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  1. hi, i've prepared my unattended cd for personal use: i haven't got a SATA HDD,i've got only a normal ATA133... now if i want to rent my cd to my friends they have a SATA...how can i include the driver? i've read http://greenmachine.msfnhosting.com/READING/addraid.htm but i don't know if all SATA driver work good of i must insert a specific driver for the SATA HDD... there are universal drivers they work for ALL SATA?or not...?if yes,someone could give me the link? thanks
  2. hi, can you implement installation sort order by number into categories?like this: category: PROGS application: NEROBURNING order: 2 category: PROGS application: ALCOHOL order: 1 category: OTHERS application: JAVASUN order: 4 category: PROGS application: WINRAR order: 3 category: OTHERS application: FLASH order: 5 now if i want to install by category(PROGS,OTHERS) then install in order (by order i wrote it): NERO ALCOHOL WINRAR then... JAVASUN FLASH if i want to install by category(PROGS,OTHERS) and sorted by order(of category) then install in order: ALCOHOL 1 NERO 2 WINRAR 3 then... JAVA 4 FLASH 5
  3. i've downloaded 3.3.5 but there is a problem with program's list... there are my programs but....after that,there are a big list of checkbox with "PROGRAM" too... why?
  4. i've downloaded: WindowsXP-KB834707-x86-ita.exe WindowsXP-KB873339-x86-ITA.exe WindowsXP-KB885626-v2-x86-ita.exe WindowsXP-KB885835-x86-ITA.exe WindowsXP-KB885836-x86-ITA.exe WindowsXP-KB886185-x86-ita.exe now i need some info about integrating those in my cd.... i know there's a different method from XP SP1...but i don't know how!.. can anyone help me?
  5. i0 need this swich. i've tried auto-it but it doesn't work
  6. and another problem: cmd1[pn]=['cdrom','install\\acdsee6\\acdsee606.msi REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS /QN'] in regedit it become: E:\\install\acdsee6\acdsee606.msi REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS /QN] E:\\ isn't correct...
  7. if i dont want to add categories in my software list but i want to short programs in alphabetical order, can i?
  8. it works but...file size is bigger than original mp10setup.exe of 1mb. i'd like to shrink the file...to a small size....
  9. i don't understand one thing: if i want to install WMP10, must i install before WMC or not?another thing: what's WMC?
  10. ok but....when disappear,i go to windows media player folder,run it but...nothing.....only 9series
  11. in taskman, wm_setup.exe don't run...only extraction
  12. i dont know why but...now it work: 9.48mb but when i double-click on it...an extraction window appear....and nothing else....i try to run wmp but series 9 there is!!!!
  13. replacement of double backslashes when using cmd[pn]=['cdrom','...'] the problem is stay....another fix!?!?
  14. i've follow the guide.... all is ok...but final size are different and the install don't work propertly
  15. i got a file of 4.7mb.... (italian version)...is it correct or not?

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