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  1. Guys I'm trying to make a cd with 3 diferent versions of windows, but Im unable to find information about the boots, I looked at a software called easyboot, the menu is done, but i have to specify a diferent boot image for each windows that will be in WinXP\Instalation1\ WinXP\Instalation2\ WinXP\Instalarion3\ does anyone knows how to make this possible, I mean making or editing a boot image so that it runs the setup of any of this folders?? PS: Disc space is not the problem, it will all be stored at DVD Disc
  2. Hum... now I understand I thought that $OEM$ should be placed in the i386 directory.. that was really a great help thks... []s
  3. Let me ask you one thing. when U say: %systemdrive%\Install\main_batch.cmd In what folder of the cd do you put the batch? I can't to understand where does %systemdrive%\Install\ is actually... Hope for reply.. tnks
  4. I'm not been lazy, actually I've already found answears to some of my questions in the forum since celzius reply to me.. anyway.. thanks
  5. I've been browsing the forum, but I have a problem, I can't find where do I specify the commands for making a silent install of the programs, or where do I put the batch files...
  6. Allright guys... heres the situation I've just found this forum and I think U can be very usefull to me, I've already managed do make a unattended Install to Windows XP with the Microsoft Tool, the one that I can remember the name right now But I really wanna learn how to make silent installs to a several number of programs, like, where to put a batch file that runs and do the things and how to even make him run... the programs I wanna install are: Office2003 MotherBoard Monitor Nero 6.0 MSN Messenger Incredimail Macromedia DreamWeaver Windows Media Player 9 Nvidia Nforce Drivers ATI Display & Control panel can U help me With this???
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