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  1. it does not, I'm trying each DP at a time to see if it might be some other driver.
  2. All sound cards under $250 have the same quality, it is the features of the card itself that make the difference in cost. 24-bit sound means very little, primarily because most sound samples are still 16-bit. ECS makes somewhat cheap boards but I've never seen a problem with them. The realtek card onboard should be just fine and I would also recommend the logitechs that someone posted before.
  3. This appears to be a driver bug, the only ones that work for me under 32bit are 81.94. OpenGL works fine with the buggy drivers, eg 77.xx - 81.xx. VEN_10DE&DEV_0045&SUBSYS_2996107D&REV_A1 The most recent non-beta ones on nVidia's website, 81.95, do not work as well. they are WHQL.
  4. card works with WDM_A37x.EXE from realtek's site. VEN_1022&DEV_746D&SUBSYS_746D10F1&REV_03 is what I grabbed from UnknownDevices; get_hwids.exe doesn't work on x64 and that's the only OS I have installed on there. DriverPack_Sound_A_V511.7z
  5. starforce is a real (expletive deleted). The best thing I can suggest is to use a utility that monitors installation processes to show you exactly what was installed. Similar to the sony spyware, starforce drivers cannot be easily uninstalled while the system is running. I believe it may patch the system call table in a similar manner. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/StarForce has some information on how to remove it.
  6. mjc

    error 0x8007002

    0x8007002 on windows startup means that it is having a problem verifying your windows license. http://www.tech-archive.net/Archive/WinXP/...8/msg15678.html has some information on that subject. you should be able to use safe mode without system restore in order to replace the necessary files. Mightymax.com does not seem to be a valid domain. instead it appears to be a domain squatter's site. I would not trust any diagnostic utilities from there.
  7. I'm kind of surprised that the Rollup wouldn't be able to determine a SMP ACPI machine (mine has two processors - it's not a dual-core or hyperthreaded.) But if a SMP status actually can't be determined, I certainly understand why a reg key/boot.ini wouldn't be made to all machines. Sure would be nice to make a note of it for us poor minority that are adversely impacted without the reg or boot.ini mod. It's an easy fix only if the information is readily available; it took a lot of digging to find this solution. I consider it a mistake to not provide any notice in this situation, even with only a small percentage of systems impacted. SMP is a small percentage, but it's certainly not an unexpected configuration. Windows 2000 can detect mroe than one CPU, but it sees it as two separate CPUs. There is further information in the ACPI table to determine physical vs. logical CPUs. Basically: Uniprocessor: One Physical, One Logical CPU. Multiprocessor: Two Physical, Two Logical CPUs. Multithreaded(HT): One Physical, Two Logical CPUs. Hyperthreading simply allows more than one thread to run on the same CPU at the same time. As you can see, an operating system and application must be specifically designed to take advantage of this layout. Thread A and Thread B must not utilize the same resources at the same time or they will be in contentention for the same resources the same way that they would be if it were only one physical CPU. Windows 2000 cannot use this additional information to make intelligent decisions as to where to place which threads and as such simply treats the second logical CPU as a physical one, thus degrading theoretical performance. http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/Techni...71_9706,00.html has a utility that may be useful for determining which state your CPU is in. AMD Power Monitor - This application is used to monitor the current frequency, voltage, utilization, and power savings of each core of each processor in a system. This application also has a system tray icon that can be used to view and select power schemes on the system. The system tray icon will show the average utilization of every core on the system. also, check out the driver: AMD Athlon™ 64 Processor Cool'n'Quiet Software for Windows ME and Windows 2000, Version - AMD Cool'n'Quiet! Technology allows the system to dynamically and automatically select the CPU speed, Voltage and Power combination that match the instantaneous user perfomance need. These changes can happen as often as 30 times per second. Note: This driver is for Desktop Athlon 64 systems only.
  8. WIndows 98's support for ACPI is very limited, and security updates will be up soon as Microsoft only publishes them for two years after entering the extended support phase. The hosts file is not the correct place to block sites, your firewall should handle that. Regardless, the most likely reason for the delay is not parsing the large hosts file, but attempting to contact some of the sites you have null-routed. As for the rest of the TCP suite, 98(SE)/ME handles incoming and outgoing data with far higher priority than is necessary, which is evident when transferring large files and attempting to, for example, move windows around.. I have yet to see anything other than the windows update service and root certificate update service attempt to contact microsoft or any other external site without explicitly telling it to do so. As for accessing the internet from DOS, you could install bartpe on your hard drive, it takes much less time to boot for me (when you have all the drivers integrated correctly, otherwise it can hang for a few moments during device detection) than xp does.
  9. you need a hot swap backplane for this, and you must first disable the drive using your RAID (real raid, eg, 3ware) controller's software. see Supermicro for such backplanes. Enclosures are not hot-swap backplanes. IDE is not designed to be removable while the machine is in use. His enclosures are most likely intended for easy swapping of drives when the machine is off. these enclosures usually sit in the 5.5" bays where optical drives are mounted and can be removed by turning a key and/or pulling on a lever. This can also cause damage to the IDE controller and possibly the rest of the motherboard.
  10. Remote Desktop uses much less bandwidth than VNC due to only having to send general information about open windows instead of having to send the whole screen. eg: draw button at X,Y with size of X,Y. draw window at X,Y with size X,Y. if it is slow ofr you, try turning the colors down to 16bit. XP and server 2003's implementation seems to send 32bit by default. Remote Desktop requires much lower *latency* than VNC to be useful, but this is largely due to the high-latency nature of VNC. eg, it's so busy sending full or mostly full copies of the screen, it's hard to notice the rest of the lag. If RealVNC is faster, then your server does not support the more advanced compression methods of ultra/tight, or you have them disabled in the client.
  11. Use whatever you want, but here's the obvious drawbacks to it: Multiprocessor support is nonexistent. Say goodbye to dual core or dual CPU. Support for large amounts of memory is nonexistent, and due to the way the 98/ME memory management works, most memory over 512MB is wasted when not running one large, memory intensive process. (tech. details: pagecache does not efficiently track used pages over 512MB) In fact, memory management in 95/98(SE)/ME is terrible in general. Support for modern hardware is nonexistent. Examples: ACPI (controls fans, cpu throttling, battery, screen controls, sound controls, multiprocessor tables, IRQ routing, and many other things in modern machines.) PCI-Express (not sure how well 98(SE)/ME functions on PCI express machines. curious. any reports?) Bluetooth (there are third party stacks available, I'm sure, though.) Deployment options are limited. Ghost, ghost, and more ghost. Coopeative multitasking is unsafe. (95/98(SE)/ME marketing incorrectly stated that it had Preemptive Multitasking, which is mostly untrue. 90% of what I've seen XP users call crashes or freezes are just the individual program locking up, and not the whole machine.) Complete lack of security updates and bugfixes. (I know that a lot of MSFN users have gotten around this but again, your choice, hey, all the more power to you to go your own way I spose) Large hard drive support is nonexistant. Windows 98 Cannot Create a FAT32 Partition Larger than 127.53GB. Viruses and spyware. many viruses and spyware apps have been indeed designed for windows xp, but a great deal of them rely only on functions that existed in 98(SE), for example, the windows script host, etc. The only two features I can think of that these 'applications' make use of that are not existent in 98(SE)/ME are file streams (NTFS feature) and NT services. What's worse, if you get a virus or spyware on XP and you are running as a limited user, as you should be, it will not be able to infect the entire machine. Poor network and TCP stack. A fast enough stream of packets can completely bog down the 98(SE)/ME TCP stack with handling the received data, even when doing so to a second or third hard drive. XP's multitasking and improved networking subsystem shows a clear lead in this regard. Caching. XP is much more efficient at utilizing memory to cache disk and network data. Free RAM is wasted RAM.
  12. My guess is that one is trying to load the other's windows folder. This can happen if the different installs handle the disk numbering in different ways. Suggestion? Install XP pro first and then XP x64, and you should be alright.
  13. mjc

    The New Ipod

    from my personal experience, having used Pocket PC, BlackBerry, Palm-based devices, etc, the BlackBerry is an e-mail device with other features built in. Blackberry bluetooth is crippled in all but the most expensive model, it only supports bluetooth headsets and not data transfer. ridiculous limitation (which is in fact only a software limitation, and thus, is most likely intentional). Email support is terrible. Try reading five thousand emails on it. Both palm and PocketPC devices make this a breeze. menu access is clunky, the scroll wheel takes a lot of thumb motion to access large menus. You cannot multitask on a blackberry. start typing an email and want to switch to the note function? exit your email, save it, go back to the main menu, go to notes, read your note, exit the notes, go to main menu, open your email draft, continue. if you'd like more information, I can write up a formal review. I'd recommend Pocket PC phones, if you must have a phone built in, or palm-based devices if you just want an organizer.
  14. That IP address is not correct. is the correct address. If, when you ping www.archarrow.org.uk from inside the network, you receive, then here is what may be the case: #1 you are receiving the internal IP address of your web server. #1a. your web server does not have your web server software configured on port 80. #2 you are receiving the IP address of some other computer. #2a. you must fix your DNS server to report the correct address. the exact procedure for this depends on what exacty is wrong with it. #3 you have specified in the hosts file (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts) of the machine from which you are pinging. This is unlikely.
  15. it didn't want to start correctly for me, further investigation turned up code that had been obsoleted in java 1.4. dr. strangesearch seems to work and that vbs script might also do the trick.
  16. A quick freshmeat turned up several apps: mp3Spider (Java, but very old and apparently nonfunctional) FemFind (Linux/Unix backend, Windows Frontend) Seek42 (Linux/Unix) Fast File Search (Linux/Unix) SMBSpider (Linux/Unix) PySMBSearch (Linux/Unix, web frontend) UntzUntz (Linux/Unix, web frontend) and a windows one, recommendd by seek42: Dr. StrangeSearch heh. heh. hehehe. I'm trying a few out for the heck of it.
  17. not sure if any other clients support it, but tightvnc has an interesting compression algorithm.
  18. Sony has also been known to limit the sound quality of mp3 files in their portable music players in order to promote their ATRAC3 file format, as well as using their proprietary and expensive to license Memory Stick and UMD Technologies.
  19. Below is the soundmax driver for my Gateway 3550GZ. 3550GZ SoundMax When I added these drivers to G\8 and G\9 and recompressed sound B it worked fine =)
  20. I will do a little testing to see if this works, but here's the jist of what would happen if it does not work: if the LBA is only recognized as 32 bits by a certain piece of software, and you create a partition table and partition that reflects this, you will not be able to create more than 137GB of partitions. If you create the partitions witih a utility that does recognize 48-bit LBA, one of two things can happen to a ppiece of software that only recognizes 32-bit LBA. Either: * It will integer overflow when attempting to access >137GB (on boot, when detecting partitions and such) and thus crash or refuse to boot * or, it will ignore the value in the partition table as invalid and proceed to do its own detection, likely overwriting data when it incorrectly detects the partition start and end values. eg, if it does not support it, it probably won't work the way you are hoping and most likely will ruin data. I'd suggest running this aging OS in VMware if you need it. anyways, I'm off to test this for you =) Edit: No, windows 98SE and its updates do not officially support 48 bit LBA. details: With a properly partitioned drive (48-bit aware tool, acronis disk director 9): * Installation successful. BSOD on start.
  21. 6.0.1 is being worked on, not too much changed, except it seems to want to run qt setup regardless if it is a valid version or not.Delay is being caused by gale force 10 out here (50 Knots+ wind) causing us a wee bit of problems, and putting iTunes on a lower priority than ensuring that $15 million worth of fragile in-water gear doesn't get destroyed I know how that goes, worked on ships since I was little. If you'd like hosting or a bittorrent tracker I would be glad to oblige, send me a pm.
  22. Do what the message says. buy the full version. And for future reference, don't run a production system on an evaluation copy of software. Doing stuff like that might (and probably should) get you fired.
  23. qemu is indeed the best free one. If you happen to have a Mac around, give Project Q a shot. http://www.kberg.ch/q/
  24. there is the ability within Visual Studio to generate native programs via a creation time switch.
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