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  1. Yeah. I'm going to stick with the XP. Nice to know it's OC'able without overheating. I'm getting a better cooler for it anyway so hopefully I can take it higher.
  2. I had 2 windows open and posted in the wrong one.... I was hoping no one would notice... I guess I could say it's for a gaming machine!
  3. Thanks for the replies. I've got a copy of Acronis True Image Server for Windows and it seems to work OK. Seems Arcronis True Image Server works fine for what I want to do.
  4. Thanks for those links wtm0325. Seems like the Sempron is an underperformer when it comes to the same XP processor. I've seen benchs for the Sempron 3000 where is performs better than an XP. Guess that's a different case for the slower models. For an extra $13AU the XP is seeming a better choice. Again, thanks.
  5. I'm looking for suggestions on backing up our Windows 2003 servers. They run Enterprise Edition. I've tried the ntbackup program but that doesn't give me enough control. I've looked into Ghost 9 but that won't run on 2k3, I've looked at Symantec LiveState Recovery and it does EXACTALLY what I want but is very expensive. Are there any other corporate based backup tools for Windows 2003 server? Basically, I need to be able to create a backup image (split onto multiple CD's) of the ENTIRE C: (including current state). I would then like to either create incremental backups or even a full backup. And no, ASR isn't a good solution (doesn't backup programs properly and restores system files based on the version on your installation media... meaning you'd have to reinstall a SP every time you restore).
  6. Heya guys. I need some advice on a new processor... I've found an AMD Sempron 2600 (Socket A) and an AMD Athlon XP 2600 (Socket A). I'm looking for some comparisons of the 2 of them. I'm wondering which one performs better in games AND overall. I've got the motherboard (Abit NF7-S nForce 2) with 512MB DDR RAM. Any suggestions? Note: I'm after one OR the other... only these 2 processors... nothing else.
  7. Heh. nLite's version uses a modified sfcfiles.dll to unprotect system files. That's why it is different to mine. Mine disables WFP on protected files. nuhi's version (combined with the sfcfiles.dll file) removes the protected files from the WFP list. I'm beginning to prefer nuhi's way better than mine because it actually removes the list of files protected by WFP. The reason for the 2 different keys is simple. Mine is a made up key by me. I use it to change the key that Windows looks for when determining whether WFP is enabled or disabled. SFCDisable is the default Windows key... SFCSetting is a key made up by me. nLite uses the default key because it doesn't have to worry about actually DISABLING WFP... it just helps in removing the list of files protected by WFP. So basically... My way DISABLES WFP nLite's way REMOVES THE LIST of FILES protected by WFP. nLite's way is slightly cleaner than mine. Hope that clears it up for you.
  8. Denney

    Mouse Pionter

    Make sure the mouse surface is clean. I've had instances where some dust gets on my mouse pad or the laser and the mouse pointer appears to move by itself. Also, to find out if it's remote controlled (eg. by a hacker), disconnect your PC from the internet/network and see if it continues to happen. The last option I can think of is if the laser in the mouse is going. How old is the mouse? Do you have another mouse you can try? Just turn off the PC, connect another mouse and see if you have the same problem. If not, you know it's the mouse.
  9. %CDROM% is NOT an enviroment variable. You need to figure out a way to find the CDROM drive letter and assign it to that variable. Take a look around here as there are some more posts (in the unattended forum I think) that explain how to set and use a %CDROM% variable. Again, the %CDROM% variable is NOT a default environment variable.
  10. I don't think you'll get an answer to this. Due to it being illegal and all.
  11. Well, we've scrapped the 2 computer images... they don't scale well. The corporate logo we're keeping as just that. Won't be seen much (will be the setup screen on our MSAXP Project for instance). The main logo is just that, the main logo. Will be used for medium sized images (doesn't scale small very well). The earth logo will be used as a background to certain projects (Windows wallpaper for example). We just need to design some generic user account avatars now.
  12. Here are another couple... We're a little undecided on the color to choose. Please people, we need some criticisim here... 49 views, 1 reply... Oh, and please don't rip our images... (not yet at least). Computer - Creamy: Computer - Blue:
  13. The first logo would generally be on our website with "Mantra Software Australia" written beside it. The other 2 would be used on our sub-websites (like personal ones, etc.) and in programs that we distribute. Once I get these designs finalized I will be adding them to our website as wallpapers and such. Edit: Opinions are exactally what I want. Say whatever you want so long as it's constructive. Thanks for the feedback.
  14. These are a few new designs I've been working on for my business. I'm after any constructive criticism on these images. The original image/banner is found in my signature. Corporate Logo: Main Logo: Advertising Logo (used inside some software):
  15. Wrong forum muslim. Check the Application Switches forum for your answer.
  16. I don't know where you're getting "Local AppData" from but "AppData" is set to the following folder: %userprofile%\Application Data, in other words, C:\Documents And Settings\Your Username\Application Data Any newer application should put any user specific application data into that folder rather than in the programs main directory.
  17. If you read my posts, you'll see that it is illegal... Further talks with my Microsoft rep encourge anyone willing to test this to NOT. If you do end up releasing this, expect some interest by Microsoft (not the good kind).
  18. Um... I use the following (converted from my INF file) and it works flawlessly: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Comdlg32\PlacesBar] "Place1"=dword:00000000 "Place2"=dword:00000011 "Place3"=dword:00000005Note: There is no "Place0".
  19. Here is a full list of the shortcuts you can use (I think that's what you want?): DESKTOP 00 <desktop> INTERNET 01 Internet Explorer (icon on desktop) PROGRAMS 02 Start Menu\Programs CONTROLS 03 My Computer\Control Panel PRINTERS 04 My Computer\Printers PERSONAL 05 My Documents FAVORITES 06 <user name>\Favorites STARTUP 07 Start Menu\Programs\Startup RECENT 08 <user name>\Recent SENDTO 09 <user name>\SendTo BITBUCKET 0a <desktop>\Recycle Bin STARTMENU 0b <user name>\Start Menu DESKTOPDIRECTORY 10 <user name>\Desktop DRIVES 11 My Computer NETWORK 12 Network Neighborhood NETHOOD 13 <user name>\nethood FONTS 14 windows\fonts TEMPLATES 15 COMMON_STARTMENU 16 All Users\Start Menu COMMON_PROGRAMS 17 All Users\Programs COMMON_STARTUP 18 All Users\Startup COMMON_DESKTOPDIRECTORY 19 All Users\Desktop APPDATA 1a <user name>\Application Data PRINTHOOD 1b <user name>\PrintHood LOCAL_APPDATA 1c <user name>\Local Settings\Applicaiton ata (non roaming) ALTSTARTUP 1d non localized startup COMMON_ALTSTARTUP 1e non localized common startup COMMON_FAVORITES 1f INTERNET_CACHE 20 COOKIES 21 HISTORY 22 COMMON_APPDATA 23 All Users\Application Data WINDOWS 24 GetWindowsDirectory() SYSTEM 25 GetSystemDirectory() PROGRAM_FILES 26 C:\Program Files MYPICTURES 27 C:\Program Files\My Pictures PROFILE 28 USERPROFILE SYSTEMX86 29 x86 system directory on RISC PROGRAM_FILESX86 2a x86 C:\Program Files on RISC PROGRAM_FILES_COMMON 2b C:\Program Files\Common PROGRAM_FILES_COMMONX86 2c x86 Program Files\Common on RISC COMMON_TEMPLATES 2d All Users\Templates COMMON_DOCUMENTS 2e All Users\Documents COMMON_ADMINTOOLS 2f All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools ADMINTOOLS 30 <user name>\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools CONNECTIONS 31 Network and Dial-up Connections
  20. Although a little advanced for some, I personally have 2 working copies of my CD. One to use nLite etc. on and the other is the one I make my modifications to. After using nLite or this update pack or anything else, I take a snapshot of the 2 folders, compare the text files and then update my copy with the modifications (using inhouse tools). That way, I know exactally what is happening to my CD.
  21. I agree with RougeSpear. I've looked at the internals of the pack 2 (had to recreate my own + integrate IE hotfix). It does take a lot of work for this sort of thing (I know, I did it for SP1). Congratulations to Ryan for being on the ball and starting this one early.
  22. I would also like to know if multi-session CD-R's would work but I think adding another session might break the boot image. Anyone had any experience with this?
  23. I've emailed my Microsoft rep. asking about this (as I'm an OEM, I am also curious). He said that it is outright ILLEGAL to distribute copies of Windows XP REGARDLESS of whether it contains an activation key or not. The fact that you say you still need a key is moot. It's illegal to do what your going to do. I'd be VERY carefull with this. You said that "everyone does it". I'd like to know where else you've seen places distribute a full Windows XP (with or without key). He even said that using a patched file (eg. tcpip.sys, uxtheme.dll or sfc_os.dll) is also illegal but they don't push it because it doesn't harm them in anyway. He urged me to tell you not to continue with your current plans and instead release a patch or something to patch an existing Windows CD. I'm sorry to press the issue but I just don't want anyone to get in trouble (also, anyone who downloads the full version of Windows XP (with or without a key) are also liable). Another note, Microsoft employees do read this forum. So just be VERY carefull if you distribute the entire CD. I for one, WON'T be testing/downloading this if you go that route. A warning to everyone else as well. Edit: His last point was that it would hurt them if you did this because of the availablity of activation cracks and the availablity of your distribution. Although you say your not responsible, Microsoft's laywers won't see it that way. Your distributing commercial software for free. That's it.
  24. I can see why Ryan gets annoyed at this... 1. MSXML 4 and MSXML 5 are DIFFERENT. MSXML 4 is not the same as MSXML 5 so both are required. 2. The new RDC is from Windows 2003 and it an update on the version from WIndows XP. All of that has already been listed.
  25. But distributing a whole Windows XP CD (regardless of whether it's activated or not) is illegal. Only companies that Microsoft authorises have the right to distribute copies of Windows XP. IE. If you were to release a pack that would integrate into a current Windows XP CD would be fine (unless it contained some Windows XP files) whereas releasing an entire Windows XP CD is illegal. The best idea (and a legal way) would be to release a pack that contains code to "patch" current Windows XP files. That way, your not breaking any laws and only the people who use are (note: modifying ANY Windows XP file is illegal. see: reverse engineering). Your not meant (ie. illegal) to remove the digital signature check on uxtheme.dll, it's illegal to use a modified sfc_os.dll file to disable WFP (including my file - SFCSetting) but everyone uses it. There is a discussion about this in this forum actually.
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