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  1. Will look into all of those problems for XPize Darkside. Havn't had a chance to look into any bugs atm as I've been at the Reading Festival all weekend!
  2. underxp If you don't patch your XP source then how are you getting an error message... "when patching your source" ??? lol
  3. Darkside does patch ntkrnlmp, but obviously something is going wrong somewhere... Will look into this.
  4. Another thing is maybe alerts should come up for removal of tools like the windows sidebar and ie... If you have these configured in the auto.xml setup will fail.
  5. Yes... Uninstall the whole lot. It won't harm your system. In fact, the XPize uninstaller is one of the cleanist out there... there wont be a trace of Xpize on your system when you uninstall!
  6. tap52384 Its good that the backup file is identical to the system32 file... the backup is a backup of the system32 file! I've never tested patching and then patching again... i'm assuming it was patched with XPize? Are you actually seeing the normal welcome screen? ... is your PC on a domain?
  7. Can you check the registry key... HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\winlogon, does UIHost have the value "XPize_Logon.exe" ?
  8. tap52384 ok, check this directory for me... \Windows\XPize Darkside\Backup.. Is there a logonui.exe in there?
  9. tap52384 Is the logon screen not installing for you? Not sure what your going on about in your message...
  10. Ooo, the latest is in XPize Darkside 2.0... will re-up the newest one and send you a link for hosting. Thanks! I386 patching will only patch system files, no extras are included. Will look into nlite integration.
  11. The logonui.exe file is patched and them renamed to XPize_Logon.exe. Then the registry is changed to point to xpize_logon.exe as the logon screen. kelsenellenelvian Is that the latest logonui?
  12. hmmm, I'd hedge my bettings bettings that CLHatch's processor is also Dual Core.
  13. What machines are processors are you guys running? What flavours of XP are you running?
  14. I know it may seem patronising in me pointing out but, the XPize Darkside bootscreen is very similar to the original. So are you 100% sure it is the original that is being displayed? If so, what happens when you uninstall XPize Darkside, COMPLETELY and reinstall? Does it work a second time arround?
  15. I managed to get Vista to install from USB stick, however It goes straight into the install if the usb stick is slotted in... How do I make it so it comes up "Press any key to boot from USB" ?
  16. After installing Vista there is always this annoying file left over at the root of the system drive.... BOOTSECT.BAK Using Right Click > Delete, works. But I want to remove it silently on first boot. DEL /Q %SYSTEMDRIVE%\BOOTSECT.BAK comes back saying it can't find that file! Even DIR on the %SYSTEMDRIVE% doesn't show its presence! If anyone has come up with a way of removing this file please share your knowledge!
  17. vLite does not support this yet. Check the Unattended Vista forum for methods of doing this yourself.
  18. Whoever has been submitting XPize Darkside for download on other sites has given them incorrect information, and people are beginning to believe is the official version... 2.0 is the OFFICIAL latest release. Please, whoever has been submitting XPize Darkside, please correct the websites!
  19. Woop! Fixed it! CTRL + F5 if it still looks funny... working and tested on IE and firefox... Any contructive criticisms of my site?
  20. Problem exists with firefox and displaying iframes... Havn't built a website for along time, so let me get my brains around it and will fix it asap
  21. does the entire page not work for you or just part? I've tried on different machines, works for me :S
  22. Works fine for me... For those interested I knocked up a quick "official" site for xpize darkside here... http://www.zedox.co.uk/xpizedarkside

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