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  1. oh well that sucks thanks anyway, looks like ill have to buy a new remote then
  2. i bought a dvd remote for my ps2(the sony brand) and it didnt come with an IR reciever(if thats what its called) to plug into the ps2. I asked the guy at future shop and he said that the new ones dont come with one. When i try to use it, it doesnt control the ps2. What should i do?
  3. yes it does sayEN in it. How long am i supposed to run it for appoximatly? i only ran it for about 15 mins. And for the 15 mins it worked fine, but it was hard to get it run becuase i had to decypher what everything said kind of to get into the knoppix itself.
  4. ok well knoppix is done downloading so im going to burn it to a disc and see what happens. As for the ram ill get back to u on that one when i open my computer to check. EDIT: ok i ran knoppix and it booted a linux OS and stuff. Is that supposed to happen? And its all in german or something. but it did run succesfully?
  5. ok im downloading knoppix as i write this, it takes around 11hrs to download this?. Is that correct or am i getting it from the wrong place. And i did buy an extra stick of ram, and when i told my friend that i bought it he said that they have to be the same speeds or you will run into problems. Could that be the problem.? 1-256mb 1-512mb ----how do i figure out what speeds they are?(if that is the problem)
  6. Well how do i figure out what piece of hardware it is? Is it my power supply? ok my computer restarted and i got this stop code: 0x0000008E(0xC0000005,0x80574F74,0xEE58BB4,0x00000000)
  7. ok i did that. Why do i get so many system failures now? I didnt get them this often until now..
  8. whoa!, ok this time it randomly restarted i saw a blue dos window wit grey writing on it(kinda like one of those messeages u get that say fatal error) for about a point second, then when the computer restarted it gave me 2 messages saying: This system has recovered from a serious error. and LSIA or something management(not sure what the second one exactly said because it went away afer 2 seconds)
  9. ok, i have a 160GB Western Digital harddrive and i still get high CPU usages when i burn DVDs.
  10. ok i updated my driver from intel.com and i check the resolution settings, i only i have: 800x600 and another one, but im not sure what it is because im not my HP computer, im on my laptop. @zxian - it says plug and play moniter
  11. when i search for knoppix on google it brings up stuff about linux knoppix. When i click on download it takes me to an ftp site with a bunch of different files, what one do i download?
  12. ok ill try it after, i have to go out right now, thanks. I'll let you know how it goes.
  13. no there is a black strip, and i dunno how to change the resolution to 840x 480. This is so confusing
  14. i just connected the LCD tv to my computer with a VGA Cable, and it works but the resolutions all messed up. I have the preinstalled Video driver that came with my computer(intel graphics)
  15. uh, i dont have a screen one and screen 2. Does it still work if i don't?
  16. how do i change it to widescreen:S?
  17. uh, i dont know what kind of motherboard i have. the bios is award bios though? hope that helps.
  18. i didn't download any drivers. My Computer came with the latest driver for my video card. But if i did download it, i wouldnt download it from the intel site.
  19. but my i already have the latest version
  20. my refresh rate is at 60. but there isnt any advanced options
  21. @ripken i have a SONY VAIO PCV-RS100(if u want the specs) @wolf_demon, when i go to the sony support site they only have the original bios driver for my comp not an update driver.
  22. my computer keeps restarting randomly, so i was wondering if this is a power supply problem? And tthe time on my computer(at the bottom right) doesnt stay on time, so my dad said its probably a battery problem, is he right?
  23. is there a way to remove the dock cover from the dock?
  24. @raynotroy what do i connect the router to then? because the modem has to be connected to the router and the router has to be connected to the computer(with a wire)

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