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  1. HELP: XPize Darkside 2.1 was released Friday the 12th... As you may have noticed my site has been down all month, this is because I doubled my bandwidth limit in 2 days! I get charged per mb over the limit by £0.02. Now that doesn't sound much does it? When you multiply that by 4,874mb it comes in at £97.48 (and thats before they've added VAT!!!)... I've just had my bill through, and I do not have the finance to pay for it! Help me, help you... DONATE!
  2. x64 uses wim files aswel... so would still imply it can patch x64 systems. Sorry we are very close to getting a 64bit patcher ready but not quite yet. And rest assured, if Vista Source Patcher is not integrated into Vize by the time 64bit support is possible I will release a version that will do it.
  3. There is nothing wrong with your autounattend.xml file. It is a problem with WIM. I also have this problem. I bet you, the image your using within WIM is a vlited one, and you've had some hotfixes added to it... am I right?
  4. My log file does not contain any errors either. Server 2008 beta 3 worked with the autounattend.xml. Can't remember if that had Service Pack 1 though. I've searched everywhere and can't find anything...
  5. You are correct... I get a message that says something similar to... "Interactive logon process failed to initialize Please check the error log for more information" I'm installing Windows Server 2008 RC0 which does include Service Pack 1.
  6. Vista Source Patcher 0.1 beta Vista Source Patcher patches your Microsoft Windows Vista Source with all the beautiful wonderful resources available with Vize. Prerequisites: - imagex.exe - Vize Known Issues: Please give feedback on any issues you comes across. Disclaimer: - I am not accountable for any problems/issues using Vista Source Patcher or any previous releases may cause your system, the only way any issues would occur is through user misuse, and if you are unaware of how to use this release correctly you should consult these forums for advice. Download Mirrors: Primary Mirror Windows Live SkyDrive Mirrors Needed!
  7. Hey all, hoping someone can shed some light on this bizarre problem... This... <RunSynchronousCommand wcm:action="add"> <Order>2</Order> <Path>%WINDIR%\system32\sysprep\sysprep.exe /quiet /audit</Path> </RunSynchronousCommand> seems to cause my machine to turn off during install. It only happens if that code is in my autounattend.xml file. Any ideas?
  8. zedox


    There is not anything out there yet that will add components back in.
  9. I've just tested another installation, this nlited cd does NOT have "Local Security Settings" removed. Group policy's now appear to be working.
  10. Has anyone come across this before? I've just noticed a couple of machines I use are not having the group policy applied dispite all settings being correct in the directory. I reinstalled windows xp (normal unchanged disc) on this machine and it worked. I then reinstalled windows xp (nlited disc) ... doesn't work! Any help would be wonderful!
  11. Does anyone know an unattended way to remove these icons? I've tried using registry monitoring software to catch a registry key that may change when its removed but there isn't one as far as I know... thanks
  12. zedox

    New sound tray icons

    Harsh, how can anyone not take offense to that?
  13. zedox

    New sound tray icons

    I think if you was to include these you would have to do the network and battery icons too for consistancy. Personally I prefer the default icons.
  14. @endiz Sorry, some of the screenshots are of the version with the old visual style...
  15. @andis (lol) Google is your friend
  16. Changing the orange bitmaps would be a piece of cake! Note to all My website is going to be down for the rest of the month... Within the first 2 days of the release of 2.1 my bandwitdth used was double my hosting accounts limits...
  17. Mixed responses on the theme change I see... XPize has always been about updating old system resources. I was never a fan when XPero changed the visual style in xpize. Pgase's visual style was originally chosen as a last minute thing. Now i've come across an official XP dark style logon (zune) It just seemed perfect, admittedly I dont like the orange twinges to it though. Royale Noir looks even better than zune, but I'm sure I've tried that out before and something went wrong... will have another looksy!
  18. Primary Mirror link fixed, sorry guys. Any kind soles who can afford some bandwidth to mirror please come forward!
  19. XPize Darkside 2.1 XPize Darkside replaces the blue wizards, visual style, logon screen, boot screen and numerous other resources with a darker more slick and smooth looking theme! Improvements: - Device Manager bug fixed! - Visual Style applys to Domain/Workgroup Logon screen. - New Visual Style! - Bug in I386 Patching fixed! - ... and lots more! Known Issues: - Boot Screen Modification does not work for Dual Processor PC's. Please give feedback on any issues you comes across. Screenshots: Disclaimer: - I am not accountable for any problems/issues using XPize Darkside or any previous releases may cause your system, the only way any issues would occur is through user misuse, and if you are unaware of how to use this release correctly you should consult these forums for advice. Changelog: Changelog Download Mirrors: Primary Mirror Softpedia Secure Download (RO) Secondary Mirror deviantART Mirrors Needed!
  20. I think thats what he's saying :s TBH don't like the sound of 64bit files being converted to 32bit and back? I'm sure we would eventually come across a file that doing that to will screw up your 64bit system...
  21. Unfortunately I will not be making a light version of XPize Darkside, its far too time consuming (of which I don't have much of) I don't like the XPize one, if your computer crashes during boot up you will never know as you can't see the progress bar. However, I am open to suggestions to a replacement of the current boot screen.
  22. Still need testers for this, anyone interested?
  23. I agree, although I don't keep previous versions, I do keep all my application setup files in 1 folder.

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