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  1. @jaclaz thanx for good advise - and good links!

    But of course I have some questions.

    I like the old-fashioned method :sneaky:

    I take the basic batch that You recommended + a correct path... but how to find that path?

    Would it not be easier to search for a .dbx file - find it and set that directory as source?

    But I do not know how to do such a search...


  2. Ladies and gentlemen,

    I would like some tips and suggestions, please.

    I have a dream :whistle: of being able to find and backup my mailboxes in OutlookExpress with a single .cmd file.

    The problem is that the absolute place changes with each installation so my batch script has to be able to find the right location and copy all DBX-files within that folder - and paste them to a folder on another disk and overwrite the old backup.

    Can this be done with a batch script or do I have to enter the Autoit-jungle?

    Big thanx in advance

    /SwedenXP B)

  3. @nuhi

    Until release 1.4.8 I have had no problem running nLite with the nlruntimeR3 (instead of .NET Framework 2.0 SP1).

    But today - with release 1.4.9 (latest ver.) + nlruntimeR3 (on a fully updates XP Pro - nLite did not even start...

    Please nuhi give me some advice.

    Thanx in advance

    SwedenXP :wacko:

  4. Morning ladies and gentlemen. May I start with saying thanks @mara- for creating this awesome tool!

    I took this quote from the first post of this thread.

    List of updates for making your Office 2003 System fully updated [download links included] (List will be added soon) :

    Of course I have a wish... I would be very grateful if You would post such a list.

    Big thanks in advance

    SwedenXP B)

  5. Hi h8isgr8 - first some questions!

    What kind of install is it? Have You removed or disabled any services?

    Thats for starters!

    / SwedenXP B)

    + please post Your lastsession.ini

    + do not include any keys or passwords

  6. Great - me like!

    I would like an option to save and load each "operation" in the "Task selection" box as an individual file.


    I do different combinations for different machines, but some of it it´s just the same (ie Tweaks) - so a modular version of the Task selection would be great!

    Hope You understand what I mean.

    / SwedenXp B)


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