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  1. This might seem a little off topic, but it's not for me 'cause it is related to the same prior problem. Now that I can rename my photos, I have placed them in a preferred sequence for burning to a disc; I also wanted to have them numbered in a preferred sequence so that when I email them they would be viewed in the order that I wanted the recipient to view them. Here's the problem, which again is new, I did not have this problem until recently: When I highlight the photos I want to send in XP, and then click "Email this file", Outlook Express comes up ready to send an email w/ attachments, but they are all jumbled. They are not being assembled in Outlook Express sequentially. Like I said, this is new; I didn't have this problem before. I also cannot "drag and drop" them into a proper sequence. I looked under the "options" in Outlook Express, but found nothing for this.
  2. Wyverex wrote: Thanks. That did it.
  3. Windows XP Hey, Lately, for some reason, I'm unable to rename photos. This was very rarely if ever a problem before; but now, I cannot rename any. I searched Microsoft and Google, and haven't found anything. When I right click on a thumbnailed photo, then rename, then try to rename and enter, I get a message - "If you change a file extension, the file may become unusable. Are you sure you want to change it?" If I click yes, the photo's done and becomes unusable. Like I said before, this is new. Any thoughts?
  4. BTW - Yes, I did try "Maximus Decim Native USB Pack ver.2.2", that didn't work. If I can't get this thing to work, I have plan B. You see, I'm going on vacation and need to be able to transfer all of my pics from the flash cards to something larger, and all I have is this old laptop. Well, I found another alternative that will work. I'm posting it here in case any one else is interested. A guy has reworked a Microsoft driver so that you can connect your Ipod to Windows98 (I have SE, and it worked for me), and use it as a mass storage device (I have the 40GB Ipod, and it worked for me. He hadn't tested that one yet). You cannot install I-tunes, but you will get the Ipod drive letter in My Computer that will enable you to use it for storage. Here's the LINK.
  5. Thanks for the reply Krick. Does it have to be reformatted for Win98SE? I don't know. It works fine in XP. I think you may be right though, I mean the computer is doing everything right now - it finally accepted a driver and is showing signs of life. But still no drive letter in My Computer (which I do get in XP).
  6. I've been looking all over the internet for something like the: 98SE2ME.EXE I bought a mass storage device in Hong Kong w/ no driver (didn't need one for XP). But I've been trying to find a driver so I can use it on my old laptop w/ 98SE. Found this site finally, and installed the 98SE2ME.EXE My computer finally recognized a driver. When I click on the Device Manager the note states: "This device is working properly", and that it accepted this driver. I also now show the little "safe to remove" icon in the lower right toolbar. BUT, I cannot access the device. I never get an icon in My Computer that allows me access it. I have tried other avenues and have turned up empty as well. Any suggestions? Please. Thanks.
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