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  1. ntpasswd... screw everything else. Boot to it, reset the admin account.. done.
  2. The best programs I've ever used.... wow... bringin me back here... Since I'm an insane music freak... I'd most definitely have to say the best program for continuously managing/editing/tweaking and organizing music is Winamp. I've used it since way back and I know others will contradict me saying other s*** is better... but ya know what... I love my Winamp.. all the viz's and playlists... I love it!!!!!!!! I also love Firefox and all the plug-ins for it... The worst program.... I'd have to agree with computerMan and say Novell, even though its an OS and not just a simple 'program'. I also hate MACs!!! Give me Unix or XP any day... <<< ya I know.. shuttup. Gotta know both these days....
  3. ****.. and I just got the original... now I have to download a 1.78GB file?!?!?
  4. Kind of trivial retarded questions... but do you have the right kind of connection to your LCD/monitor from your vid card? Are you sure you have enough power for all your components? Have the vid card in the right slot? Do you have on board video you could try with VGA?
  5. Exactly what data are you concerned about losing? Everything that you're concerned about losing... back it up either on another partition or external drive. Format everything on your system drive and start form scratch.
  6. I'd also have to suggest NTFS/Domain permissions on the files which were created/changed. Check the rights. What exact files/dirs are you talking about?
  7. it appears I was just to impatient. When I first enabled Offline Files I only set it to sync when logging off. So the first time I logged off I didn't wait long enough before undocking and testing offline. So the reason why I only showed half the files is because only half actually downloaded and synced before I brought it off the network. I deleted all the offline files, selected to Sync during Log On and Log off and that did it.
  8. It's not a file size issue, his whole Desktop is only 1GB and the default % for offline files is just over 2GB.
  9. I'm having an issue with offline files with the GM & SVP of my property, needless to say I'm desperate for an answer! Our users have a desktop which is housed on our main fileserver, therefor when they unplug they lose their personally created files and folders. This isn't flying with the big boss so I enabled Offline Files. However for some reason it only brings down about half of the files and folders on his desktop! I don't know what the issue is... he has about 96 combined files and folders on the network desktop taking up about 1GB. I had him log off (on the network) and then log back in (off the network) and only half of his files were there. I've found a few tools like SyncToy and cachemov by searching the forum, but I want something automated and bullet proof. Any ideas why it would only be syncing half his desktop?? Thanks MSFN
  10. Wow! That was so much fun..... make it seem so realistic............ Thanks for the tip!
  11. ringfinger

    UT3 Site

    Wow... another great one to add to the collection... can't wait for it to come out!
  12. What type of Cisco AP? If you have a Cisco infrastructure you could run a trunk to the AP, however I wouldn't recommend this if your running your 'admin' network and a guest network to an AP. Screw Cisco, buy Aruba!!!!!!!!!!! Cisco is only in the wireless market b/c they can afford to buy all the companies that actually invented the hardware/software.
  13. Good God man! Are you trying to contact the shuttle with that thing? Possibly search for ETs? With an antenna of that size, I don't think the medium really matters, as long as you have the correct power to it be it USB/PCMCIA and enough power for the antenna... who cares. Do what works for you.
  14. Cisco routers/edge switches? Portfast enabled?
  15. I second the Ook extension, works great! Thanks for that!
  16. I've never heard of this being possible either. I do have an idea though. What you could do is create mailboxes... and then only join certain individuals to those mailboxes and then add them to their Outlook. You could then send emails to only those certain individuals you'd like.
  17. How about the address book in Outlook? If you're in an exchange environment it should be linked to your server and pull up by last name.
  18. COpy the old .ost files. These store everything in your inbox and subfolders.
  19. NO. You're busted. The header of the email has already been created, sent and received. You're done.
  20. If in an Exchange environment, setup sharing for the calendar and allow yourself access.
  21. What kind of environment are you in? SMTP? POP? Exchange server in a domain environment?? If in a domain... is your Exchange server on your local LAN? Are there WAN issues? Enough speed for your network traffic?
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