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  1. SP2 RTM (2180) software incompatibilities

    Found Macromedia Flash MX 2004 crashing when compiling a SWF file. Has anyone else had this problem?
  2. thanx gamehead200 , its only a testing machine im usin anyway.
  3. Nope thats the thing we are all wating on an't it.
  4. @j4ever: Maybe your right mate accordin to bink it was rtm'd on wed night Check HERE...
  5. i can say i have this build and i think its not the final one. the bootscreen is still just windows xp (no professional or home edition mentioned) also heres a screenie
  6. The count-down to SP2

    @peter o: Not everyone has broadband though and will apreciate to be able to order the cd version
  7. The count-down to SP2

    Windows xp sp2 can b ordered HERE on CD
  8. Hey What about prince of Persia 2?

    It's been penciled in for a release date of 12th november
  9. The count-down to SP2

    @wyattXP: I know its not out yet & i know its on the frontpage, just sayin cuz paul's site is a good source for info bud and is accruite 99% of the time. anyway happy downloadin when its avalible troops..
  10. The count-down to SP2

    According to Paul Thrrott the RTM build of xpsp2 is 2180 is that true lads???
  11. Registry editing has been disabled by your....

    not a problem mate
  12. Thief: Deadly Shadows

    sorry for a waste of space guys but got it fixed after installing a 3rd sound card it went no probs
  13. Time on PC

    between 6to8 hrs prob doin flash work and playin games
  14. Registry editing has been disabled by your....

    goto run type gpedit.msc that will access the group policy, expand the user configuration - administrative templates folder in there theres a folder called system click on that and set the prevent access to the registry editing tools to not configured or disabled hope that helps ya mate mind do this from an administrator account