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  1. helpdesk98 You will need ultra-iso or such similar utility (Power-iso) to re-compose the updated DVD. Here's what I did for testing & it worked: Install Ultra-iso (Obtain a paid full version from EZB Systems). Insert the win7 DVD in the drive and make an image on hard disk with UISO (Create CD\DVD image). The image thus captured will have the boot info embedded. Open the image in UISO (just double-click on the created image. Ensure your file-association is set correctly). On the left hand pane, click on the 'sources' folder. The contents of the folder will be listed in the right-hand pane. Now click on 'Actions' in the menu tab. Select 'Add Files' from the drop-down list. Browse to the custom made 'install.wim' that u have created. Select the file and answer 'yes' to over-write. Now save the file with 'save as' option. You have just crteated a bootable UDF file of Win7 OS. You can burn the image using nero's burn image option. Hope this helps.
  2. Sorry, if this has already been answered previously, does it also include slipstreaming of windows power shell and the mui update ? Both these do not get slipstreamed. They have to be installed instead. Any work-around ??
  3. Download this attachment for all the info. Thanks manualenterprisedeployment_cs4_help.pdf
  4. Saks


    Hey XPero, this is like Hotel Calif. You can check-out any time you want; but can never leave. Having said that, I guess all of us work for this community out of own interest and doing something that interests you gets you out of stress. While in a job or even other-wise you will find there are plenty of factors that put u in stress. So here it is, come back to this forum and continue your work albeit at lesser pace. It will help you to strike the right balance amongst job, work, hobby and enjoyment. All the best and happy landings.
  5. Thanks a million Kel What a simple answer . I never thought of it. I have got the prog. Trying out
  6. Use Win XP Manager System Utility. its has an option to backup activation of Office 2003 and also Windows XP. Where do I find Win XP Manager System utility ?
  7. Hi all, I have been trying to find a "wpa.dbl" equivalent of Office 2003 OEM installation. Other than saving the registry key for this entry [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Registration\{90110409-6000-11D3-8CFE-0150048383C9}], is there any other way? This will save connecting to M$ again and again for activation on the same machine and same partition. Anybody can help ?
  8. Is it possible to use a retail or oem serial number in a coporate copy? I have wondered... but I have never tried it. Yes Siginet!, you can install the office 2003 package with an OEM/Corp serial regardless. The office distribution seems to be a common soft of all kinds. Personally, I was able to install corp version of office with a oem key and of course I needed to activate. But If any one can answer how to reinstall office againg without having to activate ? What is the wpa.dbl equivalent in office ? By the way, Siginet, your softwares are grand.
  9. demon326 This is how I create my bootable CD/DVD. Things needed - UltraISO - This is the prog I am used to. I guess you can use other such similar prog. - At least 10 gigs of HDD for DVD - Original bootable XPCD (Retail, OEM, Corp or any flavour) with/without SP2 slipstreamed. from unattended forum, take the guidance to make the necessary preparation of xp files. make an iso image of original xpcd on the hard disk and open it with UltraISO. Delete all the files and import the entire new updated xpcd directory in UltraISO. Copy all the files to the root directory in ultraiso and save. Burn the image on to CD/DVD using nero you are done. PM me if you need any further clarifications B)
  10. jpless Just went through your agony....etc. etc. Next time after you activate, copy and save wpa.dbl file in your system32 directory in some safe place. Thereafter, whenever you re-install, just copy and paste this file in the system32 directory and re-start the comp. You're done with activation. No more waking up M$ experts from their slumber. The above method is valid for the same hardware config, same partition, same machine and please wear the same shirt when you install to rule out chances of displeasing M$ This is valid for OEM version (side-sticker serial) and also the retail version of XP.
  11. I don't know guys if it is appropriate to ask here , what is the equivalent of wpa.dbl in vista RC1?. I have installed vista and activated through internet. However, I have searched through the win32 dir in vista, there's no wpa.dbl . Also, if an equivalent exists, where does it go in the DVD for unattended install and auto-activation on the same machine and on the same partition? "Okay when you add the CODE<ProgramFiles>G:\VistaApplications</ProgramFiles> you get the error: http://img126.imageshack.us/img126/2184/vp...obeerrorvi6.jpg" Should it not be <ProgramData> instead of <ProgramFiles>?
  12. All the hotfixes released by MS have MSI files inside them. Extract these files and run this command for integrating the hotfixes msiexec /p x:\blah..\blah..\patch.msp /a y:\abc...\blah...\pro11.msi SHORTFILENAMES=TRUE /qb- This way the entire sp2 and updates thereafter can be integrated. Note: The entire office 2003 package have to be transformed into a network install source prior to slipstreaming the updates. To do this, make a folder on a drive with reasonable amount of space available and, call it, say, c:\Office. Open Start, Run. Type cddrive:\office11\setup.exe /a Follow the instructions for an admin install. Another issue not addressed by MS is that MS Update does not recognise the updates being applied eventhough they are, whereas office update does. MS has recognised is lacuna but has not done anything so far. So if you want to keep MS Update happy, re-run the updates after install.
  13. Hi Dels Good work! Whats the progress ? We all are eagerly waiting for the first release. Thanks.
  14. Please read the unattended install guide. That lays down what goes where and what should be the folder structure. Typically, it should be like this: [GuiRunOnce] command3="%Windir%\system32\wpi.cmd" WPI folder may be at the root of the CD/DVD. I am attaching my WPI.cmd below. This file should reside in CD\$OEM$\$$\SYSTEM32\ The applications go into CD\WPI\Install\ Edit the config.js in CD\WPI\WPISCRIPTS\ to configure your applications. Read the WPI forum for details. Regards WPI.CMD
  15. Dear Kel Excellent job. BTW, could you post a detailed "how to" and "what happens when" during the entire process when wpi.hta is invoked till its completion ? In "How to", you may like to specify how to add applications in WPI (although it has been explained in some detail in WPA website) and modify (if it is not objectionable) the wpi.hta file to make a custom installation pack. I could not figure out how the settings in WPI are exported to RunOnceEx after the 'Begin' button is clicked. Help ?
  16. Dear Gurgel, You must keep yourself fit to continue contributing to this elite community, of which you are one of the pioneers. What I can suggest that you take your eyes off the computer monitor for at least one hr a day and do yoga or exercise. Regards
  17. RyanVM's contribution to this forum with integrated updates is really praiseworthy. Why doesn't Microsoft read such forums and take a lesson or two? Exceelent work RyanVM . It is a sincere request that you keep up this good work and would you be kind to post a tutorial as to how you do it?
  18. I tried updating the driver.cab (W2K) without much success. It would require brains and knowledge of somebody like Gurgelmeyer to do this. Dear Gurgelmeyer, would you throw some light on this subject ? Also, would also kindly let the members know as to when your USP5.1 going to be released ?

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