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  1. There arn't any files in those folders.
  2. Hey guys, any ideas yet? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, it appears the files are present in the I386 folder. I've attached the txtsetup.sif file in a zip file as requested. Thanks! TXTSETUP.zip
  4. At T13 i'm getting this error popup Error: could not locate INF file 'C:\WINDOWS\HFSLIP\IHFSLP151.INF' If I ok loads more come up... They also come up on first logon... any ideas?
  5. Apologies guys, the errors were actually from things I've removed in nLite. Thanks tomcat76, i'll add that one in.
  6. If I select Shutdown, or press the I/O switch on the machine it shutsdown but then my PC just comes back to life and loads up again? Any ideas?
  7. Also... KB920342 is showing up in Microsoft Update even though I have added it to the HF folder.
  8. I've just installed windows with my new HFSLIP'd disc... Went to Microsoft Update to check I hadn't missed anything. I was faced with this screen: When I click "Start Now" this screen comes up: It used to go straight onto scanning for updates? When I click "continue" this happens: I've looked up thee error code... Information I found tell's me to ensure WUAUSERV and BITS are listed under the netsvcs key in registry location HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\SvcHost I checked that, and they're both listed there ok. I checked whether the services were actually running and neither were, I can't manually start the "Automatic Updates" service. It comes up with error... "Could not start the Automatic Updates service on Local Computer. Error 1083: The executable program that this service is configured to run in does not implement the service." Strange thing is that if I restart the machine... it all works fine. I've attached my log file for you HFSLIP.TXT Thanks!
  9. are you sure its just XPize you've installed and not XPize Darkside 2.1? Either way... install xpize or xpize darkside again, and uninstall it. I would remove windows blinds first though.
  10. What machine are you guys creating these discs on? What OS?
  11. Thanks Super-Magician. I've removed the updates you mentioned, and few others were removed in tomcat76's list so removed them too. Creating a new disc now, and will report back tomorrow.
  12. Vista Source Patcher 0.2 beta 1 Vista Source Patcher patches your Microsoft Windows Vista Source with all the beautiful wonderful resources available with Vize. Prerequisites: - imagex.exe - Vize Changes: - Settings.txt file holds the location of imagex.exe - icon changes depending on what file extension is being modified Known Issues: Please give feedback on any issues you comes across. Disclaimer: - I am not accountable for any problems/issues using Vista Source Patcher or any previous releases may cause your system, the only way any issues would occur is through user misuse, and if you are unaware of how to use this release correctly you should consult these forums for advice. Download Mirrors: Primary Mirror Windows Live SkyDrive Mirrors Needed!
  13. I would provide hosting for imagex.exe but I doubt microsoft would take to kindly to it? When XPero integrates this into vize i'm sure he will have figured a way to create a "rapper" that will eliminate the need for imagex.exe completely!
  14. Morning all, Just updating my unattended xp pro disc. Noticed 4 updates that are showing up on "microsoft update" despite them being slipstreamed via HFSLIP. Any ideas on what I've done wrong? I've attached my hfslip.log HFSLIP.LOG.txt
  15. If you're trying to achieve a "vista look" for xp then I should recommend you try out energize, or vistapack.
  16. no worries, thanks for your help!
  17. very very cool! yes, xpize darkside supports the same switches as xpize. enjoy!
  18. Sorry, no update yet. I will try find some time to work on it next week. Been very very busy with work lately, and my new website.
  19. Thank you very much MagicAndre! Will try an release a new version asap.
  20. Ok, it's released... i'm very keen to get feedback! This will help XPero greatly on integrating this into Vize.
  21. You could poin Wsim at an original install.wim and then u could add all the settings you'd like! Providing you havnt added some from the vlited image. If you have then i would suggest recreating your autounattend using the vlited image.
  22. Sorry didn't mean to make it sound inpolite, but when i searched it was on the first page of the search engine Glad your problem is now solved.
  23. If you actually researched this yourself before posting here you would have relealised what is wrong and why.
  24. OMG, 37,000 hits!!! I'm the best (lol)

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