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  1. Catalyst® 7.3 Display Driver

    @KRYOGENIUS to install on a laptop you need to download the specific file for radeon mobile! It's not the same driver. http://ati.amd.com/online/customercareportal/mobility.html
  2. USB Flash Drive Format Error

    Well I tried format on a windows XP machine that worked in less than 10 sec Weird why it blocked in vista.
  3. I tried formating my USB flash drive as always (it's a 4g Konval thing) on standard settings. When it got to about 75% the computer restartet and now it's 0 bytes and RAW. I can no longer format it in windows, what do I do? Btw it's windows vista. Tried format from the command promt and it startet now it's stuck at 68% checked. What do I do?
  4. FAQ | Installing ATI CCC silently?

    I'm confused, how excactly do I install it?
  5. Is it possible to patch the file manually? I mean someone did it so how do I do it?
  6. The agony of activation

    Tnx Cluberti for clearing that up. I did not know. But now I see that I next time I buy windows I will buy it from a store, not with a PC. What a PITA But I really pitty the poor MS employees who have to listening to my complaining every time I call.
  7. The agony of activation

    Hehe now here's the beauti part, just installed again with my brand new customized cd. Worked fine except ofcourse for the activation. Still have to call. So I did, and guess what! The office was closed! How can you have a system like that and then it closes? Can I just call another country? Yeah right I wanna pay that bill Any who, it's there and I guess it's not gonna disapear. Just hope it will be somewhat more userfriendly in Vista Here's wishing for a little more customer minded MS in the future!
  8. USB flash drive

    No not ReadyBoost (not right now anyway) just to use it as a drive. Have it assigned to a letter and so on. Vista recognize the drive, but says it can't find drivers for it. I think it's maybe not the actual drive it detects, it says : USB Embedded Hub. Is that the port?
  9. USB flash drive

    Vista can't find drivers for my USB flash drive, and I have no idea what make it is. What do I do?
  10. The agony of activation

    I think I got something confused here, it's not an OEM. It's just a normal Windows single user CD I bought with the laptop. I called the second time and got the activation key, but it's just a short releif, next time i format I problably gonna call again wich will be in a week or so when I'm gonna try my unattended CD
  11. The agony of activation

    Yeah I know this has been discussed several times over and over. But I just wanted to share this with somebody. I bought a new laptop with Windows XP pro preinstalled some month ago, and now was the time to install windows again. So I did and then it came to the activation process. First I tried the standard over the internet activation, but it told me I need to change my key? But it's a brand new second time installation. Well the only option then was to call MS (What is the purpose of telling people to get a new key? Isn't that the same as buying a new Windows CD?) Anyway I called and after the hideous and terrible long comercials and other info stuff you have to listen to, I got through to the actual activation. But then the next error arrose, it didn't accept the code I entered (With that many numbers the odds are big to miss type but I'm pretty sure I got it right) So the I waited to talk to a service person, now I'm sitting in Greenland so I have a danish version of XP. I called the Danish number, but the person I got to talk to was Norwegian!!! I didn't understand a word he was saying! And he didn't understand me. So I hung up and I'm now trying to get my anger down to a level where I can call again and try the whole thing one more time Now that's what I call service! And what's the alternative? There aint none, cause I got to have my XP and it has to be activated
  12. Service Pack

    Question: If you get the cd, can you slipstream the files from the cd? Or do you have to download it to make a slipstream cd?
  13. Overclock: Why? and why not?

    I do overclock because why not!? Why not squeze the last 10% performance or more out of that pricy cpu? In fact most cpu's can run faster than factory settings without getting much hotter than the stock cooler can handle. I think it's well worth it, specially if you have an overclock proof mobo And without one? I have never ever seen a system burn, if you watch the temp and overclock the safe (but slow) way one mhz at a time, untill it's unstable. then you can end up with a much better performing system!
  14. Monitor broken

    You probably exceeded the specifications set by the factory. The width and height "don't like to be set too far" Of course not, your monitor has a maximum, don't go beyond it! But another setting that could be set too high is the refresh rate. If your screen doesn't respond as you descriped, try boot into safemode or vga mode.
  15. How would it work if the contents of CD1 is in the root of the DVD and the rest of the cds are in folders CD2, CD3 etc. ?