click on the link, it works just fine...
  19. It's just to keep WU quiet (about 2934207). Also, there's a new rootsupd.exe (KB931125) (march 2014).
  20. 1 month. XP goes EOL on apr 8. about TZ update, Whatever it is, it's required for us in Chile (the gov. again changed the daylight saving schedule) or else you get the wrong time. And, BTW, WU is also asking for KB2934207, an update that notifies the user about XP's EOS.
  21. Mimo, new time zone update KB2935092 replaces previous one (I believe it's KB2904266)

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