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  1. Hey ... maybe this is the right place for my problem. I hope to get an answer here because I can't use my PDA properly. What's the matter? I've got a PDA with OS Windows Mobile 2003 SE (Second Edition ). On my PC there is Outlook 2003 installed with current patches. So far okay. The problems occur when I try to sync the data between my PDA and PC. When I put the PDA in the craddle ActiveSync 4.1 starts and beginns sync'ing the data. But only one way, that's the problem. Only the changes I made in the database on my PC are transfered to my PDA, not vice versa. Changes I made on my PDA, e.g. address details, are not transferred to my PC, instead an error message is displayed. And as long as the PDA is connected with ActiveSync my PC-Outlook database is locked for further changes, e.g. the "new"-buttons are greyed out. I have to cut the connection and re-start Outlook on my PC to be able to alter the data like calendar, adresses, etc. Does anyonw know what's the reason for this strange behaviour and how to get a working two-way sync?
  2. Hi honey.pot Very good work, indeed. But now there's Outpost v3.0.557.437 available. Can you provide the most current installer for this version, too? Or is it somehow possible to support newer versions of Outpost with the same installer? thx
  3. yes, indeed, you're absolutely right. that message there is already a month old, I saw it, too
  4. Thanks a lot for your hints! I tried it that way and yeah, they helped to solve my mentioned problems!
  5. With reference to scp2's first post in this thread I face similar problems, i.e. I've got an HighPoint 3xx RAID controller which doesn't get recognized correctly at all by the MassStorage Pack. Having integrated MassStorage Pack v5.07.3 it says "rhpt3xx" in textmode setup (not "ahpt3xx" like scp2 mentioned earlier) instead of the correct "hpt3xx". I cancel setup at this point because it's not worth risking a setup which most likely is going to fail at a later point. Question: is there any chance that those HPT drivers will get integrated well within my lifetime using that driverpacks or is this something like the "Unendliche Geschichte" from Michael Ende?
  6. Well, I've got the same problem, nobody has an answer? It's weird, it seems to be connected with that silent install because if you perform a normal installation there's no problem.
  7. Well ... I did some research and found that just re-compressing the cab file doesn't seem to be sufficient. Using Cabinets and Compressed Sources Does anyone know more about this? How can I re-compress an existing cab file not destroying the "internal structure" defined in the according msi? Thanks!
  8. Hi! I'd like to integrate my Adobe Acrobat 7.0.0 Professional into my unattended CD. No problems at all with doing it unattended, but there's another error which bothers me. The original file is "AcTR7EFG.exe" which extracts the setup files to the HDD, fine. This msi-setup package contains one big file namend Data1.cab with over 450 MB! Unfortunately this Data1.cab file isn't compressed at all. So I tried to compress it on my own and therefore extracted its contents into a seperate folder and and re-compressed it using the makecab command with the following directives: makecab /F Acro7.ddf Acro7.ddf contains the following: .OPTION EXPLICIT .Set ReservePerCabinetSize=6144 .Set DiskDirectoryTemplate= .Set Cabinet=on .Set Compress=on .Set CompressionType=MSZIP .Set CompressionMemory=21 .Set CompressionLevel=7 .Set CabinetNameTemplate=Data1.cab .Set MaxDiskSize=CDROM A3.tds A3.tds1 A3.tds4 A4.tds A4.tds1 [... the other files from the original cab] This works flawlessly and a new compressed Data1.cab is created, this time only 207 MB. And after running the setup.exe the installation process starts and everything is performed well until it comes to copying the files from the now compressed cab. Some files are copied but then setup routine displays an error message which says: This is weird because the desired file is definately within the cab file, i.e. not missing! Needless to say that I checked it several times. The error causes setup to cancel. Using the original uncompress cab works well. Is there any mistake I make when compressing the original cab or did I forget anything special? Btw using LZX compression is worthless, it would last hours to create the new cab. Thanks for ya help!
  9. Okay, sure. I think I'll tinker something for my needs then. Thx 4 ya answer.
  10. I'm in need of the txtsetup.oem files originally shipped with the mass storage drivers. Are those files available somewhere in here because they aren't included in the driver packs themselves?
  11. Try using the "NOT" parameter. IF NOT "%V%"="N" IF NOT "%V%"="Y" command or ... IF NOT "%V%"="N" IF NOT "%V%"="Y" ( commands ) or ... set /p Variable="Please press Y or N" if /I "%Variable%"=="Y" ( echo commands to perform when "y" has been pressed echo you can use more than one command echo just put them on several lines like in batch files ) ELSE IF "%Variable%"=="N "( echo commands to perform when "n" has been pressed echo hints from above apply here as well ) ELSE ( echo commands to perform when neither "n" nor "y" has been pressed ) Just adapt this to your own needs, of course. P.S.: In the first example the second command is just another if command. This way you can nest them as well. In the last one there are just new if else branches - according to one's own need.
  12. @evilvoice No problem! It doesn't make any difference for me which "if-method" u wanna use. I personally prefer clean coding and therefore I avoid gotos. They would complicate things quite much here since I use nested IFs. IF ERRORLEVEL 1 ( echo AKTION NICHT AUSGEFUEHRT, Ordner bereits vorhanden. echo 1 - Ordner "%LW_id%\%%d\%Ordner%" schon vorhanden gewesen. ) ELSE ( echo Aktion erfolgreich abgeschlossen, Ordner erstellt. echo 0 - Ordner "%LW_id%\%%d\%Ordner%" erstellt. IF "%Ordner%"=="Anwendungsdaten" ( echo. echo Zusatz: Kopieren der schon vorhandenen Anwendungsdaten an den neuen Platz ... xcopy "%UserProfile%\%Ordner%\*.*" "%LW_id%\%%d\%Ordner%\" /q /h /s /e /i /y /k xcopy "%UserProfile%\Lokale~1\%Ordner%\*.*" "%LW_id%\%%d\%Ordner%\" /q /h /s /e /i /y /k echo. ) ) Hhm, as you see it should work out well even with somehow more "complicated" stuff. Don't know what causes the trouble on your PC.
  13. And you could also try this ... the result is quite the same. *hehe* set /p Variable="Please press Y or N" if /I "%Variable%"=="Y" ( echo commands to perform when "y" has been pressed echo you can use more than one command echo just put them on several lines like in batch files ) ELSE ( echo commands to perform when "n" has been pressed echo hints from above apply here as well ) That way you avoid using GoTos and you can use as many commands as you like. But watch out not to use parentheses within the if-clause!

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