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  1. Hi, I recently made quite a few MSI packages with WininstallLE, on a system running for about 4 years of Windows XP and it works great. It simply looks at the system before installation (Before snapshot) and then looks at the system after the installation of the software (after snapshot) and adds the changes to the MSI package. It didn’t add the full registry or keys from other software. Btw there are plenty of places on the Internet where you can download WinistallLE. Like here
  2. Hi, 2 local area connections so you are connected to 2 networks? Try disabling the one that doesn’t connect you to the internet and see if it improves. It could have several reasons for 1 a defective NIC or maybe the cable isn’t connected firmly to the NIC, the cable could also be of low quality or damaged. Also if you connect to the internet via a router, the router may be defective or having problems, try rebooting it. You nave 2 NICS so you could try if you have more luck with the other and if possible try an other cable. Another reason could be a virus or some other mall ware. Be sure to do all Spybot scans and virus scans.
  3. Hi, Do you have software/drivers with this modem, try installing it, and see if the modem is found then. Also check if the modem is connected right in the slot(PCI/pcmcia) of the pc. If not sure, take it out and reinsert it in the slot, or even in an other slot as it might be an defective slot.
  4. Hi, You have file extensions enabled. This way, you not only rename the file, but also change the type of file. If you rename a file, you could try to keep the file extension. For example photo1.jpg rename to Picture.jpg. It’s important to keep the *.jpg, *.bmp or whatever the orignal extension was, other wise you cant open the picture anymore. You could also disable the extensions so you don’t have to worry about file extensions anymore. Do this by starting My Computer -> Tools -> Folder Options -> View -> click hide extensions of known file types, then apply. Now you shouldn’t have to worry about pictures becoming unusable after a name change.
  5. Hmmm, I don’t have any experience with Itunes, but I think it did alter some settings on your computer. Wich’s aren’t removed by an uninstall or even a system restore. I can tell you what I would do but that’s pretty technical. First I would still check with Infopro, or some other Dvd Tag reading program, if it really is the same media as used before. If its not update the firmware. Other than that try if you can find something useful on this sitehttp://www.quepublishing.com/articles/article.asp?p=30592&seqNum=6&rl=1 Also I would check device manager, Control Panel -> System -> Hardware -> device manager and check DVD/cd-rom drives. Is your drive listed here with the correct name, and no errors? If something is wrong here you could try to reinstall the drive. What version of Nero do you have. Some versions are known to be buggy perhaps updating Nero might help. Or try Burn4free I used it a while without problems and its freeware, you can download it from the link below. http://www.soft20.com/download-1-3397.html As last resort I would uninstall Itunes, and then start run, and type regedit. Then I would search(Edit -> Find) on Itunes entries and remove all entries from the registry. Then restart and see if it had any effect. I do have to warn you Registry editing is something for experts only. If you remove the wrong entry you could compromise your whole system. I hope this will help you out.
  6. Hi I have experience with Novell Netware, Linux and Windows 2003 servers. I only tested in test environments, but my experience with Windows 2003 is the best. It offers the best ease of use and a lot of easy installable features like a Web server, FTP server, Mailserver etc. The Novell version I tested did not quite have these features (4.1) and Linux did what it was suppose to do, but took me quite some more time to complete. This might simply be because I have much more experience with Windows.
  7. Hi, If I am not mistaking this is quite normal. If you leave your computer a while it will indeed log off and you'll need to retype your password as protection. Any processes you had running will continue do. If you don’t want that, you could disable prompt password when computer resumes. You can do this in Control Panel -> Display -> Screensaver -> Power -> Advanced. You could also set your screensaver to the amount of time your away, so it won’t log off either.
  8. Really strange that you can burn with Itunes. In this case I don’t think media tags are the problem. You can check media tags with info pro @ www.dvdinfopro.com. Perhaps you could try to reinstall Nero or try some other burning programs.
  9. Hi, This could have several reasons for 1 you just have had bad luck with this dvd-r(media) and just try an other. Also when I get an error during burning or it failed because of a reason, most the time the drives also are inaccessible afterwards and say 0 bytes are free. Another reason could be that the dvd-r media you used isn't the same as the ones you have used before. For example you used Ridata, but the other one is from Lead Data. Many dvd's have different media tags. And some don’t work on all drives or the drives need a firmware update to use the media. If this is the case try to find the most recent firmware for your DVD writer. If it isn’t any of the reasons I mentioned before it could be you got unlucky and got a bad batch of dvd-r. Happens quite often with the cheaper dvd’s. If this is the case you could try to put the burn speed as low as possible 1x speed preferable and try to burn 1 gigabyte then 2 gigabyte and so on to see if this goes wel. Hope this helps you.
  10. Hi, If it’s a new drive or one with no files you need, then indeed format it and give it a drive letter afterwards. However if it’s a drive with important files on it, don’t format it because you will loose all files.
  11. Hi, Do you have assigned a drive letter to the disk? You can check this by going to administrative tools in the Control Panel ---> computer management ----> storage ----> Disk management Can you see the drive there, if so see if there’s a letter assigned to the drive. If not, right click and change drive letter. Select one that is not in use.
  12. Hi all, I had the same problems with folders not showing up in shares. When I went to folder options on the pc where I couldn’t see the files and enabled "display the full path in address bar" in view, it suddenly showed all files. How unlikely it seems, it worked for me. I hope it works for you guys 2 or maybe I was just lucky.

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