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  1. how can i unattended install office2003 with frontpage2003 in a 700mb cd?is possible?
  2. is normal C:\INSTALL\BOOT\system32 have only 2 files? NTDLL.DLL and SMSS.EXE? :/
  3. for install application in this xp cd (reduced filesize) can i follow this guide or not?: http://www.MSFN.org/unattended/xp/batch_commands.htm !!!!where must i put the folder's program?in $OEM$, in BOOT or in I386 folder?thanks
  4. ok but...how can i create an auto-install script of some programs?and where must i put they?
  5. is there a great guide for using greenmachine's script?must i put XP cd in d: drive, or Xp with SP1 in d: drive?can you help me please?
  6. how to install unattended language pack?
  7. why my nav2004 folder is 75mb? what can i delete?
  8. can i delete this directory: MANUAL/ACROBAT ....in norton 2004 folder?for get some free space....
  9. ok...winnt.sif in I386..... but.....winnt.bat???
  10. must i put winnt.sif in I386 folder? and winnt.bat????where???
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