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  1. For the time being i would be inclined to remove both of those other sections as they may be interfering with the [GuiUnattended] section. This does work and you have correct settings in there, i think you need to find out why it dosn't work instead of trying to get around it with the other two sections. I know this may sound strange but just check that you havent got any trailing spaces on the end of each line, especially the OemSkipWelcome=1 bit. Also can you post your complete winnt.sif file.
  2. The textmode folder is autmaticaly copied over to the hard disk during install. However that doc is wrong the actual path should be \$OEM$\Textmode in windows 2000 and xp, for NT it is correct.
  3. Your missing the command=0= [GuiRunOnce] Command0="%systemdrive%\install\main_batch.cmd" I have never used more than one command here so i am only guessing that the the next lines should be command1 and command2.
  4. Hi, Try This guide it works for me and isnt hard to do.....
  5. Just a small point, Removing bootfix.bin will cause the cd to boot everytime providing that the option is set in the bios to boot from cd. This of course will cause your install to halt if you fail to pull the cd out after the first reboot. I know you have all said that before but ... If you are installing on an unformated drive and using a modern bios you dont need to set the bios to boot from the cd, it should do this on its own as it fails to find any valid hard drives. In this case the first reboot will continue on the hard disk as it is now partitioned and formated.
  6. Hey Nephilim, I am sorry you feel like that. And you are correct, I am not part of your development. I am however part of the development of a utility I started after a reply you gave in this thread earlier on, where you stated that not much work or no work at all will be done to your utility and then helped my decision by posting this week The ideas you and Budster had were great but for me they don't go far enough, I want a tool that I can customize to a greater extent and have decided to create my own. You can see an outline of the possibilities in this thread .Out of respect there has been no official announcement because I wanted to wait until I had spoken with you about the similarities between the two projects and to see where you went with yours, I see now that my respect was probably misplaced. My post here Simply means that this project is not dead yet and better things are to come.and this post Means even though you are finished with the project I am not.One should try hard not to be offended in a forum especially an international one where things can be easily miss-understood. However please don't miss-understand this post as it is obvious I am p***ed.
  7. He maybe, but i am not, i need to talk with him before i go on.
  8. The following works for me. HKLM,%RunOnce%setup,"Advanced Networking Pack",0, "%systemdrive%\\install\\system\\Recomended\\KB817778.exe -q -n -z" I have this in a .inf file and run it once the desktop has started and it installs fine.
  9. Give us some time guys, were not done yet.
  10. I am planning on making a new installer that runs after the desktop has started, It is going to be in-depth and will require a semi complicated config file. Below is a sample of the structure of the intended config file, I have only just created this and its in its early stages - I still have to figure out how to parse this yet. Please give me your opinions on the structure. The key. Programs consist of - Program name program location and switches Does it requires a reboot after it. yes/no Is it dependant on the item or parent above it, 0=no 1= yes Registry items - Add = add a reg key Del = delete a reg key File = import a reg file with \s Does it requires a reboot after it. yes/no Is it dependant on the item or parent above it, 0=no 1= yes submenu items should it have a submenu with a title or just appear indented from the program above 0 = indent, 1 = title I intend adding a few more switches to the end of each line so that authors can add multiple defaults for things like "HomePC", "Laptop", "server" and so forth. The more I type the more I think off, anyway please tell me what you think. [OPTIONS] MenuItem = "Applications" program = "ALL Seeing Eye" , "%systemroot\install\ase.exe Q:A /R:N",no,0 submenu = 1,"Adobe" program = "Acrobat" , "%systemroot\install\Acrobat.exe -r -t" , no , 0 program = "Photoshop" , "%systemroot\install\photoshop.exe -s -t" , no , 0 submenu = 0 Registry = file , "%systemroot\install\import.reg" , no , 1 program = "PS Addon" , "%systemroot\install\psaddon.exe -s -t" , no , 0 submenu = 1,"filters" program = "CoolShades" , "%systemroot\install\coolshades.exe -s -t" , no , 0 program = "Mirrors" , "%systemroot\install\mirrors.exe -s -t" , no , 0 registry = add , "Mirror Serial No" , "HKCU\whatever" , no , 1 registry = del , "Mirror Warning" , "-HKCU\whatever" , no , 1 \submenu \submenu Program = "ImageReady" , "%systemroot\install\photoshop.exe -s -t" , no , 0 \submenu program = "MSN Messenger 6" , "%systemroot\install\MSN6.exe Q:A /R:N" , no , 0 submenu 0 program = "MSN Plus" , "%systemroot\install\MSN_PLUS.exe Q:A /R:N" , no , 0 \submenu \menuitem menuitem = "XP Programs" program = "DirectX 9" , "%systemroot\install\DX9.exe Q:A /R:N" , yes , 0 program = "Windows Media Player9" , "%systemroot\install\wmp9.exe Q:A /R:N" , no , 0 submenu = 0 program "WMP9 Hotfix" , "%systemroot\install\Q123546.exe Q:A /R:N" , no , 1 \submenu \menuitem
  11. I think it just prevents setup from throwing one. As in, he is just explaining how he made the file in this topic and the wfp cab topic.
  12. Method one would be the best - But as i said in the other thread Windows Update Must be aware of them. I don't mind the hotfix checking tools failing but not WU.
  13. Does all this take into account the hotfix rollup that is forthcoming? I would take any method that cuts out the 13 min stage But windows update has to be able to recognise they are there...Can you imagine the fone calls
  14. I read through that when you first posted this, but it dosn't answer my questions. I have tried this twice now - both times it worked but both times it terminated the batch file it was running from - ending cmdlines.txt process. I think it needs to be set in its own cmd file and then called from the install.cmd that is run from cmdlines.txt, hopefully this will allow the continuation of the install.cmd. if not then it should be placed at the end of the process. I havent tried it without the load/unload bit yet nor have i tried the reg /s import method - i'll get to it today.
  15. Like This ? 817778 is not ment to be added during the cmdlines section - it gives problems. I do this with an inf file after the destop has started - but it may be possible to do it during guirunonce.
  16. This has allready been done - look back in this forum and you should find a uxtheme.dl_ that xp setup likes. Look Here
  17. You don't need any s/w installed for ntl home BB, unless you have a cable modem or a usb2ethernet adaptor that xp doesn't recognise and then you only need the drivers. All the rubbish that the ntl disk installs is just that - Rubbish. When I configure a pc I can install xp then plug in the Ethernet cable and away it goes.
  18. Ok i tried the load/unload way and it worked - However it did stop the install.cmd from running directly after the reg unload bit. I am going to try it without the load/unload now. If anyone else has tried this, does your menus tick? Where is that setup?
  19. There is something i don't quite understand about this. If you are using cmdlines.txt and at that point it is using ntuser.dat as the default user and you can use a reg /s qb.reg to import the exampe given why in the other method do we have to load ntuser.dat into the tempoary hive before we do the reg /add Surly if its using ntuser.dat then we could just do a reg /add without loading and unloading. If thats not the case and we do have to load/unload I can't see how importing a reg file could apply the tweak, as the part of the hive it is ment to adjust has not been loaded. Anyone
  20. Some Usefull articles about run & runonce. A Definition of the Run Keys in the Windows XP Registry INFO: Run, RunOnce, RunServices, RunServicesOnce and Startup How to Set the NUM LOCK State at Logon in Windows XP My Ref
  21. Using vpc you dont even have to mount the .iso, you can just capture an image - Im sure vm can do the same.

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