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  1. when i try to download MS antispyware it asks me to validate windows is there a way to get by this?
  2. could u make me a modified replacer that i could ?
  3. ok i read chapter 4 but it doesnt help with my problem
  4. well then could u help me with my problem since u have a laptop and the same router? i would read the manual but i got the router a while back and i dont have the box anymore(the manual was inside it) PLZ help me because i have to get this wireless thing fixed for my sister before she moves with the laptop and she doesnt know ANYTHING
  5. ok my laptop is connected to the router but it still says it disconnected:S and it still isnt stable
  6. there is a vista transformation pack look in customizing windows
  7. ya too bad the manual only told me how to set up the router! the manual has nothing to do with my problem so shove RTFM up ur a**
  8. this is what it says about DHCP: Internet Port DHCP: DHCPClient LAN Port DHCP: ON
  9. i dunno its where it says SONY or w/e manufacturer name
  10. ok autoconfigre is enabled i dont have a WEP security my network doesnt have a WEP key or whatever its called wireless router type: NETGEAR WGR614 v5 (G/B) driver configuration is on auto driver configuration mode is on g and b(i dont know about auto) running in g and b i presume? and no advanced settings are enables... is this all u need?
  11. obviously buddy i dont know much about the inside of a computer sorry im not as stuck up as u
  12. gunsmokingman what do u do to ur runonceex file?
  13. haha sorry i didnt think id need to type in full sentences.
  14. ok when u first click on msn messenger in windows xp this .net passport thing pops up for u to sign into msn. When i did that before it wouldnt sign me in automaticly when i restarted my comp and it didnt even show my email on msn(which is good and this is what i want) BUT something happended to my computer and i had to use my recovery disc and now when i use that net passport pop up it shows my email on msn and it signs me in when i restart my comp etc..(this is what i DONT want)
  15. do i do all this on my laptop or on my desktop ?
  16. when i start up my computer and where it says SONY(or DELL or w/e manufacturer) can i add a INTEL PENTIUM 4 logo there?
  17. when u first install Win XP Pro and click on MSN Messenger it tells u to add a .net passport, well before when i added it, somehow i made it so it doesnt sign me in automatically and it doesnt even show my email on MSN and now when i add a .neet passport it signs me in automatically i DONT want that.. how do i get it like before?
  18. when i edit my shell file and makecab it and replace it in my UADVD some icons dont change?...i added the ryanvm update pack and sp2 to it so is it because of that? how do i get by this if thats the problem?
  19. um i have no clue can u tell me how to figure all this out? i have a netgear router and i dont think any advanced 108 mbps settings are enabled either
  20. i just installed sp2 on my laptop and it restarted like usual and then it sayed connected to HOME(my network) then 2 seconds later it said not connected? i have a: Atheros AR5001X + Wireless Network Adapter whats wrong?...what should i do to make it work
  21. my runonceex,cmd is set to run of %systemdrive% everything in it says %systemdrive% i want to run the apps of cd instead of them copying over to the harddrive(waste of time) so how do i make my apps run of cd? maybe just change everything to %CDROM%
  22. where do i get an omega driver? and whatt does it do..does it screw anything up?

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