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  1. NTFS Partition limit

    thanks for the suggestion, heading there
  2. NTFS Partition limit

    thank you for the replies. I'm using Windows XP business multilingual edition [non SP2], I wonder if I can streamline the current installation with SP2 /
  3. NTFS Partition limit

    Hello, I am currently setting up new computers that have been delivered to us with SATA harddisks ranging from 160 to 320 Gb, and I had the displeasant surprise to see that I cannot format the disk at its full capacity. The installer limits itself to 128 Gb and once the system is installed, I've got no way to resize the partition to the full extent of the disk. Do you know any alternative that would avoid me to uninstall each harddisk and mount it & format it onto a running windows XP SP2 machine ? That would really save me a lot of time. Thanks in advance, and best regards, Max
  4. Hello, I would like to know what is required to start an unattended win2k install just with booting from the network card. Thank you for any clue
  5. 2003 & Internet Connection Sharing?

    I don't think such function exists on W2K3 (at least here at work, we're on LAN) but i can give it a check home. And honestly, better get a proxy/firewall software, it'll be much better (but not necessarily easier) to handle
  6. Windows 2000 SERVER Logon Problem

    If your disks are just mirrored, take one of them and install it inside a clean windows 2003 computer (just 2003 and nothing else), make a backup of the required data, and reinstall your computer. It might be the easiest solution. It could be because of the SID of the machine (the security ID generated at install time) that is not matching with the configuration of the previous installation (i think harddisk type and size enters in computing of SIDs) All windows-nt based system (like NT4, Win2000, WinXP, Win2003) generate unique SIDs for security reasons (i can't go more in deep, i'm working and i'm not over documented on this), so the best is to reinstall. I had the same problem when changing harddisks/motherboards on various Win2K/WinXP systems.
  7. Well It's about time

    I agree with vcant
  8. Good job!

    I've to say i've never been too much into online communities and such stuff, but when the site went down i was pretty crazy trying to figure out what was up, and no news! I'm very glad that the site is back again. One week without it, and it wasn't really the same surfing without browsing and posting on MSFN. Good job and long live the site!
  9. Windows Update Problem

    Did it propose you a security update for IE6 or Outlook Express 6? It kept showing me no updates available until today. But i was able before to install other updates. On the Knowledge Base, Microsoft says this problem can come from having no language installed on the Tools/Settings/Language windows in IE.
  10. Problems with /wait switch

    Heh Sure i would be very much interested. The thing is, i want to deploy after Win2K the following apps : Office2K Pro, Office 2K fixes, Symantec Antivirus Client, Acrobat Reader 6, Directx 9.0b (but i need a french one who can do silent install), WMP 9.0 .. and then, all the insane hotfixes for all these great things ;o) But that'll be my job. Almost all my computers at work need the following drivers installed : ATI Rage 128 3D VIA AC'97 Sound VIA 4inOne drivers (Motherboard, Ide, Agp ..) I wasn't able to find a way to get a setup.iss out of that. The two first are installshields and the 3rd one is a package-for-the-web installshield, extracting its files somewhere. Thanks for the help bro
  11. Problems with /wait switch

    Hello, yes, i have been trying through a network share. I will have maybe to make a two CD installation method. I have to put all the things under \i386\$OEM$ right ? I'll have to check that. Btw an ancient driver of my previous modem managed to make SP1 crash my XP. That was funny.
  12. I have problems in my .cmd file, i want to launch successively office 2000 install, then 1st patch and so on, but it seems that all installs at the same time .. the syntax i have is start /wait \\darkstar\installs\CD\i386\$OEM$\office\install.exe /qb- start /wait \\darkstar\installs\CD\i386\$OEM$\o2kupd\29032000frproo2k.exe /Q and so on ... I wasn't able yet to find a way to fix it. I'm running Win2K install from CD with a floppy containing winnt.sif and runonce.cmd file, my winnt.sif contains a section called [GuiRunOnce] Command0="a:\runonce.cmd" Thanks
  13. installing office and hotfixes unattended

    Well, that's what i will do tomorrow morning at work. If they let me in peace Thanks for the link about apps it will be useful
  14. Hello, i've managed to get a Windows 2000 (sorry i know it's XP here, but since it's unattended stuff, i think it's the best place -and it's pretty similar) running in attended mode almost well, though i have a few things that need to be fixed : 1/ How do i specify my serial code so that i don't have to type it in GUI mode ? 2/ How can i integrate drivers ? That is, ATI Rage 128 and VIA motherboard 4in1. I would like to know an easy way to run their setups assuming yes to all questions and in silent mode. They're Installshield based. 3/ I'm running it from CD with a floppy including winnt.sif, if i want a background picture, do i have to burn it on the CD under i386/$OEM$ ? 4/ If i want to specify a name for the station at runtime, is it possible ? 5/ How can i integrate my station into a domain without supplying credentials (username/password/domainname) ? 6/ The 2nd half of the setup is supposed to install Office 2000 pro from a network location. [GuiRunOnce] Command0="\\darkstar\installs\CD\i386\$OEM$\Office\install.exe /qb-" Command1="\\darkstar\installs\CD\i386\$OEM$\o2kupd\29032000frproo2k.exe /Q" Command2="\\darkstar\installs\CD\i386\$OEM$\o2kupd\1205000o2ksr1a.exe /Q" Command3="\\darkstar\installs\CD\i386\$OEM$\o2kupd\24012001fpwec.exe /Q" Command4="\\darkstar\installs\CD\i386\$OEM$\o2kupd\o2ksp3.exe /Q" This is what it is supposed to do. Now, i must be missing some switch because immediately after Command0 starts (install of Office 2K -> silent mode), all the office fixes/sr/spacks run immediately after and (of course) tell me office isn't installed. Is there a way to fix it ? 7/ For DirectX 9.0b and MediaPlayer 9, i guess i've to download executables and add them into [GuiRunOnce] ? 8/ Who knows where i can find list of post-SP4 windows 2000 hotfixes ? Thank you to anybody who can help me with part of this I'm sorry for the big post!
  15. Unable to remove program

    Hello, if you want to see it disappear from Add/Remove (though some files might stay on the disk ..) give a check in the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall Between the keys should be the intruder. Just delete the registry key (the yellow folder with appropriate name)