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  1. i have a desktop pc hooked up to a router, and another desktop pc running wirelessly through the router. i wanted to network them so on the main pc(with router) i click on "set up or change your home or small office network" and followed the steps, then i went on the wireless pc and put my windows xp cd in and did the steps as the network wizard told me to. and when i click on view workgroup computers on my main pc(routered) it says" MsHome is not accessible. you might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. what do i do?
  2. ok, if i did that by accident, i dont remember me doin that, but i tried it in other usb ports too and it still said the same thing..
  3. i tried that..i tried installing a new driver, i tried uninstalling the old one and installing it again, i tried reconnecting it, i tried everything. still no luck
  4. when i tried using my webcam, i noticed that the green led light wasnt on. so i thought it was unhooked, even though it was. I tried reconnecting it and this is what it said.(look at pic) malfunction.bmp
  5. the backlight never turns on anymore? i cant read whats on the screen, even when i open my phone the light doesnt go on.. what can i do?
  6. alright whatever heres my email brij120@hotmail.com send me on please!!
  7. can i have an invite too? pm me if u can send me an invite and ill give you my email address i dont want to give my email to the public
  8. @spazmire11 - i have a netgear router(WGR614 v5) im using bit tornado as my client.
  9. what do u mean by demilitarize internet access from your router? and ive tried some torrents on my dads computer and they turn out fast.. so it is something to do with my router. when i used the torrents with just my dsl modem they worked fine too
  10. I have a netgear router and im getting really slow download rates. Ive tried the port forwarding stuff and ive disabled my norton firewall and windows firewall but still no luck. what could i do to make it faster?
  11. so ur saying i need a new sound card?
  12. no, well playcenter is basically like windows media player
  13. i have a creative sound card the only programs it came with are: Creative playcenter2 creative wave studio keytar rhythmania sound blaster live!(which contains: audio hq, creative restore defaults, diagnostics, EAX animation, speaker preset setup, surround mixer) Oozic Player
  14. i installed xpize and all the icons on the desktop have a dark blue backround behind the letters. How do i get rid of those backrounds?
  15. im trying to connect my home theather system to my computer. I bought an optical cable to connect it to my computer but when i connect it, i get no sound? what am i doing wrong?
  16. ok i applied the changes and it doesnt let me use the buttons for making the screen bigger vertically and horizontally.
  17. when i try to get to the advanced settings it says: you have not yet applied the changes made in this page. please apply these changes before accesing tha advanced display page.
  18. ok forget all this i just bought a ati card and im still having this problem. what is the problem now? it still changes the resolution by itself. @zxian - theres no drivers on the site for the tv..its a prima tv. and i think ive had it for a year so they wont give me technical support.
  19. ok ill try disabling it and get back to u
  20. no no its not a virus, my friend sent it to another friend and he could open it?(and he has an antivirus etc.)
  21. when my friend sends me a picture over msn i get this irritating message. How do i stop it for good?
  22. yes. it works now that was weird. thanks!
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