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  1. I can confirm that SP1-update works with a vlited install sans drivers. Anyone want to help out if this still holds true when removing the "big ones" ?
  2. Well that's true, we are on our own. But the SP1 installer should be intelligent enough to just "jump" over uninstalled components. At least the "big ones" like speech support (Are you kidding us MS?) , asian languages, natural language, maybe the OOBE thing + a couple of others. Doesn't Service Packs for XP install on nlited installs, or will we have to reinstall XP when SP3 hits as well ?
  3. I see. I'm going to try without the drivers and report back. I don't really remove that much, only the obvious ones. This is just stupid of Microsoft.
  4. Not even some drivers? (all 900+ MB of it ) Shall I try and report back? Also some asian language support takes up a lot of space, and "natural language", but I guess the SP1 update is depending on them Surely SP1 can't be dependent on EVERYTHING? Is there any way to find out? You see I want a "good" install (not hardcore) so I could in theory install it on my mothers PC , just without some of bloated features that she doesn't need, and just leave it at that. I don't want her to call me every time there is a SP availabe. I don't want to reinstall Vista everytime there is a SP available.
  5. Hi All My first post, and pleased to meet you all. Great work Nuhi & everyone else. Does anyone know what excactly what can and cannot be removed that doesn't break up SP1 and future SP? I guess the drivers are OK, but I'd like to strip down the image a bit more. It isn't meant as hardcore use but a good installation that is meant to last. (so compatibility with future SP is a plus) Thanks

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