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  1. Thanks for the help guys, Im getting there slowly but getting there..
  2. sorry im new to this can you explain a little tks
  3. If the hardware is the same, you could use Acronis to take images on the live server and then image the spare server, once you have this done you could swap the server into the live enviroment and see how the clients respond. this is a good bit of software !
  4. thanks for that! 1 less to worry about!
  5. is your router/ firewall acting as DCHP and conflicting with the server?? is the DHCP aurthorize and active?
  6. hi there, I have been messing with setting up a batch file that will install loads of applications for me silently Id like commands for the following Nero 8,9 Office 2007 Firefox - sorted! Adobe - sorted ! Itunes Skype Win Rar K-Pack codecs picasa 3 this is what i have so far, I know this is very very basic but once I get the apps installed im happy! REM installing Firefox Mozilla f -ms Echo Installing Adobe Reader a -p"-s /v\"/qn\""
  7. found them some pain but I got there http://www.wireless-driver.com/download/at...er-Download.htm
  8. I have a SOny Vaio Laptop to rebuild with XP I have everything going except for the Wifi Drivers This is the model no Vaio VGN-N38E or on the bottom its a PCG-7Y1m I have tried the Intel drivers and also the intel Discovery tool and this cant find any wificards. I have also checked the sony Site and all the dirver for this model are Intel ones well for Vista any ways. This came with vista and was running XP Ive never worked on Sony laptops before and dont knwo what chip sets they use normally, does anyone know wat driver I can use? Thanks
  9. tech

    XP Issue

    none of those key works, noting happenieng
  10. tech

    XP Issue

    Ive since ran the check disk and also tried your solution Iamtheky. The chkdsk /p found a few errors but still no joy. I Think my only option is to run a repair on the OS now This means i'll loose all the installed programs
  11. tech

    XP Issue

    I have a DEll Dimension 5000, This is running XP Pro SP3. It will boot into windows and give me a blank desktop, I have went into safe mode and did a system restore with no sucess. I get the safe crap I have created a user within safe mode and have the option to click on the new user in normal mode but it sits on a desktop with no icons I have booted from the XP cd and attemped a repair, it is looking for a password that I havent got.. I have booted from ERD commander to reset the password and this still will not let me into Reapir mode I have scanned the harddrive as a Slave disk in another Pc and it found no virus or spyware What else can i do ?
  12. hmm Im a total newbiw and totally lost, I think I have alot of reading to do to get this done so then!! but hey It looks interesting so i'll give it ago:)
  13. Hi Im new to all this, but Im wondering whats the best way to install maybe 10- 15 apps fully un attended with one click of a icon, I build alot of pc's and would like to make this as easy as possible these are the apps I want to install Office 2003 / Office 2007 Nero 8 Win Rar Adobe 8 I tunes Spybot NOD AV Skype Fdd Show Firefox and a few more but they are the main ones Where so I start to get this un attended apps going Many Thanks Steve
  14. nice one thanks I was doing everything, except I hadn't Outlook open, all sorted now thanks again
  15. Hi there does anyone know can I export all my mail message from outlook express into Outlook 2003 easily?
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