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  1. Custom XP Pro Help

    well from what it sounds like these three Patches you would need to have added also. 1. Patched: SFC_OS.DLL Disables Windows File Protection from registering, sets it to "Always Off" even during Text-Mode & GUI setup. 2.Patched: SYSSETUP.DLL INF Unlock refers to Disabling the check for M$ Digital Signature on the syssetup.inf file, flagging it as "Always Valid" so that it can be modified. 3.Multi-Patch: UXTHEME.DLL Allows for the use of Themes & boot screen replacements that are not Digitally Signed by M$ Hope that Helps
  2. Hello, the $OEM$ Distribution Folders if you set your unattended to "OemPreinstall=Yes" (under the [unattended] section) sets automatic for Setup to regard this installation as a distribution and copies these files over to the system drive. This option is default to No. This occurs at the end of Text-mode Setup. Having OemPreinstall set to Yes will also prevent you from loading RAID/SATA drivers from a floppy disc during textmode setup. The only workaround for that problem is to directly integrate the drivers into the CD
  3. XP RYANVM Updates Integration

    Hot fixes first then addons. Have you tried RyanVM Integrator yet. Excellent program
  4. Hello first dont use nlite for driver packs (IMO) i have never gotten them to work right. Go to driverpacks.net and get the packs there then use DriverPacks BASE to integrate them. Works every time. Then use nlite to create your bootable iso.
  5. XP RYANVM Updates Integration

    That completely at your discretion. Ryan has been very busy lately and it may be some time for the next up.
  6. well if you have a image ox xp sp2 decompresed on the drive, i would use nlite to do the unattended setup config first. then use Bâshrat DriverPacks ( http://www.driverpacks.net/ ). The driver packs must be last. Once on the driverpack site download all the packs you need and the base pack in one folder. DPs_BASE.exe This is the file you need when you want to slipstream the DriverPacks into your Windows XP CD. and just follow the onscreen instrutions and tutorial included. once this process is done then go back into nlite and create a bootable iso. This is very basic info hope it helps.
  7. XP RYANVM Updates Integration

    Just the latest one, they are cumulative so each new one is a complete package.
  8. confusion in winnt.sif.......

    Well try this setup, It just worked in virtual PC2007, gave me option to delete, create, and format [Data] Autopartition=0 UnattendedInstall="Yes" MsDosInitiated=No [unattended] UnattendMode=FullUnattended UnattendSwitch="Yes" OemSkipEula="Yes" FileSystem=* WaitForReboot="No" NoWaitAfterTextMode=1 NoWaitAfterGUIMode=1 DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore NonDriverSigningPolicy=Ignore Hibernation="Yes" OemPreinstall=Yes KeyboardLayout="United Kingdom" the main thing you need is these two. If you prefer to manually choose a partition during text-mode setup with full control on choice of file system, then make sure you have these lines set as they are under the [Data] and [unattended] sections in winnt.sif: [Data] AutoPartition=0 [unattended] FileSystem=*
  9. cannot cut this shape out

    here is a quick one hope it works for you
  10. Completed Windows Autoruns

    I am happy to give the source files download link. Download
  11. Completed Windows Autoruns

    Ok sorry i fell of the face of the earth again, my company is keeping me very busy. the new donload link is here. Download
  12. Completed Windows Autoruns

    Sorry about that and sorry i been gone for a while. Opened my own company and have been swamped with work. I will correct that this evening and repost it. And once again sorry i havent been around to correct this.
  13. Completed Windows Autoruns

    are you looking for mazins help or mine? or anybodys? if you reference to something specific it may be easier to assist you
  14. Completed Windows Autoruns

    these are the screens to my installer page 1 and page 2 I will be posting a download link if anyone wants the build files, site currently not working Autoplay media studio 4 Download
  15. well i am sorry that the middle mouse button doesnt work for you it works fine on all my links and favorites, where it is in the favorites folder, links bar, or desktop.