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  1. That's what I did already; I'm using the files from a clean install of WinME. If I was using the original files from 98SE2ME, half of the system would be in English...
  2. So I tried to replace the Win98 Shell with the Windows ME one using the instructions from 98SE2ME, and... It works? Sort of? Not everything works, though... I know that I'm missing some patched system files, but there are obviously not available in Spanish. How can I translate those patched files? Thank you!
  3. okay i used make pe3. what must i do to run this services in my pe3 for aero ?(sessionenv, themes and seclogon) my procedure 1. logged in as admin 2. copy dwmcore.dll,UIAutomationCore.dll,themecpl.dll,themeservice.dll,themeui.dll,thumbcache.dll from win7 to my pe3 3. export registry entries from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SYSTEM\ CurrentControlSet\ Services\ (sessionenv, themes and seclogon) and add they to pe3 sorry for my english I just add this, and... BSoD.tiff PD: Sorry for my bad English...
  4. Hi everyone, Any idea to add uxsms service in WinPE? I add all the files needed for the themes but "Themes" service doesn't appear. Themes1.tiff Themes2.tiff Thanks in advance! PD: Sorry for my bad English...
  5. If I modify this, it works! Thank you very much!
  6. @trizet I tried the Make_PE3.exe, but... @wimb The last I tried and it worked is the 06-05, but I didn't try the next ones except the lastest version... Thanks PD: Sorry for my bad English...
  7. With the lastest Make_PE3 and Spanish Windows 7 x86 or x64, explorer.exe is not working... It says: Error trying to open: C:\Program Files\... Error 3 The system could not find the path specified. The DISM log file located at C:\... EDIT: If I change this line (line 1180): Dism.exe /image:"%PEWork%\mount" /Add-Package /PackagePath:"%PETools%\%ARCH%\WinPE_FPs\en-us\winpe-wmi_en-us.cab" With: Dism.exe /image:"%PEWork%\mount" /Add-Package /PackagePath:"%PETools%\%ARCH%\WinPE_FPs\%Lang%\winpe-wmi_%Lang%.cab" There is no error, but explorer.exe is not working. Please help... PD:Sorry for my bad English
  8. Well, I add Windows Media Player, DirectX, Paint, all the .msc and .cpl, the Resources folder... All from a Windows 7 partition without any other program installed that I created with VirtualPC. I think that the next time I don't modify the boot.wim file! XD Thanks! PD: Sorry for my bad English...
  9. I think that I surf the Web with IE, because with 2GB of RAM dosn't work... Thanks for the help! Sorry for my bad English
  10. My boot.wim is 788 MB I don't change the size of the ramdisk (i don't know how to do)
  11. But the memory is not full when I'm using Chrome in VMware... I don't think that if I open one page it increases 246 MB of used RAM... EDIT: And IE8 works... PD: Sorry for my bad English
  12. It's from PortableApps.com From here; it's the version 5.0.335.0 Dev (scroll down) I've got this in my computer right now and it works correctly in Windows 7, but with WinPE not... I'll try the stable version. Thanks! PD: Sorry for my bad English EDIT: Same thing with stable version!

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