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  1. but arconis is a trial version, is that ok? will it expire my image or anything after the trial is over? So your saying i cant use partition magic? what other programs do this?
  2. is it possible to make a recovery partition and recovery cd for my pc with partition magic, my laptop came with a recovery cd, and when i put it in it said partition magic so i was wondering if i could make one for my other old desktop pc?
  3. ya i have a C: drive with 120GB and a D: drive with 30GB
  4. my HP has Softthinks software on it for recovery and i want that software so i can make recovery stuff for my other old pcs my question is can i extract the software from the pc or no?
  5. ok i t worked thanks ripken i was just wondering for the future if i wanted to make one drive again(just a C: , thats 152GB) how would i do it?
  6. @ripken if i delete the 22gb partition and the 8 MB(not GB) partition will i still be able to create a 30 GB partition?
  7. but if i merge partitions wont it just make a folder in the (letter:\) (example merge F: with C: and it will make a folder called Local Disk(F:) in the C: partition) i dont want that.. so ur saying if i resize the 152GB to 140 it will become 140GB or 30GB im kinda confused, and im just making sure of what i do because i dont want to end up screwing something up
  8. ok so what do i click on in partition magic? if someone could give me some instructions because im scared of doing things with my HD as i have bought over 3 HD's from doing things to them i have a C: thats 152GB and a new F: drive that i made with unallocated space thats only 7.84MB i want to make the F; bigger, to say about 30GB
  9. ok if i cant get my 8 gigs back how do i make the small partition i made thats( 7.84 MB) bigger to say 30 gigs?
  10. ok i have a 160GB harddrive and in my computer it only shows 152. Where are the 8 GB's gone? second, in partition magic it showed 8MB unallocated so i created that, it became Local Disk(F:), i want to make it 30GB's after i get my 8 GBs back how do i do this?
  11. i have windows xp professional with sp2 and its running fine. I dont see any problems or anything, but iill try running virus and spyware/adware scans and tell u guys how it goes
  12. i tried that nothing shows up
  13. this is very simple, i have NO system 32 directory in C:\WINDOWS. whats going on?
  14. ok one problem with this bootskin thing.......i want to ADD a pic to the original bootscreen this programs tellin me to make a new one? and even when i tryed getting the original bootskin file from ntkrnpa.exe from system32, i found out i dont even have a system 32? now what?
  15. does anyone know how i can delete the top left hand corner logo? if its possible?
  16. how do i add a picture to my boot screen(its the original one, not altered in any way) i want to add a intel pentium 4 picture if its possible
  17. dont want to and cant yea its the VLK haha i didnt know if i was allowed to say that on the forum
  18. you cant tell it not to validate anymore u HAVE to validate but i dont want to validate it...so do i just download it then? if so from where?
  19. i did i cant find anything? maybe u can guide me to the right post then?

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