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  1. Usually everything works just fine! Trust me!!

    But this time I get really :crazy:

    This is the system:

    Motherboard - Asus-A8NE

    Grafic card - Asus nVidia EN6200

    Latest graphic drivers 84.21 WHQL Certified!

    But the graphic driver still does not install!

    The winnt.sif is OK;



    And the path to the drivers is also OK;


    Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated...

    Big thanx in advance

    / SwedenXP B)

  2. The standard size of the MFT in WinXP (pro) is rather small an I usually use Diskeeper 9 to make it bigger direct after installing WinXP. But now I have changed my disktool to O&O Defrag 8 and this application does not include the option to size the MFT.

    Does anyone know a program that can adjust the MFT size?

    Thanx in advance

    / SwedenXP B)

  3. @ODC - Yes of course one can do that...

    I only take the new version - and put it in the rigtht folder - and them I´m done - a new unattended installation :whistle: -----> less adjusting of files ----> a quicker and cleaner install -----> me :D

    / SwedenXP

  4. @Mekrel - Tried Your version with;

    PING -n 30>NUL

    And it works really well.

    @ All of You readers :hello:

    Are there any disadvantages in using either of these two methods (Nircmdc.exe or PING)? PING seems easier since it´s already a part of XP...

    / SwedenXP B)

  5. @Achdine - it works really beautifully :thumbup

    But it´s a shame that one have to use an external program for a "sleep/wait/pause funtion" - there ought to be some internal (WinXPPro) solution!

    But as I warned :rolleyes: You - yet another question... Where´s the best place to put the NirCMDc.exe so I can reach it from wherer I want to? At C:\ or someplace else? Finally I will delete it!

    / SwedenXP B)

  6. @Achdine Thanx for the suggestions - but I already use the "start /wait" option - I think it´s the creation of catalogs that takes time - it happens after the installer is done... or at least at the very end...

    Have thought of doing the Firefox install in the beginning of my main_batch.cmd and the extensions and favorites/bookmarks at the end. But I will try the NirCMD - because it sounds interesting!

    I will be back with comments on the result.

    / SwedenXP

  7. @Achdine - Big step forward for me :yes:

    I would like to ask one more thing (atleast) :rolleyes:

    How do I get a .cmd file to wait for example 30 seconds before continuing (still within the same .cmd file).

    Why? It takes some time for Firefox to complete it´s installation - and before thats done the extensions and favorietes will not install properly.

    Hoping for yet another good answer from You or somebody else :whistle:

    / SwedenXP B)

  8. @Achdine - thanx for Your suggestions - I will look into them - although I don´t understand them fully...

    But thats why I like this forum :thumbup When I don´t understand - I just ask - and eventually I will learn something :huh:

    From a not so sunny Sweden

    / SwedenXP B)

  9. This is the story;

    Trying to do a silent install of Firefox 1.0.6 + extensions + bookmarks/favorites.

    The silent install is no problem. The extensions goes just fine. But - to do the silent install of the bookmarks/favorites I have to know the name of the "something.default" directory located in "%userprofile%\Applic~1\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\" and this varies from install to install - it´s an "8 charactar (numbers and figures) .default" nasty thing :realmad: It´s into this directory my bookmarks.html should go which is no problem - when I know the correct name of the directory...

    The question to You, ladies and gentlemen is;

    Is there a way to set the name of the :realmad: directory?


    Is there a way to find out the name?

    I install Firefox + the rest from within a .cmd file - so thats where the name of the directory eventually will go...

    MegaBigThanx in advance!

    / SwedenXP

  10. Thanx gentlemen :thumbup

    This was exactly what I wanted - but when I saw that one could have 15 or something different options to wote for i realized that I couldn´t do this myself :blushing:

    SwedenXP B)

  11. I think this would be interesting - especially to see which countries that are esepcially active.

    Soo - is there anyone who is more experienced than I am on setting up polls - who wants to give this one a try?

    Big thanx in advance!

    From a sunny Sweden

    / SwedenXP B)

  12. This update installs a permanent copy of Package Installer for Windows to enable software updates to have a significantly smaller download size. The Package Installer facilitates the install of software updates for Microsoft Windows operating systems and other Microsoft products. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer

    KB 898461

    Download Size:

    477 KB

    Date Published:



    Hello guys :hello: can this little addition be added via the SVCPACK.INF with some nice little switch???

    From a sunny and warm Sweden

    / SwedenXP B)

  13. Used to run NIS2004 and it killed all ads and popups - but it ate a LOT of resources...

    Now I´m trying out Sygate and I love it - it uses very little resources - BUT it does not kill ads and popups :realmad:

    Anyone got any sugggestions???

    Thanx in advance

    / B) SwedenXP

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