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  1. Thanks for your concerns guys. I was in a hurry and decided to do a fresh install.
  2. DHCP client is set to automatic, it's started and apparently working. As a matter of fact, if I disable it I can't access the network. Once I start it again, the network is reachable again, but still no DHCP name resolving.
  3. Yeah, I thought about some malware too, but Spybot and Avast say everything is OK. The symptoms are identical in both wired and wireless interfaces.
  4. A customer's laptop has suddenly stopped getting IP addresses from DHCP servers. I can ping other machines in the network if I assign an IP manually, so both LAN and Wireless seem to be working properly. The DHCP server is working fine, other servers in the network get their IP properly. I need the laptop to get IPs from DHCP because my customer's ISP assigns dynamic IPs this way. I have reinstalled drivers and tried to clean the system up a bit with no results. Any ideas?
  5. Thanks to you and to the rest. You have been amazingly kind and have kept my hope alive. Regards, CM
  6. I have found it!!! It's the Windows Bluetooth driver and a new Sony Ericsson phone. If I turn off the phone, the problem disappears. If I turn it on, the problem will show up again. As usual I discovered this by pure chance, but I have installed the Widcomm drivers for my bluetooth device and the problem has gone away. Does it make any sense in the memory dump? -- PS: Thanks for the tips on learning!
  7. Done. It doesn't stop. Just out of curiosity, how can I learn to read these debugging files?
  8. I'm sorry I wouldn't know where to start reading. Is the firewall causing this? Is it another process? Turning on and off the firewall doesn't seem to affect the behaviour...
  9. I have finally uploaded my MEMORY.DMP file to this URL: http://www.loquecreas.com/msfn/MEMORY.rar It's about 480MB. Please let me know when I can delete it from there, since that web space is not mine. Thanks again for any help. CM
  10. Yeah, it didn't look very informative to me either... :-) The MEMORY.DMP file is about 1 gigabyte big... I'll try do upload it again. It failed for the second time.
  11. The two IDE channels have DMA enabled, although only a DVD drive is attached there. The three hard disks in the system are SATA and are running well. Please keep in mind this is something that has suddenly started to happen. I've been using this computer for more than one year with no issues. The Windows install is fresh and it worked fine for a couple of days before this behaviour appeared. I'm uploading both the text file in WinDbg and a capture of the Process Explorer graphs. Can you see the peaks in the graph? That' the services.exe every 6 seconds. (Learning from the graph I can see the 6
  12. Thanks cluberti for your reply and help. First of all, I must say I'm not a native English speaker. If by "recur" you mean "it keeps happening", then yes, when I unplug the NIC cable it keeps happening exactly the same. I've gone through the procedure. I hope I did it right. In order to free my hands to provoke the memory dump, I played a song in Windows Media Player with visualizations on. The graphics keep freezing every 6 seconds, but I've seen that they make two "hicks", instead of just one pause. These two hicks are still around 1 sec long (in all). I've downloaded the Windows Debugging T
  13. With a cronograph in hand I've been checking this behavoir and its consistent. Every 6 seconds Windows freezes for some 1-2 seconds. This makes using the computer a nightmare. It started to happen last week. I inspected the system thoroughly, uninstalled non-essential apps, cleaned up the registry and nothing would stop this behaviour. My Windows installation was almost a year old so I decided to go for a fresh install. For a couple of days everything went fine, but today it's happening again. It sounds like something is coming from the internet, but every virus scan I run (Avast installed but
  14. Nevermind guys. I just tried and installed the patch today and checked if the system would boot and now it does. Why? A total mystery. Thanks for your help.
  15. It stops booting before I see the Windows logo with the blue progress bar. The screen goes blank and nothing happens. I have no clue what SR means. EDIT: Oh, sorry, you mean System Restore, right? Well I started in safe mode and followed Windows help on the subject. Uninstalling that one component alone was done in safe mode too. The server service is running to provide shared printers and folders. I don't want to stop it because every now and then some friends come home with their laptops and I want them to be able to connect to my computer. From what I know, the service has been running alw
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