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  1. Hi Trying to download Registry manager and it gets about 75% done then the message comes up with code32 I'ved tried ignore but all that happens is that it gets to the end and the same message comes up when you tried to open. I've tried downloading some freeware form TuCows to see what happens and its the same. Joe
  2. Hi Downloaded Classic which is great ( can I get rid of Media Player ?) Went to open file and the DVD worked fine apart from the audio is about 5 seconds behind the screen. Clicked on Open DVD and nothing happens. Clicked on opendevice and the Select Capure Device window comes with Video: Blank Audio: Vinyl AC97 Audio (Wave) Country: 1-USA-NTSC-M As I am in the UK where we use PAL could that be a problem. Sorry to sound so thick but I hope you might be able to comment. Joe
  3. Thanks I will try that. I have tried the DVD in 2 players with the same results. Can I just convert an MP4 or AVI to PAL and burn ? Joe
  4. Hi All I want to burn DVD's using Nero. I was told to convert the MP4 to VOB and then to PAL and burn which I did but I get incorrect format on the TV screen. Any Ideas ? I'm running out of Blank DVD'S Joe
  5. Well Chaps So we think its OK to download music from subscription sites in Blighty and Canada but illegal in the Land of the Free ? Joe
  6. Thanks Gunsmokingman. I managed to get it running eventually but it slowed everything down so much I've dumped it again. A waste of 30 quid. Joe
  7. Of Course. Thats fine. I think there is a US version as well if you want to Google it. joe
  8. Hi As far as I know it is perfectly legal. I used my credit card to pay a subscription. I believe you are in the US maybe its illegal to download music there, but in the UK it is fine. I know limewire was illegal but it was shut down and reopened as a subscription site. I promise I would not use it if not Joe
  9. Hi Nerwin Sorry. The site is 360sharepro which used to be limewire. It tell me I am either not connected to the internet or I have the firewall on. The firewall is definately off and obviously I am connected to the net. Their support asked me if I was the administrator and if I go to safe and check it has my name as admin so I guess thats ok. I read there was a problem with the version of JAVA it was compatible with so I have uninstalled and reinstalled 6 which is the rsccommended one and still no joy. Cheers Joe
  10. Hi I have just signed up to a music site but it wont connect as I either have a firewall on ( checked and turned off )or I dont have the administrators rights. I have opened in safe mode and changed the password etc so as far as I know I have. Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong ? Cheers Joe

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