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  1. I have lost all copies of my files for an xp setup screen I had made years ago. I have searched the site several times and have not been able to locate it. I searched through my house first going through every random copy of xp i could dig up and It appears all my hard work is now vanished I had called it dead pirate xp. If It is on the site still somewhere and i overlooked it i apologize for wasting anyone's time. I would be amazingly grateful if anyone can help;
  2. SystemRescueCD: Another Linux live cd. I made meager attempts to backup up my vista 64 bit raid 0 and until i found this I was unsuccessful (again, i'm sure if i put forth a better effort with some of the freeware listed i would have had success) fsarchiver is the utility i used (it's still beta according to the site). Compressed around 40G to 20, option to split image to save to DVD. I'm having trouble restoring my image, but I'm sure it's me and not the utility. site recommends the latest beta to ensure the newest version of sfarchiver. systemrescuecd
  3. Unsigned drivers got you down? Are you like me and hate that bootpro program more than having to press a button? Well I have the cure, tested on Windows Vista home Premium x64 with SP1. I'm still laughing that someone bothered to write that little program to click some options on every boot. Here you go, this is exactly the same as "Warn but don't Block", or whatever it's called, on xp. All day i could not install ATITool, even after using f8. I applied this tweak and presto. Not sure if i rebooted or not, probably stopping and restarting explorer should be sufficient. Go to C:\Windosw\Inf directory. Find the file Sceregvl.inf. Might want to make a backup copy elsewhere before moving on. Under the section [Register Registry Values] you will copy and paste the following: MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Driver Signing\Policy,3, "Devices: Unsigned driver installation behavior",3,0| DriverSigning0="Silently succeed ",1|"Warn but allow installation",2|"Do not allow installation" then save the file and close it open the "run" dialog box, and type the following regsvr32 "scecli.dll" (no quotes) . POW THAT IS ALL from now on you will simply be asked if you want to install the driver.
  4. Thank you for the link. I was looking all over nvidia's site and didn't see anything saying physx supported 8 series cards. When i searched for it, all i got was a driver for ver. 9 cards. I've downloaded, haven't tried anything out yet. 3D Mark06 uses this physx, that's all i've run so far.
  5. Successful install of WAIK on xp sp3. I downloaded and burned it in vista, did this initially to make sure it would install since vista downloads faster. I'm going to try downloading and installing it directluy from windows now. And it worked. I download AIK burned it and installed it. All on xop with xp3. Went off without a hitch the first try. That bad stick of ram i have was the cause of all my problems
  6. Although xp claims my vista home premium sp1 is corrupt every time i download it, i butned it to DVD and got to about 30% of files extracted before i got an error (0xC0000005). The little bit of reading up on it so far is leading me to belieeve it's a memory problem. Also, when I overclock my the bios is posting my cpu as being underclockeed, and in windows it is factory speed. going to reinstall the bios later, hopefully that solves the rest of my problems. After i get Vista installed I'll try installing waik on xp sp3. This is driving me nuts not knowing why this program will not download and/or install correctly. good luck to you, I think I've tried every possible download at least 3 times each so far, lol. Ok, finally got vista installing after verifying i have a bad stick of RAM. So there was the caause of all my crashes and mysterious OS problems. I still have xp installed so i'll give WAIK a try with sp3.
  7. no luck with sp3 and uninstalling it caused a nightmare, ha. tried once so far with sp2, seems to be crashing in the same spot as with sp3. I'll check out the software you listed, this waik is is terrible. I can't believe they released this software. glad i don't do this for a living, i do it just because. thanks again for all help, gotta go see if i can tear up xp anymore than it already is. Just found some corrupt files on a hard drive. I believe they are the culprit of my problems. gonna reboot into safe mode later clean things up. Now it seems everything I download is corrupt. It's almost not funny anymore. If I ever do get this installed i'll upgrade to sp3 and see if it still works. All i'm trying to do is install vista home premium 64 on my pc, but that won't install either. I know i'm missing something very obvious, right in front of my face. Hopefully it hits me like a ton of bricks soon. I've downloaded apps so many times my hard drivews are leaking corrupt files all over my carpet. Still haven't gotten a download that isn't corrupt. I did find a problem in my vista folders, some of the filenames had gotten too long. So I just moved teh all tfe folders to C:\ and named the top folder Vista. Working on burning a DVD now.
  8. Thanks for the tips. I'm trying to install on 32 bit xp pro with sp3. Internet went out 1/2 way through the waik download so i have to start that over again. I had to reinstall xp a few days ago also, and i left the filesystem intact rather than reformat. I wasn't sure if this was causing problems as well, reinstalling without reformatting seems to leave xp a bit slippery. ha. thanks again, i'll reply with my outcome.
  9. I've been trying to install it all day and hasn't worked. I am downloading the newst version now, didn't notice it when i originally read this thread. Hopefully it will work. I haven't been able to find any information on the casue of the problem either. I'll post again after this next attempt at installation.
  10. Well, haven't been here in forever, so I figured since this is one of my first posts, it would be fitting to add a new reply here. I have 2 new methods for repair (untested). First one is furniture polish, such as Pledge. The second is to use floor wax which is supposed to actually resurface (or fill in cracks) on the disk. Again I have not tried these, so it's at the users risk. good to be back, hopefully I won't drift away again for several months.
  11. I have to agree with using any recovery software prior to physically polisihing the disc. This is of course, I hope for all of us, common sense. I'll have to check out digiprime's recommendation, as I constantly seem to save data on a few scratched DVD-RW's I have. Yes, I should thrwo them away, but it's just my nature to consistantly make the same bad errors in judgement. I don't learn the hard way, I learn the very, very, very hard way. The reason for recommendaing toothpaste was that it is something everyone, hopefully, has around the house. Wile brasso and other products may work better, I personally don't have these things lying around. If I'm going ot spend money on something to repair a disk, it may as well be something designed for hte task. I'm not knowcking the suggestions in any way, just giving my personal view on things. I still laugh at this thread every time I read it, not that it isn't hlepful, just that when I posted it I thought it would be removed for being in the wrong section. It was also one of my first poests, and seeing how people are constatntly being told to search for answers and warned about posts, I was unsure whether to even post this. I understand the warnings, I agree with them, I have rarely had to ask anything myself, as searching will eventually find 90% of whatever someone asks. It just amazes me how much input and how long this thread has added to. Guess you just never know what type of information really interests people. enough of my bablbling, hopefully I'll get more involved with this site again. I think I wore myself out on tearing apart and rebuilding windows software. Take care everyone
  12. I rad somewhere yesterday that they had fuond too many problems with 64 bi tot make it worthile t release at this time. Unfortunately I can't recall what site it was. It was pretty Iroonic how I got a copy of pre PC1. I was just brwosing around Tweaktowns site and bam I scrolled right into this bi mention about the downnlead being availble. I was under the impression they had resleasesd it like 2 weks ago. The I almost deleted it today by accident, went to download another, and of course it's finished. Luckily I found my original. I'm running 5384 still, I have a lot of things to do before I use RCq. I'm only planning on using it in VPC, I ge tthe feeling everytime I start up my PC that my current build install is evaporateing off my HD. lol. I'm interested to know what people who have used both versionn think about them. What's improved, worse etc.Although I think it will be a while before I get around to installing RC1
  13. maybe this will give you a bit of info for now. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en I'm about to install, I'm pretty sure you can buy vista, looks like I got a newer version. dig around in MSDN land. I'll see what I can find after the install. wish me luck lol I'll reply on this post I think when I originally tried a clean install, it would not work because I had a dynamic array. There's a doc. that covers setting up a raid, clean. I almost lost a bunch of data from a power suge, stupid apartment, it blew up my surge protector. So I finaly got it installed, bio is definetely correct. When I installed I did not lose any data from xp, but the HD is a mess, lol. That was the point though, to see how it worked. If not just me, hopefully I helped others a bit. gl to all, I definetely recommend a clean install, or you may spend days organizing files, lol. take care
  14. Here's the latest possibly factual info I have, lol. The build I have is 5383, I have been up all night so forgive that I forget some things I did just 1/2 hour ago. sounds like bonestone has the same build, silimilar problems I had trying to install on clean, formatted, and whatever else I cuuld to a HD aside from breaking it. Then of course I noticed a pop-up or something saying that xp has to be installed first, I believe it may be on MS site as well. Also I'm not sure if this is just X64 or X86 as well. Either way, I found out they are definetely not compatible, correct me if I'm wrong. Digging around yesterday I did find some places to dowload, legal places, the new build. Seems MS is trying to hide them. Or it's just the link to order the kit, cant remember and I'm not paying 10 bucks since I have server 2003 R2. See how that OS does later tonight. I havn't tried to install vista in a long time, my pc was too slow then. Also, I sttill don't understand the links on neowin, with the smiley's. is it some secret so not everyone can download? right now I'm so tired I wouldn't doubt it. Let me reiterate again, build 5536 has to be installed from windows. If I'm wrong excuse me, I really hope I am, but I don't think so. Lastly, I signed up for beta testing a while ago, is the new vista only available to MSDN subscribers? hope not. Oh yeah, I think one of the mods was talking about DX10. Probably got his answer, but I gotta run so if it's any interest, incase others may not know, they have a download dated mid August with most or all dx10 features. Looks real interesting, but right now I only have onboard graphics, lol. thanks for the help, I'll check back in a while if I find anything else out. Hope someone can fill in my questions as well. take care and good luck visting, ps you need at least 18 gigs (I tried with 12) free to install 5536. That's my luck. I'm gona install xp then try vista again. gl all, scuse my long winded ramblngs just saw something. give me a while and I'll tell you if I lose any data upgrading, I already backed up everything on my drive, save you some time that way. ok, one more edit. Maybe I don't have 5536. I saw a file that said 5536, so I just assumed lol.
  15. It's possible volumes are set too high in windows. You don't want any volumes set to max. might help
  16. Hi, Need a little help, I don't know if I'm just being dumb. every link on neowin for vista is an emoticon. Do I need to be registered and logged in? or am I missing somehting else. I would like to try this out, and appreciate any help. ---EDIT I have an earlier version, can't remember build number. is st possible to upgrade? from what I've read it's not, just want to be sure thanks
  17. Just ran into your post here, and signed up right away so I wouldn't forget. Very straightforward site, I signed up for an account although it isn't necessary. only took 2 minutes. Looks more promising than some of the other sites. Well, thaks for post, good job finding that site.
  18. I've been gone for quite a while and it's good to be back here. I've just been doing other stuff that takes up a lot of my time. I got another scratch removing tip, but BE WARNED, I'm not sure if it will work with cd's. You can use furniture polish to fix scratches in glass, I used it on my glasses. Maybe someone less lazy than me can do a bit of research and see if it will work for discs. If I get time I'll look it up, but there just aren't enough hours in a day
  19. Scuse me if this is the incorrect thread for this question, Currently, due to failed attemdpts at modifying a pic, I have only a single PC with the following specs: Aopen Motherbooard ( I hate it) Adaptec aha-29160N Scsi card 2 68 gig 10k Seagate Barracudas single WD Raptaor SATA VGA slot does not work (need to do RMA) Here is what I would like to set up, and I woud greatly appreciate any help or advice. Since the SATA is the quitectest I plan to use that to boot 2003 and possibly instll BSD and XP on the other two drives using Virtual Server 2005. From the little bit I read about Virtual server thsi does not seem the optimal setup. I am notoverly concerned with the noise from the SCSI drives, but I would prefer the Raptor to be used for my main windows applications. I would greatly appreciate any advice, also I'm a bit confused on installing 2003 R2, from what I read both disks must be installed from the same location (I have only tested on MSVM 2004 and failed several times). On the other had, I'm not over concerned with using Virtual Server 2005 since servoer 2003 R2 is supposed to have better support fo Unix. I'm almost done backing up all my files and I would like to begin installing this week. I plan on making an image of esch OS after install to move to a new PC when I run into a bit of cash. For a multiboot system would the BSD boot loader be suffiecient( (I know it must reside on the boot drive), or should I use a different boot loader. I know I am asking a million questions, just looking for any advice. Again, if I'm posting in the wrong forum, Excuse me. Finally I'm not converned with making multi-boot disks, thouth I'm sure I'll slim down the windows a bit.This si mostly just for my entertainment since I've never done a multi boot like this befoer, and it will be a good learning process. thanks for the last time and hopefully someone has a bit of insight.
  20. You could try Drive image XML to create the image and use BartPE to deploy it. Check out the Drive Image XML homepage and there is a link for a guide to create an image. you also have the option of storing the image on a HD, and I believe you could deploy it from there.
  21. I just got my windows live mail. I don't have any inivitaions as of yet. When I get some I will be sure to post here. I know invites are not needed for messenger liive, but it took about 3 days for me to get some invites there, so I"m assuming that's about how long the live mail will take. Guess I'll find out soon enough.
  22. I just signed up. At the very least I will probably finally get some mail in my mailbox. Even if it is junk mail, better than nothing. It will be interesting to see what shows up though.
  23. My name is Jim. I've considered changing my name to FaceMouth, but I don't think the world is ready for that, ha. good thread by the way
  24. It's been quite a whle since I've created an unnattend cd, same with slimming down the files. Not sure if I'll be of any help, but hopefully this may help a little bit. I believe you have to delete the entries in the textsetup.inf relating to the files you deleted from the .cab files. If you search around you can find scripts that people have written to remove redundant or uneeded untries. If you haven't already, read the guide at unnatended.msfn.org. There are links to sites that may help you out quite a bit. Hope I've been at least slighttly helpful. Good luck
  25. I used Acronis to image my xp install, and I found free software to image server and it was just as simple to do. Along with BartPe (or WinPe) you can use Drive Image XML to create the image, it has pretty good compression too. Here's a link to the guede I used http://www.nu2.nu/pebuilder/. It didn't take long to make the discs I needed and created my bootable image in one try. The gude seemed a bit confusing at first, but I never used and PE software before either, I just followed the directions and it woked perfect. I would find some more links but I'm battling Adware.Look2Me right now. It would just be too easy to re-install my server image. Well, good luck too you, hopefully this helps, better than spending money for no reason when there is free software that works just as well.

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