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  1. Silent Install of LogMein.msi

    The latested version of LogMeIn just went out of beta and apears to be GA'd. v4.0.0.966 Dated 9/1/09 (in program) and 9/5/09 (msi date). When I looked at the MSI in orca, some of the conditions in some of the tables are different. for example LICENSETYPE used to be IT but now its a 5. I didnt check all of them. Im sure it can still be changed, we just need to know what conditions control the same functions as before. https://secure.logmein.com/logmein.msi MrChris
  2. Silent Install of LogMein.msi

    Anyone attempt to make the new version of LMI silently installable? MrChris
  3. I have searched high and low and am unable to find out how to set a static ip in the dial-in Tab of a windows 2003 rras server (not on a domain). I have a Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition (Not in a Domain) running RRAS and acting as a VPN Server and all is running well with that. I would like to be able to set a Static IP for a specified user account in the Dial-In Tab of the User Account Properties via a command line to have in a batch file or AutoIt Script. Any one know how? Many thanks, MrChris
  4. Get the full time format in File Properties

    I found that when viewing the contents of a folder via a mapped drive or UNC path it will display the file details in past minutes format. When viewing local (non-networked files) it shows like normal. This is the case for my Vista SP1 Ultimate HP Laptop. Although I have not looked I am not sure where or if this can be changed without using a 3rd part app in vista. However I have seen other 3rd party file/folder manager apps that can display in all kinds of formats ect.. Hope this helps. MrChris
  5. I am using the DigitalPersona Finger Print Login with Vista Ultimate SP1. I am trying to figure out how to remove the ability to click on a user name and type in the password. I would like to only have the option to use a finger print to login to the system. All though I am not hiding anything I hate it when my wife uses my login on the **** computer by typing my name/password. Currently I can login using my fingerprint or by typing a username/password. I would like to only be able to use my finger print. Can this be done? Like maybe a registry hack or something? I have searched and cant find much of anything on weather I can do this or not? Thanks, MC
  6. Integrate DriverPack with MS ERD Commander 2005

    Anyone ever find a way to Integrate DriverPacks with ERD Commander builder?
  7. I remember about 10 or 15 years ago on the old mac os when you inserted a CD into the drive it would create a Icon to the respected drive. Is there any way I could have such ability for Flash Drives under Vista or XP? I am trying to whip something up that will do this using AutoIt but its too **** buggy. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I did some digging last night and it apears I have an F2 based CPU and Gigabyte has not yet released a BIOS that supports F3 Stepping for my current CPU. Since it will be a while before I can get an F3 CPU or a new Mobo. I am looking at other options. A Thought, workaround for Hyper-V on non-F3 BIOS,CPUs. What about Installing Server 2008 Core and have something like VMWare Server v2.x or VMWare Workstation v1.03 ontop of 2008 Core? That would kinda serve the same purpose wouldnt it? I mean I know it would not beusing Hardware based virtualizing in the same way as Hyper-V would but It would almost be the same thing no? Any thoughts? Thanks for the feedback! Mr
  9. I cant figure out if this mobo is capible of Hyper-V in 2008 Server. I ran this util called SecureAble and it says I pass all 3 tests. But I for the life of me cant get and VMs I create to start. When ever I try to start a VM I get, "An Error accured while attempting to change the state of virtual machine Windows XP. The virtual machine could not be started becuase the hypervisor is not running." the CPU is an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 3800+ with 4GB DDR-2/800 RAM Running on Windows Server 2008 Server RTM x64. Any info or thoughts? Thanks, Chris
  10. What is the easiest way to integrate SATA/IDE/LAN Drivers from DriverPacks into the Microsoft ERD Commander (Formerly Winternals ERD Commander? The Folder nameing schem in the DriverPacks is not readable really. So I dont know what folder has what driver. I know DriverPacks GUI has some BartPE meathods but was wanting to intagrate it into MS ERD Commander at build time if I could. So I can make a universal boot CD. Many Thanks and Merry Christmas! MrChris
  11. But yes another network interface! Thanks, MrChris
  12. To be more specific I would be refering to something like an OpenVPN Adapter or Hamachi Adapter for example.
  13. By default Windows XP will allow you to setup a pseudo vpn server in a few clicks, but even though you get a dialog during the configuration to choose a device to listen for calls on and that is a LPT port (I under stand I am to skip it). My Question is Is there any way to have the Windows XP VPN Server Listen for calls/connection requests on a specific virtual network adapter? Like maybe hack the reg or something? Currenntly I can only get it to accept calls on the Network adapter that connects me to the Internet. I follow these instruction to get it setup basicly http://www.onecomputerguy.com/networking/xp_vpn_server.htm MrChris
  14. To make it short. Can I install/run the 32bit version of Windows XP SP2 on a AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800 based motherboard? I only ask becuase I am thinking of buying a Gigabyte M55SLI-S4 motherboard that comes with a AMD Atlon 64 x2 3800! I only have the 32bit version of Windows XP not the 64 bit version. Will I notice any major performance hit but not running the 64 bit version of Windows XP? Thanks, MrChris
  15. Manage Vista KMS Clients?

    Maybe I can look into the MOM pack for KMS. Thanks, MrChris