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  1. Upgrading Rig

    Sorry for the late reply, and thank you for yours puntoMX. So my PSU will be safe to use despite getting hot? I've decided to upgrade/replace my mobo because it doesn't support my CPU model. It supports the 95w TDP version of the 1055T, but unfortunately not the 125w version which I have. As I have researched more I am now beginning to be more confused I had to buy the cooling system first(bought a CM Seidon 120XL, I must say I'm very happy with it) since the temps were getting hot(and will probably need it for my anticipation for overclocks when I finally have upgraded parts). I do some 3D modelling + rendering so that puts some stress on the CPU. I also game frequently whenever time spares me to, and the heaviness of the games I play are pretty random and can vary from light games like Scribblenaut to games like Tomb Raider, Outlast, etc. I guess I'm pretty sold on getting an i7 system in the near future (for the rendering), but not quite sure yet on what to get for the gfx card since the new AMD cards are coming out soon. I guess I'm gonna wait and see the performances of the new cards, and see if NVIDIA drops their pricing. Thanks a lot again!
  2. Upgrading Rig

    Hi guys! I'm looking to upgrade some parts of my PC. Due to limited budget, I have decided to upgrade only my motherboard, GFX card and PSU for now. I'll upgrade my CPU (and possibly replace motherboard) down the road. Here's the list of parts of my current setup: AMD Phenom II 1055t Radeon HD5770 Thermaltake Litepower 450W Ripjaws 4x2GB DDR3 AsusTek M5A78L-M LE Stock cooling + case fans The parts I've chosen to replace the ones I have right now are the GTX 760 and the Asrock 970 Extreme4. I'd like to have advice on how much power do I actually need to run with the upgraded parts when I have them. I will also be throwing in a new cooling system. Is the motherboard a good choice? Or are there better alternatives? Thanks!
  3. CPU not supported

    @bphlpt I'm not entirely sure but I suppose it was heavy rain which caused some problems for the power lines locally, I was asleep when it happened. When I booted up my PC I noticed that it said 'surge protection' was enabled so that's what I figured happened. @dencorso Makes sense, tough luck. The only one I can try would be to test it with another PSU. I'll post back about the results. Thanks a lot for the replies.
  4. CPU not supported

    Thanks for the replies. I have the 95w version of the 1055T, and this cpu has been added support through an update that ASUS posted. I think they haven't updated the support list but here's the link to the update with the description. http://support.asus.com/cpusupport/detail.aspx?SLanguage=en&p=1&m=M5A78L-M%20LE&cpu=Phenom%20IIX6%201055T(HDT55TWFK6DGR),2.8GHz,95W,rev.E0,SocketAM3,6-Core&pcb=ALL&sincebios=0209&memo= I have tried removing the battery and unplugging all the cables, as well as loading setup defaults but I still get that error. I'm using the stock cooling fan, and using a thermaltake 500W CPU. I have been using this build for about 2 years now, and this problem suddenly pops up. Thanks again.
  5. CPU not supported

    Hi guys, My pc has been running fine til a hiccup came. A sudden power shortage occurred last week while I was on the PC. When I boot up, it would tell me that my CPU is not supported(this wasn't the case before the power shortage) and to check the QVL. However I am still able to boot past that by press F1. I'm using an ASUS M5A78L-M-LE and a Phenom X6 1055T. Since then I have been experiencing a stuttering frame rate while playing games, and occasionally stuttering in videos. I have tried upgrading/downgrading my drivers but it doesn't seem to fix this stutter. I have tried to update my BIOS but I still get the CPU not supported message, and upon checking the supported CPUs list for my mobo, it lists my CPU as supported. Tried resetting CMOS, still nada. Thanks a lot.
  6. RAM Detection Problem

    I haven't mentioned that I also need to be replacing the board because one of my RAM slot is faulty now, and I need the 8GB RAM because I'm doing 3D renderings. Merry Christmas to you guys!
  7. RAM Detection Problem

    Thanks guys. So I guess I would have to replace the motherboard to get this kit working.
  8. RAM Detection Problem

    Oh those numbers: F3-12800CL9D
  9. RAM Detection Problem

    Thanks MagicAndre, I have checked it and yes it is. When I paired 1 stick from Ripjaw and 1 stick from Corsair, PC detects the memory and even lists it out as '6GB memory available'. I just cannot use the Ripjaws independently.
  10. RAM Detection Problem

    Thanks dencorso, however upping the timings didn't work for me. My sticks work at my friend's motherboard. I wonder what's causing this.
  11. RAM Detection Problem

    Yes, one of 4GB and one of 2GB.Sorry, what do you mean by part number?
  12. RAM Detection Problem

    Hi guys, I'm using an Asrock 880GM-LE and previously used 2x2GB Corsair sticks. I upgraded RAM and bought 2x4GB Ripjaw sticks and replaced both Corairs, however my motherboard seems to have trouble detecting them on their own and my PC wouldn't boot. Just gave me 3 beeps, a pause then 3 beeps and repeat. I tried to swap the two Ripjaw sticks around but nada, then I tried mixing one of each module and only then my PC could boot. Is there anything keeping my motherboard reading the new sticks independently? I've already updated my bios but still no luck. Thanks.
  13. Motherboard upgrade

    I've decided: the 1055. Thanks guys, I guess the "future-proofing" factor did it for me, usage, and yes the price/performance ratio too. I'm looking for a motherboard that supports both DDR2/DDR3, if there is one, since I cannot buy new RAM sticks atm, I'll just buy the DDR3 sticks sometime later. Do you guys have any suggestions? Thanks a bunch again.
  14. Motherboard upgrade

    I found a store here in HK that sells the X6 1055 forjust around 150-200 HK$ more than the 955BE, I'm now considering that proc. Will the power be worth the upgrade? I do renderings and ACAD stuff.
  15. Motherboard upgrade

    Picked it because I asked some of my friends here, and they said either that or the i5s. But yea the list isn't still final, should I pick the i5 instead? Thanks again.