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  1. Thanks for the link to that app, looked promising at the beginning however it only monitors what appear to be built in Windows services only. It won't query the proprietary services I really need it for. Unless there's some custom settings I can do??
  2. Some proprietary services which run on 3 of our Point of Sale Servers.
  3. I'm not a script genius and no I haven't tried that. I just figured there had to be some app out there that can do it... hmm, something to consider though. Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. Hey there folks - I'm in need of some preferably free software which will monitor my server's running services and alert me via email when an "Automatic" service stops. I've tried The Dude and GFI Network Server Monitor and neither seem to do what I'd like. I've searched the forum and Google and have come up with a whole bunch of nothing! If anyone has any suggestions I'd be very grateful! FYI - Server 2000/2003 environment. Thanks!
  5. Restrict access to the shares across the network using NTFS.
  6. Or Google! I generally use netstat -o or Wireshark sniffer.
  7. DU Meter is what I use. It shows daily/weekly/monthly/yearly UL/DL stats.
  8. Sup MSFN... my company is looking for a TV, most likely plasma, that will be used for 24/7 advertisement. We're looking for 4 of them, 50 inch or larger preferably. The most important thing to us is reliability and no burn in. These screens will be used to show primarily text based video on certain templates displaying group information, times of events, ect. Not to much pure video. I've heard rumors of a TV that will literally 'jump pixels' within a grid of 4 pixels in a 'circular' motion, providing longer life for 24/7 use. Think of it like this...... :: ......Millions of these grids, very tightly close to each other trading off the responsibility of displaying information on the screen... going from top left, to top right, to bottom right, to bottom left... all grids at the at the same time netting no real change to the viewer. Therefore reducing the time that any certain pixel has to display information and in theory dramatically increasing the life of the screen without burn in. Am I out of my mind?? I know I've heard of this. We're looking for an 'industrial' long term solution for providing high quality video advertisements which will be displayed 24/7. Any suggestions are welcome. PLEASE!! Thanks brethren. -Ringfinger
  9. Hahaha... nice one Zxian... made me laugh
  10. Well then... Welcome To MSFN!
  11. Indeed... clean out all the crap you don't need/want, be sure to keep your temp files cleared, clean up adware/malware/virri and most of all upgrade your RAM to more than 256mb! Most people now days have AT LEAST 512mb if not more... I prefer 2GB myself
  12. Just because a user is not logged on with admin rights doesn't mean that spyware/adware wont install itself due to a ID10T download. Some of these wares prefer not to require admin rights for this exact purpose. As previous posted have stated, be smart with what you download and have all your antivirus and spyware software up to date! Be smart people!
  13. Have you tried modifying the script to map to the IP and share name? As nitroshift said its possibly a DNS issue. Be sure your shares and DNS info are correct to begin troubleshooting.
  14. I have a user who needs the ability to edit and save the phone number information for users within our network. He does not and can not have Domain Admin level access. Is there a way to allow him to open AD Users & Computers and be able to edit and save the phone number information? Windows 2000 DCs.
  15. Indeed... we'd get a spot on Heroes for sure!
  16. Are your emails accounts clean? Do you have multiple accounts setup?
  17. Thats an interesting one there.. 170 rules!! Good God Man!! While reading through you're post one thing came to mind although you've probably already thought about it. How about cached exchange most from your server? Are you running in cached mode (or were you, since you've now switched).. also possible .ost corruption?
  18. I've seen this before when Windows is trying to connect to a mapped drive which has been disconnected. Windows doesn't like that to much .... Do you have any mapped drives what so ever? Defragged lately?
  19. ComputerMan... you're most definitely not alone... this has happened my whole life and continues to happen to me a lot. Quite rarely and random indeed. Are we 'special' ?
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