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  1. Hope you weren't asking for a warez version?!?! Here's a link to the Exchange Server 2003 180-day trial: http://www.microsoft.com/exchange/evaluation/trial/2003.mspx
  2. Ofcourse... why didn't I think of that... Thanks a heap.
  3. I have a rather annoying problem that I need to fix. Basically, I've added WPI to RunOnceEx along with my Cleanup script. When WPI runs, it adds the programs it's installing and then executes this. This action also executes my Cleanup script. My cleanup script also adds entries for the next boot. As you can see, my cleanup script is executed after the first lot of programs is executed and then the second boot cleanup script is executed after the second lot of programs is executed. This means my registry edits and folder deletion (that are meant to occur on second boot) and happening on first boot causing all sorts of problems. Has anyone else encountered this problem or have a way to fix it?
  4. Just another question, is it possible to store the drivers, uncompressed, on the CD and have them installed from there? I guess I'd have to use a modified Method 2 correct? Edit: NVM. After reading Pyron's post, it's all clear now.
  5. @godan: The problem is when you have to validate your Windows to download something. It's the same thing as the Windows Update update in RyanVM's update pack. Save's you having to download one thing so you can download another, more important thing. Basically, it comes down to saving time. It's easier to deploy the validation client to each computer than having to go to each computer and then go to Microsoft's website, download the validation client and run it. Expecially if you have to look after a lot of computers.
  6. I think he means the "Windows Genuine Advantage" validation that you need to go through before you can download and install some Microsoft downloads. I'm currently looking into that but am having some problems. As of yet, I do not know if it is possible to automatically have that done.
  7. OK. Kool. Well, our computers vary between 600Mhz and 2.1Ghz so I guess method 1 would still be the fastest for us. I'll get around to trying method 2 and see how it fairs against method 1.
  8. I use the I386 patching method of XPize uAE v1.2 but I have some files (like shell32.dll) that are updated using the "/integrate" option of some hotfixes. It appears that these files are not being patched because they are not cabbed once you use the "/integrate" option. Is there a way you can add support for uncabbed files as well? Or at least a list of all files that are modified so I can recab the ones that need to be cabbed to be patched? Thanking you in advance, RaveRod.
  9. Heya guys. Love the DriverPacks. I use all of them on my uADVD. I currently use Method 1 because space doesn't bother me but what I'm wondering is which is fastest to install? As I see it, Method 1's time is spent copying files to the hard drive during text-mode setup and Method 2's time is spent extracting all the drivers to the hard drive before GUI setup starts. Is that correct? If it is, isn't Method 1 fastest because it only has to copy files as opposed to extracting and copying files in Method 2? Thanks for the help guys.
  10. Heya. Don't really think these fit in the "Unattended" forum but I'm asking these questions so I can use them on a UXPCD. 1. Edit: NVM... nLite screwed up and didn't remove Windows Firewall. 2. I've integrated the hotfixes I need onto the CD but some I don't need due to the fact I've removed the files using nLite. Is it possible to remove these "non-needed" updates from the Windows Update website? Also, is it possible to automatically check the "Hide this update" box on the Windows Update website for updates such as the "Windows Media Connect" and "Windows Journal Viewer" updates? Thanks for any help guys/gals.
  11. The one gripe I have with NFS:U2 is the lack of a FREE RUN MODE in MULTIPLAYER! I'd love to race around a city looking for other people on the server and then give them an outrun. Hell, you can have a clan that joins a game, meets a certain place (like the petrol station for example) and then everyone goes off to their favorite place to race. I mean come on... You have free run in single... why not multi? Or at least the FULL MAP when you do a multi-player outrun.
  12. Just so people know (as some crappy forums have banned me for this). The link i gave above gives me credit for letting people know. Now, I see nothing wrong with doing this but some stuck up moderators at other forums do (even though there is NOTHING in their forum rules about referrals). If you don't want to give me credit for the link, click on this one instead: http://www.eaplay.com/australia/promotions/launchpromotion/
  13. Only one major flaw I've found with this method.... As the *.cat files aren't installed, the file are NOT PROTECTED by WFP.... Meaning I can freely replace ANY file that this pack updates and Windows will happily accept the new file.... This leaves you open to hackers, viruses and spyware.... I'll stick with the method RyanVM uses... Tried and true.
  14. .cat files contain information/hashes/signatures for the files that the update updates. The reason you add the .cat files to [ProductCatalogsToInstall] is so that the .cat files are registered and so Windows doesn't complain about files being modified/hacked.
  15. How are you trying to install it? You need to do a complete reinstall to use the betas. You must restart the computer and boot off the CD. You cannot install the Windows XP x64 Beta from WITHIN Windows itself, you must boot off the CD.
  16. EA Games in the South Pacific are giving away $35 000 worth of prizes to people who register and enter the draw. There are some nice prizes in this competition. To register and enter the draw following this link: http://www.eaplay.com/australia/promotions.../?entry_id=3905
  17. I'm having the same problem as "dlevens". It seems to be a problem between KB885835 and KB885250. They both update the "mrxsmb.sys" file. Funnily enough, the KB885250 has the latest version (contrary to the common belief that the higher the KB number, the more recent the update is). I'm still yet to figure this problem out though.
  18. Well, I've decided on the 9600 Pro but I still can't find anywhere nearby that sells the 128MB version.
  19. Yeah, I wasn't that interested in the Jetway ones (heard some bad things from people). I'm fine with shopping around but what I'm trying to get at is that I don't know which card is better than which. I mean it's obvious that a nVidia FX5500 is worse than an FX5700 but what about the LE and VE markings... And is a nVidia FX5700LE 256MB better than an ATI Radeon 9600 Pro 256MB?
  20. Heya guys. I'm in the market for a new (cheap) graphics card. I've found the following cards for under $200AU but I have NO IDEA which one to get. Maybe one you kind souls can help me out? $150 - ASL GF FX5700VE 256MB $158 - Jetway FX5500 256MB $175 - ALBATRON nVidia FX5700LE 256MB $139 - ALASTOR nVidia FX5700LE 128MB $159 - Radeon 9550 256MB $131 - Ares ATI 9550 256MB $199 - GeCube ATI Radeon 9600 Pro 256MB $144 - ASUS ATI Radeon 9600 SE 128MB I'm personally partial to the ASL or Albatron FX5700's but I don't know that much about graphics cards.
  21. Bah... with the new Nero v6.6.0.8 it plain refuses to burn above 16x... even when higher speeds are selected. At least the maximise problem I had with v6.6.0.6 is fixes...
  22. Heya guys. I'm pretty sure this goes here as it is hardware related. I own an MSI DR8-A DVD burner. I'm also using Nero v6.6.0.6 to burn my CD's and DVD's. Everything was fine until I upgraded my Pentium 3 and motherboard to a brand new Athlon 64 2800+ and Abit KV8-Pro combination. Now, Nero will not burn CD's any quicker than 16x UNLESS I run the "Determine Maximum Speed" test before I burn EACH AND EVERY CD. I don't see how a new CPU and motherboard could effect such things. All my other programs (Alcohol, UltraISO (which uses the Nero engine funnily enough)) all burn at 40x without problems. I've tried re-installing Nero and even installing an older version. Hell, today I even reinstalled Windows (fresh install) and it didn't fix my problem. It even verifies the CD at normal speed. Has anyone had any similar problems?
  23. My website is 99% evil.... RaveRod is 20% evil, 80% good. My birth name is 1% evil, 99% good. My old high school site is only 15% evil... I could swear it should be more evil than that.
  24. I'm kind of curious why http://www.mufftorrent.com only displays this: Site is currently in Maintenance mode. This is a temporary outage while we backup our SQL server, it will only last a few moments. Please check back then. Thank you I reckon it was all a scam to begin with. Was a nice site... I am sad to see it go.
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