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  1. I am basicaly a Linux newbie. I have installed linux several times just to mess around but have never tried to use linux in any productive way. Recently the idea of a linux server has seamed very appealing to me. The problem is I do not know what I need. I would really like it if there was a linux distrobution that is designed to be used as a server and will not install stuff that I would not want on a server. I know that just about any linux distrobution can be used for a server but being that I am a newbie I would like somthing that is easy to use and has easy setup and administration. Somthing that is basicaly "id*** proof." I would like to have the following services: Web Server smtp pop3 webmail maybe ftp Thanks in advance.
  2. Depends on your isp. But most people would rather have a static ip than a dynamic one.....until they get an ip ban from somewhere
  3. Did you install the correct driver?
  4. Thanks everyone this should help me lots.
  5. I am looking for a consol application that will search inside a group of cab files and tell witch cab file has the file that is being searched for. Example: c:\cabsearch explorer.exe D:\win98\ The file explorer.exe was found in xxxxxx.cab If such a tool exist it would make my life a lot easier. Thanks
  6. You can look at the back of the computer to see if you have onboard video or a seperate video card.
  7. I have recently started to like dfi and btw I do not overclock. I have also never had any big problems with Asus or Abit. Just stay away from really cheap boards juch as those made by pc chips or jetway. yeah you should stay away from generic ram no matter witch board you go with.
  8. My favorite is VirtuaWin and it is open source also.
  9. LLXX is right. Also I do not think you can use junction links on a usb flash drive because I think that they are not (by default at least) formated with NTFS. I think they use fat. Someone correct me if I am wrong.
  10. Very Strange... Printscreen or alt+printscreen should take care of it. You could try a third party screen shot program my favorite one is here.
  11. I assume that you are able to get on the internet right? If so you can go to your computer manufacters website and find your computers drivers and download them.
  12. Try scanning it with a dos based antivirus. Fprot is a free one. Also if you have a dos boot disk you can boot to dos and run C:\windows\scanreg /restore to try to restore a backup of the registry. Another thing if it will boot into safe mode you can try running system restore. And last but not least if all else fails the reinstall windows.
  13. It is a bad idea to compress everything possible with this method. Not only does it take time to decompress but also it affects how the dlls are stored in memory. For example if their is a dll that is used by several programs it will make a new copy of itself in memory everytime it is called rather than just shareing one. This is because windows sees the copressed file on the hard drive as being different than the uncompressed one that is already in memory. My explanation maybe as clear as mud but the point is with lots compressed files windows will use more memory. But if you have lots of memory it may not make that much of a difference if you have lots of memory.
  14. Why not try the drivers from the manufacterers site here. You should only get drivers from places like driverguide if yo can not find them one the manufacterers site. Also if it is a driver problem you should not blame it on the os.
  15. I believe Wijono answers that question here...
  16. I have had problems in the past where the autologon feature would just stop working all of the sudden. And this was not in combination with sp2. So my guess is either the tweakui's autologin is buggy or there is some patch that happens to be in sp2 that causes it to stop working.
  17. That means that your computer is only seeing 63 mb of memory so it appears that it is not a windows problem. It must be a hardware problem. Google is a search engine and probably the most popular one. www.google.com With that motherboard I am sure that you should be useing low density ram. That is the first thing I would check. Also try switching the ram around to different slots and see if that makes a difference. One last thing. In my opinion it is always better to use matching memory sticks although it is certainatly not a requirement you will have far less problems that way.
  18. Did not think about that but surly he would know if that was the case because it should not be thier unless he put it there.
  19. I know that I will get flamed for saying this but I personaly think that Raptors are over rated. Now do not get me wrong they are good drives but Hitachi and Seagate 7200 RPM drives give comparable performance. I am glad that your experiance went well.
  20. There was a time when I really liked LiteOn but recently I as well as other people I know have had lots of problems with liteon drives. I would go with an AOpen drive. Agreed you could get better performance for your money if you go AMD.
  21. Are you sure that it is being detected correctly in bios?
  22. For a better gage of how fast the drive is download HD Tune and look at the transfer speeds. Post the results. I really can't see how you were able to get those speeds. 1.2 gigs in 10 seconds sounds crazy.
  23. Just an update. All it took to fix it was to upgrade to Service Pack 4. I would have tried it before but I thought that it already had service pack 4.
  24. That is what I thought. I am trying to set this up post windows install. This is not the volume I wanted windows windows installed on. It will be used only for storage/backup purposes.I deleted the mirrored volume then recreated it and this did not show any difference. Also device manager shows all devices installed correctly. Can I use a third party program to create a larger partition? Thanks
  25. This is my first time to setup sata raid and is also my first time to do raid at all in Windows 2000. I got 2 250 gig Seagate Drives and I am trying to set them up to be mirrored. It appears to be setup fines in bios but my problem is within windows. When I go to computer management to set up the partition is it still shows 2 seperate drives instead of the single raid volume. So it appears that it is letting me create a partition on each drive which is not what I want. I am sure that I am doing somthing stupid wrong. Hardware: Motherboard: DFI nF3 250-AL Hard Drives: 2x SATA Seagate Barracuda 250gb OS: Windows 2000 Server Also what is the max partition size in windows 2000. Thanks

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