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  1. they wont replace physical damage, i dont want to physically break it which throw it across the room may do. I just want to internally mess it up so they cant do anything about it.
  2. how do i overamp it? and what does overamping it do basically? and lets say they dont fix it and perhaps dont give me an ipod, is there a way to fix it?
  3. I have warranty from Futureshop, and the person working there told me that if there was anything wrong with my ipod and they couldnt fix it, they would replace it with a 30GB video...yeah so the question is, whats an easy way to mess it up so they cant fix it haha
  4. ok so what exactly does that do though????
  5. wow, that makes no sense to me, would you mind explaining what that does and what it has to do with networking both my computers haha
  6. fyi: i do conect through a router and i tried changing the subnet mask and the ip adress and i lost my internet connection what do i do now?
  7. Yes all the drivers are working fine, im just trying to create a home network so i can share files with another computer and share a printer etc.
  8. yes im pretty sure my NIC is enabled and no i have not even used nlite, im still running the original windows xp that my computer came with.
  9. how do i disable simple file sharing or gain full control over the folder?
  10. everytime i use the wizard to setup a network it gives me this error: CANNOT COMPLETE NETWORK SETUP WIZARD An error occured during the configuration of the network on this computer. i dont see what the problem could be, ive done everything right but i still get this error every single time. what seems to be wrong?
  11. enuffsaid- i tried your method but now it just takes longer for it to appear. and the folder is called The Game-DA, there is nothing in the folder now, i took the songs from it and moved it to another place. its just that the folder just doesnt seem to wanna go.
  12. everytime i delete a folder on my desktop(just a folder made by windows media player when ripping a cd) it comes back sooner or later and i keep on having to delete it but it just doesnt go away. what seems to be the problem?
  13. yes, but all i need is a site or something that will send screensavers to my phone. even if it does cost a dollar or two
  14. does anyone know of a site where i could send a picture to my phone, even if it does cost money? i have a motorola razr v3 and i have a picture on my computer which i would like as a backround on myphone. does anyone know how i could get it on there?
  15. there are two types of rs232 straight and rs232 cross, can it be used for pc-to-rs232 converter for it?(straight through & cross connections or transfers or whatever its called)
  16. one of the pins in my serial port broke( i dont know how but it did). Is there a way to fix it?
  17. the RJ45 wire is connected and the router is up and running, but when i run the network wizard and follow its steps, it still doesnt work.
  18. alright can you expand on that. I dont understand. My moden is ethernet based. and i have a linksys router
  19. Ok, i want to start a new network(a wireless one), so i can share my printer and files with the other computers in the house. All i have is a router, an adsl modem, a desktop pc, another desktop pc(running wirelessly). can someone tell me the steps to make a network, all the steps that i've tried on the internet dont seem to work with me. thanks.
  20. file and printer sharing is checked, whats a ping? and no i dont have a firewall
  21. I installed the new internet explorer 7 beta and ever since then i cant watch small video clips on the internet and when i right click and save target as on the video clips and try playin them in windows media player it says: windows media cannot play this file, if the file is located on the internet, connect to the internet, if the file is located on a storage card, insert the storage card. but the weird thing is, I am connected to the internet and i was able to view these before i updated. what do i do?
  22. its not a laptop, its a desktop pc that has a wirless adapter. It says the same thing.
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